Trendiest cell phone accessories for girls

Perfect phone accessories for teens are hard to find. Many smartphone accessories are exclusively meant for teenage girls. These days are the best. We all want to look good, feel special and do crazy stuff.

Well, if you are looking for some trendiest funky phone accessories this season. You are at the right spot. We have covered all from cute popsockets to crossbody chains.

Save some money and get these useful phone accessories. These could be great gifts too if birthdays are nearby. All are affordable and beneficial. And we bet you will love these great gifts for your BFFs. Check them out:


Popsockets are tiny round gadgets that make phones handier. Just pop and use them to hold your device better. It has many advantages like it can be acted as a phone stand, keep your earphones untangled, and take selfies with one hand easily.

Popsockets enhance grip and will not slip from your hands. Also, it makes the phone looks good. It makes your personality stand out from the crowd. You can change them as per your mood and location.

Cross Body Chain Wallets:

These are best if you are gifting yourself or any teenager. It keeps all the stuff in one place. If you are college-going or a party animal, keep your phone intact with you through a cross-body chain wallet. It has enough space to accommodate an ID card, money, and smartphones. It is available in many vibrant colors, designs, and patterns.

Bluetooth Headphones:

Bluetooth headphones are today’s trend. It keeps you hands-free, unlike wired headphones. It looks cool and is perfect for jogging or outing. Teens love to take selfies with Bluetooth headphones. It is like a style statement.

Camera Lens:

If your adolescents love photography or videography, gift them their camera lenses. Teens are highly active on social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram, for updates they have to carry a camera separately. It is good to attach camera lenses and click pictures for photos and videos in HD quality.

Screen Magnifier:

If you love watching movies and shows on the big screen is super cool to watch and have fun. Make your phone a TV screen. These are compatible with iPhones and Android phones. Also, it keeps your hands free and you can lie down and watch movies with your bestie.

Selfie Stick:

A good selfie stick calls for a high capacity and durable battery. It enables clicking beautiful family and group images in one go. It is also good for making plain videos. It helps you capture photos from one hand and you can also get the background.

Charging Cables:

Charging cables with long nylon cords helps in charging tablets, phones, and other gadgets in one go. They are available in many fun colors. You can buy multi USB cables for multi-purpose jobs.

Bluetooth Wireless Speakers:

We love music, don’t we? It is great to listen to your favorite song by connecting your phone with Bluetooth speakers. It is easy to carry and use. Also, a cool option to gift.

Screen guards:

If you are a bit confused and you have a careless teen at your home. Gift them, screen protectors. It saved my phone during accidental falls and will help others too. This is something to be mentioned in the list for sure.

Phone Covers:

It is one of the best investments one can make. It will protect their phones and you can gift customized phone covers that will match their personalities. A sturdy case is made of good quality and provides better fitting.

Dust Plugs:

Dust plugs assures no dust gets into your phone charging cable. With time it gets damaged with water, sweat, dust, or lint. These cute dust plugs come in a variety of colors and designs to choose from. You can have them in cute animal designs like a panda, penguin, bear, beetle, and more.

Phone Charms:

Phone charms made a distinct place in every teen’s phone accessories list. It makes your phone more identifiable and easier to hold. It looks funky and stylish.

Beaded phone charms can be availed in many designs and patterns. You can have fruit beads, animals, pearls, and vibrant beads to make it distinct from others. Teens love embedding their names and slogans on phone charms too.


Teens love unique and colorful things. Get them the trendiest phone accessories this season. They keep smartphones with them all the time.

We hope you loved the list of cute phone accessories for girls. Do let us know which accessory you loved the most. Your teens will love them. Go get one.

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