Prank Owl – The Best Tool for Spoof Call and Prank Call

PrankOwl app is a prank app that has high-quality graphics and sounds. It has different owl sounds with HD animations. PrankOwl is a fun app that shall help you to bring a smile on the faces of your kids as it contains features that are full of fun and entertainment. You can have fun with the kids by playing the different owl sounds on its app or websites.

It can be used to send free prank calls. It works like other prank calling websites but provides several unique features like caller ID spoofing where your cell number appears as an unknown while making the call. It also lets you send pre-recorded voices and make prank calls all across the world. You need to buy tokens to unveil even more advanced features of it such as calling from another country code, and custom name set you on receiver’s mobile screen.

PrankOwl has a user-friendly interface that makes this app very easy to use. Earlier PrankOwl was available for Android phones through Google Play Store, but now it is only available through its website Here, you can use its features like a Sound prank, Operator prank, Spoof call, and Hear reactions. To use its premium features, you need to buy tokens.

Features of Prank Owl

  • Prank Calls Your Friends – You can send hilarious and automated sound prank calls to your buddies. You can also record them to listen to them later.
  • Make Friends Call Each Other – You can make your two friends to unknowingly call each other and listen to their conversation with operator feature.
  • Call from Any Number – You will be able to fake your caller ID and make the call appear as if it is from any number that you want or an unknown number.
  • Availability – It is exclusively available for Android users as an app, and for other users, it is available from its website as we have given above.
  • Premium Features – Its free features are limited for particular seconds or a minute, so if you want to explore all the premium features, then you have to buy tokens from it.

How to Use PrankOwl

The process of using PrankOwl is quite simple. Once you open the website, you will know what to do without any knowledge but still if you find it hard to use it then follow the procedure given below.

Sound Prank

Step 1 – Pick a Sound – Send Pre-recorded Prank calls

You can play and preview sounds from the options given. And after testing them select one

Step 2 – Enter Number

Here, you have to enter a phone number to send spoof call to. You can also choose caller Id as an option.

Step 3 – Start the Call

You will get three free tokens, and it costs one token for a prank call, depending on the country that you are calling.

Operator Prank – Make Your Friends Call Each Other

Step 1 – First Friend

First, enter the phone number of your friend whom you want to call.

Step 2 –Second Friend

Here, you have to enter the mobile number of your second friend whom you want to engage in the prank call.

Step 3 – Set Duration and Start the Call

Here you can set the maximum duration of the call before system cuts the call.

Spoof Call – Spoof Your Caller ID

You can call your friends with a different ID.

Step 1 – the Set Caller ID

Here you can enter the phone number you want to use as your caller ID.

Step 2 – Enter Your Number

In this step, you have to enter your number so prankowl will call you first then connect you to the amount you want to connect.

Step 3 – Enter the Number to Call

Here enter your friend’s number whom you want to call and fool around.

Step 4 – Set Duration and Start the Call

Here, you can set the duration of the call and then click on start the request.

So this is how you can use the PrankOwl app and website for spoof calling. Prank Owl is one of the best tools for prank and spoof calling.

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