Helo App Banned: Alternatives to the Helo App

With more than 10 million downloads and over a million users, the Helo app was one of the most used Chinese apps globally. It allowed people to share, send, and post statuses, videos, and even come alive from their profiles to interact with their followers. However, the prevailing Indo Chinese tensions have resulted in the banning of 58 Chinese apps along with the Helo app banned. From now on, people can’t use the app sadly. If you are searching for its alternatives, you have come to the right place. We have provided a comprehensive list of similar apps like Helo that people can use from now on.

What is the Helo app?

A social networking app, named Helo was launched by a Chinese company in June 2018. Henceforth it became one of the most used Indian social platforms with over 40,000 users. Needless to say, the Helo app specifically was meant to allow users to shoot and record videos. They can share them with the world. Even background music, effects, filters, dialogues, etc. can be added to these videos according to the user’s choice. The Helo app was one such app that was used by people to showcase their latent in singing dancing and other creative Fields. Helo enables users to create videos in multiple Indian languages like Bengali, Malayalam, Punjabi, Kannada, Telegu, Tamil, Assamese, Odia, Bhojpuri, etc. Using the Helo app users could connect to their friends and family and interact with their followers with great ease.

Alternatives to Helo app

As we all know, the Indian government has banned 59 of the Chinese apps, including Helo, we have provided a list of the Helo app alternatives that can be used in place of the Helo app. We must abide by the instructions of the Indian government and stop using Chinese apps. The list provided below contains similar video sharing apps that have more or less similar features. Let’s check out the list:

  • Sharechat

Similar to Helo, Sharechat is one of the Indian apps like Helo. It is a multilingual social networking platform that allows users to make content in 15 different Indian languages. Not only does the app allow them make content, but also share and send videos, WhatsApp status to various contacts. You can also stream and share funny videos on the app. The best part about Sharechat is that it has a chatroom feature that allows users to create a chatroom consisting of selected contacts where they can chat and share content. Even since it has been developed, there have been 60 million downloads of this app. It has now become the fastest Indian social networking app to have crossed 100 million users domestically. People from remote areas to metropolitans can use this app equally. The app caters to the needs and requirements and preferences of every type of individual like tailors, plumbers, astrologers, beauticians, electricians, carpenters, home chefs, etc. They can operate their businesses using this app. The app helps them to promote their business, accept orders, chat live with their customers, and so on. Without a doubt, Sharechat is the best replacement for the Helo app.

  • Roposo

Another Indian social networking and video sharing app similar to Helo is Roposo. It has been developed by InMobi and has registered over 5 million downloads on the play store. Like Helo, it offers services in multiple Indian languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, etc. In this app, users can create short videos, share, and upload them. People can even chat live with their followers and fans. It caters to the preferences and choices of the audience aged between 10 to 35 years mostly. The app offers a tv like browsing experience with user preferred Contents on its channels. Not only can users make videos according to their choices, but also edit them accordingly before uploading. The app has over 8.5 million users. People get an opportunity to share videos and posts related to various topics like fashion, travel, food, poetry, music, dance, art, etc on this app. Roposo is a good option to opt for if you aim to reach out to the maximum number of people.

  • Video Star

Did you ever wish about featuring on a trending music video? Video stars would help you make your wish come true. Video star is another similar video editing app that allows users to create fun, amazing videos, and share with the audience. The app already has an inbuilt collection of music on which users can make videos. This app allows you to post them on your profile, send and share with others too. Even if you want to try something new and play the video in reverse, the app lets you do that too. Video star caters to every need of users, allowing them to create slow motions, freeze frame, or add other interesting effects to their videos. Another best thing about the app is that it provides so many increasing features to the users like green screen, cloning, etc letting you make the video as attractive as possible.

  • Mitron

Similar to the above-mentioned apps, people can make short videos of any kind and share them with their followers and friends. Posting quality content can allow them to earn followers and get famous on social media. It’s a trustworthy and convenient social networking and video sharing app that Indian people prefer nowadays. The app lets users flaunt and post their creativity and become famous. It gives people a chance to share their creative skills to the rest of the world. The interface is easy and seamless, allowing beginners to use it without hassles. Not only that, but users can also edit and share the videos as per their needs. The app also provides the best collection of trending videos and music. Users can browse through this in-built collection and get ideas. In short, it’s the best Indian creative social platform. People can entertain others and interact with their followers also on this app.

  • Dubsmash

Dubmash is probably the oldest music video creating app that is operating even today. It can be used by both iOS and Android users. The fact that the app has registered over 100 million downloads is enough to portray its efficiency and quality of customer services. People seem to be satisfied enough using this app and hence use it even today. If you are getting bored sitting at home, wait no more. Download dub mash and make funny lip-sync videos and share it with the rest of the world. Not only that, but you can also watch videos made and shared by other users on this app too. You can insert hundreds of effects, sounds, and other features that dub smash offers to make your video enriching. The app keeps its features updated and provides users with fresh materials for their content.

  • Funimate

Funimate allows you to create any style of video you want. Just like dub smash you can create slow motions, trim them, and even compile multiple videos into one. The app has an inbuilt collection of songs and music that every user can avail for free. They can choose the music on which they want to feature and enhance the quality by adding the features and options that the app provides them. Mostly the app is popular for allowing users to create their favourite lip-syncing videos and share them with the audience. The app has more than twenty advanced video effects that are hardly present in other video sharing apps. To ensure the best quality of customer service, the app is continually updated. You can easily make Collab videos with your friends and followers to have a greater reach. Two people can make two separate videos and merge them into a single clip on Funimate. To access the pro features of this app, users have to make in-app purchases.

  • Cheez

Cheez lets you do so much more than just making lip-syncing videos. You can create your videos on topics covering fashion, travel, food, etc. and share in your profile. You can even follow the profiles of people you like and take ideas from them. If you get enough likes and followers and shares, you would receive money, awards, and even prizes from the cheez community. The options to edit videos include trimming, slow motions, cutting, playing the video in reverse, etc. The app provides hundreds of visual effects, live filters, etc. that would help you make the video visually stunning. Users can even organise polls and arrange for battles between followers and see who wins. You can post about various face-off challenges, asking people to participate. In short, this is the best alternative app that you must try if you want to spend time interacting and enjoying the audience.

  • Triller

This app is so popular that even celebrities prefer to use this app. What people love most about this app is how it makes the entire process simple and hassles free. Providing users with a simple interface and a plethora of options, triller is one of the best go-to options if you want to increase your social media presence. You can apply more than 50 filters to your videos to make them perfect, just the way you want. You will have quality time interacting with the audience here. This is one of the best apps to showcase your skills and creativity to the rest of the world. You can collaborate, compile, merge, cut, trim, and do whatever you want with your videos.

  • Vigo Video

Vigo video has been providing tough competition to the Helo app ever since it came into operation. The only restriction is that the videos can only be 15 seconds long. The rest of the functioning is similar to the other social networking apps we have discussed. The app lets users showcase their talents and creative skills in dancing, singing, art, music, comedy, beauty, etc. They can post videos on any related topic in any language of their choice. They can even make lip-sync videos on the inbuilt music collection that the app provides. The filters available here are innumerable. You can change your skin tone, remove dark spots, blemishes and change the contrast, brightness, and even sharpness of the videos. If you can gain a specific number of followers on your profile, you can even earn money from this app. Think about how exciting that sounds!

  • Lomotif

Needless to say, Lomotif also has similar functioning as that of the Helo app. You can create videos and edit them using features like zoom in, zoom out, slow motion, trim, etc. Even you can add filters to make your videos visually appealing. Users can also add background music and a hell lot of effects to the videos. Even you can add texts to them and choose the font style and size. You can even add colour to the texts. One can also add stickers to their videos and posts. Regular uploading of videos and posts would earn your followers on this platform and allow you to make friends. The best part about using Lomotif is that you can even collaborate with your followers and make videos. More than two people can even feature on the same video using the various options available on the app.

The Helo app was one of the Chinese apps that have been banned owing to piracy and security issues. You don’t have to be sad over it because you have so many alternatives right in front of you. So don’t delay. Go ahead and download!


Are these alternatives free? 

Yes, these apps can be downloaded for free by both iOS and Android users.

What are the best alternatives to the app? 

We have already listed the best alternatives to the Helo app that people can look up to. Some of them are Indian. However, Sharechat is the best alternative of this app out of the 10 mentioned above.

Will these alternatives be banned?

Indian alternatives like Roposo, Mitron, Chingari, and Sharechat have lesser chances of being banned by the Indian government.

Do these apps have the same features? 

More or less, all the above-mentioned alternatives have the same features and functions. However, some apps are more developed than others. But basically, each of them is a video sharing platform.

Are these usable for both iOS and Android users?

Yes, every alternative mentioned above can be downloaded by both iOS and Android users.

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