4Anime and Many More Sites Where You Can Watch Anime Online Free (legally)

Anime has become a new fashion in the modern world. The form of entertainment, which was hugely popular in Japan and some part China, has crossed all the seas to reach viewers all across the globe. Since originally, anime shows and movies are made in Japanese, many big studios are investing millions of dollars to get rights of anime content to distribute them with English subtitles or English dubbed audio. English viewers have many options when selecting an online anime platform to stream anime on mobile phones or PC.

There are many legal as well as illegal anime streaming websites. 4Anime is among the most popular sites for anime lovers. Here, users can watch anime series and movies for free. However, 4Anime is an illegal website that offers all the anime collection for free but is copyrighted by other studios. 4Anime is really simple and easy to use with its wide collection of anime videos. It doesn’t require a user to sign-up. You might see some ads while accessing and finding new anime collection on 4Anime, but it can be blocked with an AdBlock installed on your web browser.

4Anime is not a popular anime streaming website. There are many more similar sites like 4Anime. So, here we are going to mention some of the best alternatives to 4Anime in 2021.

Top sites like 4Anime to Watch Anime Online Free | Legal and Free Sites to Watch Anime Online


The platform that has been around for a couple of years is the ideal platform where anime fans can end their quest for a large collection of anime at a single platform. This is totally legal and comes with a subscription plan. In addition, they have a large collection of anime series and movies that you can watch completely free. The application is available for mobile phones, gaming consoles, and Apple TV.

This can be the best 4Anime when you want everything for free and legally. You will be able to see the most popular as well as classic anime here. Like Netflix, Crunchyroll is also developing a new original series. One of the benefits is that you can see the episodes at the time of their official broadcast in Japan.


Yes, this social media platform can also be one of the best alternatives to 4Anime to watch anime online free. It is easy, legal (maybe not), and safe to watch anime on Facebook online. Making things clear, Facebook doesn’t host any anime series or movies. They are posted by the users. The process is really simple. You just need to login to Facebook and search for the anime show name with the episode number and you will find the relevant results.

For instance, search for “Naruto Episode 1,” and you will find relevant results in the index. So, Facebook can also be among the top 4Anime alternatives to watch anime online free. You may not find all the anime shows but still, it is the best legal option to stream anime on mobile phones.


Viewster has been reformed as Conti. This is also a legal and safe way to watch free anime series, movies, TV shows, comic con events. Viewster was already popular among anime fans and now when they want to access free anime online, CONtv can be the best option. The collection at CONtv cannot be matched with 4Anime since 4Anime has a very wide collection of free anime series videos.

However, CONtv is a legal option and that is why users don’t need to worry about malware and privacy. Just like Crunchyroll, CONtv can be one of the best alternatives to 4Anime to watch anime for free.

Amazon Prime Video

Well, this site is not totally free to stream anime and the collection may not be as wide as Crunchyroll and 4anime. Nonetheless, when you want a legal alternative to 4Anime then Amazon Prime Video can be one of the best choices. The yearly subscription price of Prime video is very low compare to other similar services.

This 4Anime alternative is uploading a very interesting anime series to its platform in the last few years. The collection of Anime Strike and HIDIVE has made its way to the prime video after the discontinuation of the former service. You can really use it as a 4Anime alternative.


Funimation is also a legal website as well as an app where anime fans can watch a very large collection of anime. With its tagline “watch anime streaming online,” it really does the justice. At Funimation, Japanese anime series are dubbed and distributed among the users. It has freemium as well as a premium offer. With its premium subscription, you just need to create an account at Funimation and can enjoy a vast collection of anime for free.

However, the latest anime shows and some extra perks can be unlocked with its premium subscription plan. When you don’t want to pay the extra money then, Funimation can also be the best alternative to 4Anime. Since it is legal and all the collection is licensed, you may not find the premium content available at Crunchyroll and other similar websites. So. 4Anie=me has a better collection than Funimation.

Best Alternatives to 4Anime (Illegal and Free)


A classic of classics, this site remains current and always brings us the new seasons of each series that are currently being broadcast. Each anime has a brief summary that takes us into the history of the series. In addition, we can find an older series since it has a large collection of them. On the left, you will have a bar of the anime in broadcast and in the mainframe the latest episodes uploaded to the site. The site is even better than 4Anime in many areas. Thus, this can be one of the best free alternatives to watch anime online free.


One of the similar sites like 4Anime is AnimeDao. It is updated daily with a new collection of anime shows and anime news. The site is completely free and that is why it is among the best 4anime alternatives. Recommended for those desperate to quickly see a new chapter. With a simple interface, it shows you the most recent uploaded chapters and you can search any anime very quickly.


With very attractive features and organization of content, this site brings you the most popular anime of the moment and all anime collection is dubbed in English. Just like the name of the site says, it features no anime episodes with subtitles. You just need to open the site and find your favorite anime series in English audio.

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