What happened with Textsheet? Is this still available?

Nowadays, there are various sites and apps available for students, using which they can complete their assignments and homework. With these sites, you no longer have to struggle to find answers to your assignments. Some sites offer you with important documents to complete your research papers. There are many such sites available online. But Textsheet was one of the most popular ones out of the lot.

The text sheet helped many students solve their assignments. This site was developed to help students completing their homework and assignments for free. But as they, every good thing comes to an end so did Textsheet.

What is Textsheet all about?

The textsheet was one of the best and most popular sites made for students. It helped students complete their assignments and homework on time. It provided solutions and answers related to all your subjects and that too for free. The site also used another site’s information to give you the needed solution.

This site was used by millions of students all across the world. Students relied on Textsheet to get their assignments solved and also to save time. But unfortunately, the site is not available anymore. It has been shut down and there is very little hope that it will ever come online.


Here are the main features of the Textsheet that made it the first choice for the students.

  • It was made to help students find solutions to their homework and textbook problems.
  • It offers an easy to use interface which made it easier for the students to handle the site.
  • The site was available for free. All the study materials available on the site was also free.

What happened to Textsheet?

As already mentioned above, Textsheet provided you with solutions to all your homework and textbook questions. Sometimes the site even used another’s information to provide you the answer. This puts them under the bad light.

Once a very popular site for students has now been shut down. This happened due to copyright violations. From the current situation, we can say that the site has been shut down permanently. There are no updates or information on whether the site will ever come online. Due to the shutting down of the site, many students lost their best study aid. But there’s nothing to worry about as there are many similar sites available out there.

If you are a Textsheet user, then you can start looking for the best alternatives to this site. You will find a lot of them online. These sites are equally good as Textsheet. You can take the help of these sites to complete your homework and research papers as you did with Textsheet. Most of these sites are free and the ones that are not, they are worth paying attention to.

The text sheet is gone but that doesn’t mean you don’t have many options left. You can use the other best sites to complete your homework and assignments.

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