Free Apps Like ShowBox APK to Watch Movies and TV Show Online

ShowBox APK is a great application to watch the latest series and movies. Just as its name says, it can be installed on an Android phone easily. People who are looking for streaming online on their smartphone can use ShowBox APK instantly and easily. With some tweaks, iOS users can download this application on their iOS device as well. However, there are many applications like ShowBox where users can watch movies and series for free in HD. Here’s the list of some best alternatives to ShowBox APK in 2021.


Kodi is the preferred selection of many users since it is considered one of the best applications to watch movies and series from a Smartphone as well as TV. One of the characteristics of this app is that it also includes being able to watch television programs. Besides enjoying viral videos, the best music, and the best sports. All these features have led the Kodi app to be the best option to consider thanks to all the tools it provides. The download and installation of this ShowBox APK alternatives are very simple, the configuration that comes by default works very well so you can watch the best movies and series from your mobile.


This is among our favorite applications to watch movies and series in streaming, its download is completely free. One of the features in which this app stands out is that it allows you to select the video quality, so when you watch movies and series they will load very quickly. As well as it is characterized by its search function, since you can search among the movies and series that interest you by their categories, genres, popularity, etc. Also, if your Smartphone has the Chromecast option enabled, you can use it to be able to watch the broadcasts of series or movies on your television.

Amazon Prime Video

The e-commerce leader “Amazon Prime Video” could not be missed from the list of free apps to stream movies as alternatives to ShowBox APK. One of the main benefits that this app offers you is that you can find original content from the platform as numerous TV shows and movie titles. This application gives you the option to download content, to view it when you do not have an internet connection, you can also access IMBD data to see data on actors, movies, or curiosities that you have regarding the content you are viewing. Besides, it is an app that can be downloaded for free, but you must also pay to view its content.


This application allows you to play movies and series for free, it has a large amount of content and different themes, so this is your application if you want to spend a good entertaining day, full of smiles either with your partner, family, or friends. Unlike other applications mentioned here, this ShowBox APK alternative is legal and free. This application has its original series as well.


This is an application that undoubtedly became an alternative, after having among its catalog great series such as “Game of Thrones”, “Friends,” and many others. It has a more limited catalog, but it is still not an impediment to provide you with series, movies, comedy specials, children’s content, and even documentaries. Also, it gives you new titles every week, its content is in HD quality, in this way you will enjoy all the premieres without spoilers and in high quality. It is also an app that you can download for free on your mobile phone, but you will have to pay to see its content.


It is an application that without a doubt should not be missing on your mobile if you are an anime fan. Since it is one of the best applications to see them, legally, but you will find much of its content for free streaming. This app has many of the most popular anime, available in its catalog as the classic episodes of series like “Naruto Shippuden” and similar others. You can download it and view free content, but it also has a paid version, which will allow you to remove advertising and even watch the episodes recently released in Japan, just after one hour of premiering.


In this application, you will find series, premiere films, children’s content, documentaries, and even sports championships that you can enjoy from your mobile phone anywhere, whether this content is being broadcast live or on-demand. It has an algorithm that allows you to customize each of its content suggestions to you, all this is done by analyzing what you see. It will also allow you to view content on one device and continue viewing it from the same point on another device or simply download it to watch later without an internet connection. One of its most fantastic advantages is that it gives you the option to watch TV serials a few hours before they are broadcast on the TV.

Rakuten TV

This ShowBox APK alternative application allows you to view content through your mobile and even stream content to your Smart TV through Chromecast, you can also find the latest releases, series, independent films, and children’s content in its catalog. You can also download content to watch later when you are offline. It is an application that has a subscription service, unlike the previous two, in this app you only pay for the content that you want to view specifically, you can also rent or buy series or movies.

Google Play Movies

It is a legal platform just like Netflix and Prime Video. This similar app like ShowBox APK has a large catalog since here you will find the latest cinema releases and all kinds of movies. You can use it on any device, be it your mobile phone or tablet, and even send content to the Smart TV through the Chromecast. It also allows you to download content that you can watch offline. Besides, in this app, you pay on Google Play only for the specific content you want to see, whether you are just going to rent or buy it. You don’t need any subscription. If you may not find the movie you want to see, just add it to your wish list to be notified when this movie is available.


If you want to see a series, but have no idea which platform is broadcasting it. Without a doubt, this is your solution. Since here you only have to enter what you are looking for and the application will tell you on which online streaming platform you can watch it. Besides, it has a huge catalog of movies and series, with fourteen providers available. You will also find the genre and the year of release of the films so that you can find the title you wanted faster.

CatMouse APK

This application does not require you to make any kind of registration to use it or make any payment. You can download this application from its official website. It is completely free. Also, it will let you manage the trailers, notifications, provides you with cloud storage and other options. It has a search engine, content preview, you can explore the app’s library, even comment on each series or movies on the platform, to view it from your Smartphone.

MediaBox HD

This application offers you content with all the current hits, one of its functions is to provide you with HD quality content, which ensures high-quality images when viewing the content. Here you will enjoy both movies and television series. However, you will need a smartphone with Chromecast support. Additionally, you will find that it is an app that has subtitles, quality titles, a search menu, HD movies, and the best thing is that you will not require any registration.

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