Control multiple Raspberry Pi HATs wirelessly using PiSquare

Control multiple Raspberry Pi HATs wirelessly using PiSquareRaspberry Pi enthusiasts looking for a way to wirelessly connect multiple Raspberry Pi HATs without the need for Multistaking, may be interested in PiSquare created by SB Components in the United Kingdom.

PiSquare will be available to purchase on Kickstarter from April 1st 2022 and you can learn more about the small board in the overview video below. Makers, developers and hobbyists will find PiSquare useful in a number of different ways.

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– Easily control all PiSquare Pins as Pins are Similar to Raspberry Pi

– Connect & Run Multiple HATs as many you can

– You can also use PiSquare as a Master/Server

– Get Rid of Single SPI, UART, or I2C communication

– Can Be Control from Smartphone

– Easy Programming (PiSquare Use Socket Programming)

“With PiSquare You can create the server from Raspberry Pi and run as many HATs as you like as a client to run multiple Raspberry Pi HATs, You can also make the PiSquare a client and run it as a master for all the other PiSquare as much as you want, Run any HAT on single PiSquare and control it via your phone, Make two Way communication between the client and server from PiSquare”

PiSquare an RP2040 & ESP-12E based board, a smart way to use multiple Raspberry Pi HATs without stacking on Raspberry Pi. PiSquare uses Socket programming to communicate Multiple (“n” numbers of HATs) Raspberry Pi HATs wirelessly.”

Control multiple Raspberry Pi HATs wirelessly Video Review

Source: : Kickstarter

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