HD Streamz: Best Live TV Streaming Apps like HD Streamz

If you search on the internet, you will find a lot of movie streaming websites where you can watch movies and TV series online for free. However, free movie apps provide an enhanced movie streaming experience optimized for smartphones. One of the best applications to watch live TV is HD Streamz. Here, users can access 1,000+ live channels including TV and radio. It offers its free service in more than 18 countries including major ones from Asia, Europe, America, and South Africa.

The user interface of this application is very easy and simple to use. Users have to download this application from its official website as it is not available on Google Play Store. With multiple links available for each live TV channel available, users get a hassle-free streaming experience on HD Streamz. Well, there are several other free movie applications where users can watch live TV as well as movies and series online. Here, we are going to show you some of the best alternatives to HD Streamz.

Popcorn Time

When we are talking about free and the best legal alternative to HD Streamz then, PopcornTime is the best option. It is a popular free application with which you are going to play thousands of movies and series episodes directly on your phone. No downloads of any kind, although it is highly recommended to have a good Wi-Fi connection. It works through the same system as torrent files. So, we only have to indicate the title and the different options to watch online for free.

The interface has a very elegant design and allows us to access the different options quickly. In addition, we can play the content on any mobile device or the screen of a smart TV. However, there are some disadvantages. It does not have all the content of the paid apps. Sometimes movies don’t include subtitles. You have to deal with annoying ads. Streams may not be very smooth. But this problem is common in all free applications on the market. It can be downloaded on iOS as well as Android phones.

Show Box

This is an app to watch movies, series, and enjoy your favorite music for free. It has its own servers, so the streaming is significantly faster than other competing applications. As is the case with Popcorn Time, which uses a P2P server system that slows down the download of content. In addition, it allows us to view the content with different levels of quality, in order to adapt without problems to the speed of your connection.

Most of the movies are available in the original version and high-quality. Its interface is very comfortable and intuitive, with a search engine to easily find a specific title. And the main screen where the main news that has been uploaded to the app appears. When we talk about its catalog, you will be able to see some of the most successful series of recent times and the popular movies as well. This HD Streamz alternative is available on Android and iOS devices.


This is another legal app like Popcorn Time to watch movies which allows free movies and TV shows. Tubi is a free television and movie service, offered by Fox Entertainment. Its content includes a selection of the most popular genres, great classics, and family entertainment.

It allows you to create lists to search for the titles you want to see, adds new movies every week, and also includes some anime series and Asian films. Tubi is legal and free, but it generates its revenue from the ads it shows on the app. The content may not be as good as HD Streamz, but you can try it on iPhone, iPad, or Android phones and tablets.


Sony Crackle or just Crackle is another great alternative to HD Streamz. It works differently from the aforementioned apps since instead of a fixed catalog it offers us about 200 movies and series that change from time to time. The great advantage is that the application is created directly by Sony, so it offers high-quality content, updated. and totally free. Its interface is very similar to the PlayStation Store. Although there is no search button, so we will have to scroll through the options until we find the title that we like the most.

Movies are available in HD quality with a maximum resolution of 1080p. And it allows us to watch them in their original subtitled language. Subtitles are also available. Crackle is a very interesting alternative to consider, as we can find excellent movies and exclusive Sony content. In addition, it is compatible with PC and mobile devices, Crackle is available for both Android and iOS. It some drawbacks as well. The server sometimes takes a long time to react and the ads are somewhat annoying.

Free HD Movies

This HD Streamz alternative is an essential need if you want to watch free series and movies online. It is available for Android phones and computers, as well as Chromecast and Fire TV Stick. And it has an extensive catalog with very popular titles, which we can view at different quality levels from semi-HD to Full HD. Users can download and access all available content without a limit. It allows you to filter search results by genre. If the account has been created here then videos can be added to the favorites list to watch later. You would find daily updates of new content.

You need to download an additional video player, which has also been developed by the same developers since without it you will not be able to watch the movies and series. Once installed, you can run Free HD Movies without any problems. Simply choose the movie title you wish to watch, choose the quality, and tap on a play button to start streaming.

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