Google Assistant Vs Siri: Which Assistant Is Best?

The battle of technology between Android and iOS introduce latest tech features to the world. According to the records last year there were 2 billion users of iOS using Apple devices. But Android has more than eight times users because they were happy to “turn on ok google” Assistant. We can only share some of the best function and features regarding these both smart devices, and you have to decide which one is the best.

As far as we research, one thing we got is that the Apple device has the Google Assistant app available on official Apple App Store. As far as Android is concerned, there is no official Siri app for Android is available on Google play store, although there are launcher and other some stuff which replace the display face of Android into Apple phone.


Google has initially released its artificial intelligence-powered on 18th May 2016. The developer (Google) has created this smart voice command feature by C++ language. There are some operating systems where you can turn on ok Google (Google Assistant) on Android, Chrome OS, iOS, KaiOS, and Linux. The main platform where Google assistant commands are used on Android, Google Home, Wear OS by Google, Android TV, Chrome OS, Smart speakers, Headphones, Google Allo, iOS, Ubuntu, and Raspberry Pi. There are 20+ languages where users can record their voice which helps to “turn on ok google” commands easily. Once you turn on ok Google command on Android, you will be able to use your phone hands-free via using your voice. Don’t worry, Google will recognize your voice.

For framework level reconciliation outside of the Allo application and Google Home, the Google Assistant was at first elite to the Pixel and Pixel XL cell phones. Google additionally empowers access to the Assistant on Android cell phones running Android Marshmallow or Nougat, starting in select English-talking markets.

Android tablets didn’t get the Assistant as a component of this rollout. The Assistant is additionally incorporated into Android Wear 2.0 and will be incorporated into future adaptations of Android TV and Android Auto.

Google Pixelbook turned into the principal PC to incorporate Google Assistant. Google Assistant has been coordinated into Raspberry Pi, vehicles from Audi and Volvo, and keen home machines, including refrigerators, washers, and stoves, from organizations including iRobot, LG, General Electric, and D-Link.

As a default alternative, the Google Assistant doesn’t bolster two regular highlights of the discourse acknowledgment on the deciphered writings, similar to accentuation and spelling. Be that as it may, a Beta element of Speech-to-content empowers just en-us language clients to ask “to recognize and embed accentuation in interpretation results. Discourse to-Text can perceive commas, question marks, and periods in interpretation demands.

The most prominent sound games in the Assistant; Crystal Ball and Lucky Trivia have had the greatest voice change in the product history. The voice in the colleague has had the option to add articulation to the games. For example, in the Crystal Ball game, the voice would talk moderate and delicate during the introduction and before the appropriate response is uncovered to make the game increasingly sensitive and in the Lucky Trivia game, the voice would end up volatile as a game show have.


Siri is not Apple Inc, but it is the part of Apple Company, and this visual Assistant initially releases on 12Th October 2011. A year before Google Assistant introduced to the world. The operating system of Siri to run and accept command by users is iOS 5 or above, macOS Sierra or above, TVOS, WatchOS, and audios. If you have Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPad touch, Mac, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and Homepod, then the Siri is ready to assists you with its service. There are more than 20 languages available into with user can assist Siri such as English, Turkey, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, French, and many more.

Siri’s unique discharge on iPhone 4S of every 2011 got blended surveys. It got acclaim for its voice acknowledgment and logical learning of client data, including schedule arrangements, however, was reprimanded for requiring hardened client directions and having an absence of adaptability.

The product adjusts to clients’ language utilizations, searches, and inclinations, with proceeding with use. Nuance Communications gave Siri discourse acknowledgment motor, and Siri uses propelled AI advances to work. Siri was then coordinated into iPhone 4S around then; the different application was additionally expelled from the iOS App Store. Siri has since turned into a vital piece of Apple’s items, having been adjusted into other equipment gadgets throughout the years, including more up to date iPhone models, just as iPod Touch, AirPods, HomePod, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

Siri bolsters a wide scope of client directions, including performing telephone activities, checking fundamental data, booking occasions and updates, taking care of gadget settings, looking through the Internet, exploring zones, discovering data on stimulation, and can connect with iOS-coordinated applications.

The underlying Siri model was executed utilizing the Active stage, a joint venture between the Artificial Intelligence Center of SRI International and the Vrai Group at Ecole Poly technique Fédérale de Lausanne. The Active stage was the focal point of a Ph.D. proposal driven by Didier Guzzoni, who joined Siri as its central researcher.

Final Words:

There are many reasons to turn on ok Google or go with the Siri commands. But as per my suggestion, both of this Assistant is not the easy way to differentiate. Google Assistant or Siri command is not the small thing that anyone can judge which the best voice command assistant is. You need to figure out and share with reason in the comment box.

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