All About PCNOK Patient Care Network of Oklahoma

As you may have guessed that health is a significant factor in the case of PCNOK, you are given the top priority for your medical treatment. The majority of people who live in Oklahoma, a U.S state, don’t know PCNOK.

Today, we’ll discuss PCNOK (Patient Care Network in Oklahoma) and the complete details. It is a must-know for you to know about health and wellness, and you must be aware of everything you can about PCNOK.

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What is PCNOK?

The company PCNOK is committed to focusing on high-quality medical care. It also works in this direction by setting up offices in different areas. PCNOK, in conjunction and Dense Network In Oklahoma, assures that it is fully assisted in the link between health and Oklahoma. PCNOK is a Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma that helps residents living in 77 community centers throughout Oklahoma. Its primary objective is to expand medical care within PCNOK, which comprises 19 Community Health Centers in Oklahoma. The site provides information on the Mediation system, care coordination, and information about the investigations.

How much is the market cap of PCNOK?

According to the last year’s update, PCNOK has over $117 million in market capital PCNOK has.

What are the top leadership positions of PCNOK?

A skilled team behind PCNOK, which assists in supporting PCNOK’s Patient Care Network of Oklahoma, the board of directors’ leadership.

Teresa Huggins (BOARD CHAIR)



Department: COMMUNITY Health Connection INC.


Department VARIETY Care, INC.

Tina Davis (MEMBER)

Department: FAMILY Health Center of Southern OKLAHOMA, INC

Amy Gilbreath (MEMBER)


Isabella Lawson

Department: COMMUNITY Health Centers, INC.

Scott Rosenthal (MEMBER)

Department NORTHEASTERN OKLAHOMA Community Health Centers, Inc.

Susan Savage (MEMBER)



Department: not stated


Department Administration AT PCNOK

Which are PCNOK’s member organizations of PCNOK?

Health care needs to have an appropriate organization focused on patient expectations for health. Check through the following list. PCNOK member organizations are as follows

Arkansas Verdigris Valley Health Centers, Inc.

Caring Hands Healthcare Centers, Inc.

Central Oklahoma Family Medical Center, Inc.

Community Health Center of Northeast Oklahoma, Inc.

Community Health Centers, Inc

Community Health Connection, Inc.

East Central Oklahoma Family Health Center, Inc.

Family Health Center of Southern Oklahoma

Great Salt Plains Health Center

Panhandle Counseling & Health Center

Kiamichi Family Medical Center, Inc.

Lawton The Community Health Center (Comanche Co. Memorial Hosp.)

Morton Comprehensive Health Services, Inc.

Northeastern OK Community Health Centers, Inc.

Pushmataha Family Medical Center, Inc.

Shortgrass Community Health Center, Inc.

South Central Medical and Resource Center, Inc.

Stigler Health & Wellness Center, Inc.

Variety Care

The organizations listed above that are members of PCNOK could help you feel more confident about the quality of services.

How can I verify PCNOK ACO public reporting?

There are official public reporting pdf files available on the online link, and you can also visit here to check Aco public reporting.

What is the PCNOK address?

3000 North. Grand Boulevard. Oklahoma City, OK 73107

To contact PCNOK for any question, query, or other information, you can use the contact form .


PCNOK is a partnership that is a partnership with 19 Oklahoma Community Health Centers. As an integrated network for clinical care, PCNOK works to advance medicine, a triple goal of health reform: to improve health, improve care, and more efficient expenditure. You now know all you can about the Oklahoma patient healthcare network. The information you have read is related to wellness and health, which you can share with your family and friends. Perhaps they will benefit by reading these health information updates.

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