10 Popular Asian adult website similar to Javcl

We have created such a taboo on intimacy and the adult entertainment industry that people rarely talk about it, even if these are one of their guilty pleasures. Understanding that adult  is normal is necessary. Watching adult movies is not something that people need to be apologetic for. This is hands down one of the primary reasons why websites like Javcl have gained immense popularity.

People stream their content but rarely talk about it. For those wondering, Javcl is an online free adult entertainment streaming platform that specializes in the Asian genre of adult scenes. If you are fond of such movies and watch them as a guilty pleasure, Javcl is hands down one of the best websites on the internet.

In case you have been inquisitive about Javcl and the best alternatives for the said website, you have come to the right place.

What is Javcl?

Again, for better clarification, Javcl is an online Asian adult directory that lets you stream and watch your favorite genre of adult entertainment movies in one place. The best thing about this website is likely the breakdown of all the amazing content available with no extra fee. That is what sets this apart from the rest of the other websites. Everything on this website is free.

All you need to do is have high-speed internet and you are pretty much all set. You can stream the content on the website without having to worry about anything around.

What are the features of Javcl?

If you have never visited this website and everything seems new to you, the website pretty much has a similar layout to all the other available adult websites on the internet. The only difference is that their content majorly specializes in Asian adult movies. So, if you are into Asian actors, this is your best bet.

The only downside is that the website isn’t available everywhere. If your country has a ban on adult movies, you wouldn’t likely find them on your Google search results. Even if you do, it will likely be banned. So, try and use a VPN and check if that works for you.

Best alternatives to Javcl

Since Javcl is subjective to getting banned or restricted, knowing about the best alternatives for this website can help you out a lot. All you have to do is keep an eye out for the websites that we are going to list down below. Just ensure that you keep an eye out for the authenticity of the website and the ethics behind the content that they post.

Here are some of the best alternatives that you can check out.

  • Creampie Thais

As the name of the website suggests, this does host Thai performers but it isn’t restricted to just the Thai actors. You can find another Asian genre of adult on the website too. Everything is pretty realistic, with different types of categories for you to explore around. Just ensure that you do have a working internet connection because of the quality of the movies.

It is a premium adult website, which means that you will have to pay a fee to access the content on the website. The highlight of the website is likely the collection of small brown Thai actresses. Additionally, it also portrays and highlights the kinks of bondage and submission, if those entice you.

  • Pussy AV

Another popular Asian adult website that has gained quite a lot of popularity over the years is Pussy AV. With over 200,000 visits just in a month, the website does manage to gain quite a lot of following every month. The website does specialise in Japanese adult focusing on the petite women and the kinks surrounding them.

If you are into Japanese adult movies and you like the concept of small and petite girls in a video with jocks and dominants, you are going to enjoy streaming the content on this website.

  • Yellow Spinners

If there’s one website that specialises in the versatility of Asian adult, it is this one. It hosts a plethora of content ranging from Japanese, Thai, and even Korean, if that is something you find enticing. The one different thing about this website is that the actors featured in the website include Asian girls who have been raised in America, so you don’t have to rely on subtitles to know what they are saying.

It is a premium website, so it is chargeable but let’s be honest, the content on the website does make up for the kind of money that you spare on it.

  • AV Idolz

Another popular alternative to JavCL that you wouldn’t regret spending your time watching is AV Idolz. It is one of the most popular Asian adult websites with over 300,000 visits in a month. It is filled with every genre of adult  that you likely want to witness, from the hardcore options to the soft amateur adult  available.

It also features a wide range of Asian girls of different ages to feature in the different categories that the website hosts.

  • Crazy Asian GFs

For those who are pretty chill and crazy about Asian adult  and want a good alternative for JAVcl, this is hands down one of the best alternatives. It is a premium website that does do on-demand content with a higher subscription fee. You just need to ensure that you have high-speed internet because the uploaded content on the website is of premium quality.

It features some fine Asian women despite their ethnicity. So, not only can you find some submissive Thai or Japanese girls but also some milf and cougars on the website.

  • Erito

For a website that translates to Erotic in Japanese, the website encompasses the height of eroticism. It is filled with Japanese soft and hardcore adult  that you will find entertaining to watch. Since it is a premium website, you need to take a look through their subscription fees before you decide on one.

From the fluffy side of the Japanese adult entertainment industry to some of the unsung sides to the Hentai world that you likely didn’t know about, the website features everything.

  • R18

For a website that gains over 28 million views in a month, it is not surprising that it is considered one of the best available Asian adult entertainment websites on the internet. It features a range of adult content that will raise the heat in you. From innocent seduction to growling eroticism, the website manages to showcase everything that you need in a website.

It is not a free website, just to be clear. If adult  is banned in your country, you will likely need a VPN to access the website and the content, so make sure that you have that sorted out beforehand.

  • Asian Adult Diary

Just the name of the website is enough to let you know what it is all about. It is your one-stop destination for all your Asian adult ual fantasies. The website is filled with different genres of videos, ranging from amateur to skillful professional shots with a storyline. The highlight of this website is likely the soft and submissive side, which has people raving from the start till the end.

Everything shot on the website is done ethically and shot with Asian actors to ensure that the audience is never confused with the results.

  • School Girls HD

If you enjoy the school girls theme of adult videos, this is a website that is filled with such content to the brim. From the cosplay videos to the hardcore daddy issues, the website has everything in one place for you to binge-watch and sort out all your fantasies.

The website is paid, so you do need to pay a nominal fee to get direct access to the content on the website, so keep that in check.

  • All Gravure

The last alternative on the list is All Gravure. As confusing as the name of the website is, it is hands down one of the best available options that you can find around. The website reels in over 400,000 views every month and features a wide range of categories for you to choose from.

It specialises in Japanese adult  more than the other Asian actors, so you can expect soft and Kawaii actors all in one place trying to seduce men. It does require a subscription for you to be able to access the content on the website.


If you want to unwind every once in a while, with some adult videos and eroticism, especially with the Asian contents, this is the one you can blindly rely on. But, there are chances that this website might be restricted or suspended in a few other countries, so you can check out the other videos from the list to spice things up for you.


Is JAVCl s legal website?

Yes, JavCL is a legal website that you can access anywhere. It is not necessarily a free website and does include charges that you will have to look through to get a better understanding of things. But, the website specializes in Asian adult videos spread across multiple categories.

Does JavCL work with VPN?

If you stay in a country where adult  and adult videos are banned, you can access the website with a VPN, but it might not work all the time.

Is JavCL subscription-based?

Yes, this is a premium platform that does require you to pay a nominal fee to access the content on the website. The price does vary and depends on the country you are accessing it from.

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