The basic aim behind inception of Norstrat Consulting Inc. is aiding the clients with their business goals and responsibility in line with the major components of Canada’s Northern Strategy.

Now the question arises what actually is Canada’s Northern Strategy?

With growing businesses and industrialisation it’s high time business persons and business entities took responsibility for the environment and society. Canada’s Northern Strategy introduced in the year 2007 focuses on an amazing vision for the North. This strategy is broadly based on four pillars namely promotion of economic and social development, exercising the Arctic sovereignty, improving the Northern governance and last but probably one of the most important pillar – protecting the environmental heritage. This strategy is a very crucial part of building the nation of Canada and the Government of Canada has been working towards and deliver exceptional results on the promises made on the Northern strategy.

The commercialisation of various natural deposits that are being continuously discovered, explored and exploited is a rising threat both from environmental and economic point of view. The Northern strategy ensures that these expeditions of natural deposits take place with responsibility and respect towards the environement. Medical, housing, educational and recreational facilities are also being continuously created by the Government of Canada to strengthen the social infrastructure.

So, what role does Norstrat Consulting Inc. actually play in this?

NORSTART strongly believes in the Northern strategy. NORSTRAT aids major business entities in building Northern infrastructure while keeping in their business goals, responsibilities and most importantly the components of Canada’s Northern Strategy. NORSTRAT helps their clients with their expertise regarding the Northern strategy. NORSTRAT is an Ottawa based organisation and is co-located with a number of Federal Government departments who work in line with Northern jurisdiction and responsibilities. Serving clients all over Canada, USA and Europe, NORSTRAT majorly focuses on the infrastructure projects and initiatives undertaken and funded by the federal government of Canada.

NORSTRAT deals in all major infrastructural initiatives no matter what the industry, starting right from social infrastructural investments like housing, medical, educational and so on to defense system infrastructure, Satellite, telecommunications, and more.


The Canada’s Northern strategy needs to be understood and undertaken by the business entities and NORSTRAT understands that. NORSTRAT helps its clients by providing thorough guidance and information regarding the Canada Governement’s Northern strategy. NORSTRAT aids their clients in a number of ways. NORSTRAT’S

bidding experts help their clients in winning as well as managing Northern infrastructural development projects. NORSTRAT always helps its clients with any kind of knowledge associated with the development of infrastructure in Canada’s North and too in line with the various components of the Canada Governement’s Northern strategy.

NORSTRAT always keeps the requirement of its clients as the first and foremost priority. Each package NORSTRAT CONSULTING INC. provides is customized specifically in accordance with the needs of the clients himself. NORSTRAT offers the support package only after a thorough discussion and complete understanding of the client’s requirements.

NORSTRAT is working with full dedication towards providing the solutions that are in line with the Canadian Government’s Northern Strategy and truly aiding the client’s in making Canada’s Northern region one of the most secure and prosperous region in Canada.

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