Best Alternatives To Mail Master 2021

After the ban of 59 Chinese apps in India, are you looking for mail master alternatives to have a more informed database for your organization? Mail master converts the organization’s email system into an organized database. It is a very important tool for project management and regulatory compliance. So, here are the best alternatives to mail master.

Mail master

Mail master works wonderfully as it works with your already deployed e-mail software & does not need installation of any additional software thereby solving one of the major problems of implementing new systems. Mail master is suitable for businesses of all sizes. Also, It maintains a back-up of valuable emails and documents that have been sent/received electronically.

Mail master Pricing

Coming to Pricing, the main master pricing starts at $200.00 per month. Also, it offers a free trial that can be easily cancelled. Mail Master amazon features include Archiving and Retention, Data recovery, email monitoring, and shared inboxes. However, some important features like a Spam blocker, Queue management, signature management, and response management is not included in the mail master. You may find these features in its alternatives.

Why Mail master get banned?

Mail master is one of the 59 Chinese apps banned in India. Due to security concerns and cyber threats the apps are banned and blocked from playstore as well in the country. However, it’s not the end. Some major apps like Aliexpress and PUBG are on radar to be banned next.

Mail master alternatives

There are a lot of platforms that provide better than mail master. You need not worry about your office mail management. Here is the list of best alternatives to mail master.

1) Front App

The front app is one of the great alternatives to Mail Bird. It converts the email into a help desk to address good customer support. It brings emails and messages from various platforms like email, chat, social media, SMS into a single team inbox.

It responds 3 times faster with workflow automation.

It accesses customer data straight in your inbox. Best organizations like Shopify, HubSpot, and thousands of other teams rely on Front to work efficiently and increase customer gratification.

Best for all team sizes internally and externally.

Price: $9 per month, Offers a free trial.

Its features are:

  1. Alerts / Escalation
  2. Automated Routing
  3. Email Integration
  4. Interaction Tracking
  5. Knowledge Base Management
  6. Multi-Channel Communication
  7. Network Monitoring
  8. Real-time Chat
  9. Self Service Portal
  10. Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management
  11. Ticket Management

2) Kingmailer

Kingmailer is a very powerful tool and is a great alternative to Mail Master. It is a simple and fully featured mail server / SMTP service that can be used by anyone.  Kingmailer is less expensive and more efficient. It suits best for those who want simple features not fully loaded software. Using Kingmailer, Every day, thousands of emails are sent, received, routed using engaging and powerful SMTP service. Send, receive, track, and analyze your emails. It has Ready-to-go SMTP mail servers.

It works Best for Small businesses, webmasters, developers, startups, entrepreneurs, iOS app/ Android app developers.

Price: $5 per month. Moreover, it offers a free trial as well.

It’s features are:

  1. Archiving & Retention
  2. Data Recovery
  3. Email Monitoring
  4. Queue Management
  5. Response Management
  6. Routing
  7. Shared Inboxes
  8. Spam Blocker
  9. Whitelisting/Blacklisting

3) Agile CRM

Agile CRM is a management software That is used to create and send professional emails and newsletters, personalize them, then track and analyze your results.

Best for Small to medium size businesses that expect sales, marketing, and service automation. Its main benefits are Email A/B Testing, Drag-and-Drop Email Builder, indulge social share buttons in email templates, Create and store automatic response emails, and Real-time notifications.

Price: $8.99 per month and offers a free trial as well.

Its Features are:

  1. Archiving & Retention
  2. Email Monitoring
  3. Queue Management
  4. Response Management
  5. Routing
  6. Shared Inboxes
  7. Signature Management
  8. Spam Blocker
  9. Whitelisting/Blacklisting

4) Spam Titan

Spam Titan is known for its name. It is a leading email security service for business and MSP. It’s major benefits are:

  1. It Helps control mail flow, clean it, and protect against unwanted email threats including phishing and malware.
  2. Perform inbound and outbound scanning of mails.
  3. It Blocks Phishing, spam, viruses, malware, malicious links, spyware, and other email security threats.

Best for All Businesses

Price: $0.80 per month per user

It’s amazing features includes:

  1. Anti Spam
  2. Anti Virus
  3. Email Attachment Protection
  4. Policy Management
  5. Quarantine
  6. Reporting/Analytics
  7. Whitelisting/Blacklisting
  8. Allow / Block List
  9. Audit Log
  10. Email Archiving
  11. Email Recovery
  12. Email Routing
  13. Encryption
  14. Fraud Detection
  15. Quarantine
  16. Reporting & Statistics
  17. Spam Filter
  18. Email Management
  19. Archiving & Retention
  20. Data Recovery
  21. Email Monitoring
  22. Queue Management
  23. Response Management
  24. Routing
  25. Shared Inboxes
  26. Signature Management
  27. Spam Blocker
  28. Whitelisting/Blacklisting

5) Thexyz Webmail

Thexyz webmail is a powerful alternative to mail master. It is an ad-free and private solution for business. Thexyz webmail service is Used by over 30,000 people in over 100 countries. Easy export and import of mails.

Best for: Individuals, government organizations with FISMA compliance & businesses of all sizes.

Price: $2.95 per month per user.

It’s amazing features includes:

  1. Archiving & Retention
  2. Data Recovery
  3. Email Monitoring
  4. Shared Inboxes
  5. Signature Management
  6. Spam Blocker
  7. Whitelisting/Blacklisting

6) Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce marketing cloud is huge in the industry and is serving the world for around 20 years. It uses robust data management to collect, organize, and securely store first, second, and third-party data alongside offline data to build complete consumer data profiles.

Best for: Companies of all sizes, in all industries.

Price: Unkown

It’s features are:

  1. A/B Testing
  2. Auto-Responders
  3. CAN-SPAM Compliance
  4. Customer Surveys
  5. Drip Campaigns
  6. Dynamic Content
  7. Event-Triggered Email
  8. Image Library
  9. Landing Pages/Web Forms
  10. List Management
  11. Mobile Optimized Emails
  12. Reporting/Analytics
  13. Subscriber Management
  14. Template Management
  15. WYSIWYG Email Editor
  16. Archiving & Retention
  17. Canned Responses
  18. Data Recovery
  19. Email Monitoring
  20. Queue Management
  21. Response Management
  22. Routing
  23. Shared Inboxes
  24. Signature Management
  25. Spam Blocker
  26. Whitelisting/Blacklisting
  27. Behavioral Analytics
  28. Data Visualization
  29. Demographic Data
  30. Geocoding
  31. Geofencing
  32. Location Tracking
  33. Predictive Analytics
  34. Trade Area Analysis
  35. A/B Testing
  36. Campaign Tracking
  37. Channel Attribution
  38. Customer Journey Mapping
  39. Dashboard
  40. Performance Metrics
  41. Predictive Analytics
  42. ROI Tracking
  43. Social Media Metrics
  44. Website Analytics
  45. Attribution Modeling
  46. Audience Segmentation
  47. Conversion Tracking
  48. Cross-Channel Attribution
  49. Customer Journey Mapping
  50. Multi-Touch Attribution
  51. Predictive Analytics
  52. ROI Tracking
  53. Channel Attribution
  54. Contextual Targeting
  55. Coupons
  56. Engagement Monitoring
  57. Location-Based Marketing
  58. Push Notifications
  59. Text Messaging
  60. Text-to-Win
  61. Analytics
  62. Automated Publishing
  63. Contact Management
  64. Content Management
  65. Conversion Tracking
  66. Customer Targeting
  67. Keyword Filtering
  68. Multi-Account Management
  69. Post Scheduling

7) Honeybook

Honey book is a great alternative to mail master. It works best for business coaches, Graphic designers, DJs, photographers, web designers, caterers, videographers, calligraphers, business coaches, consultants, florists, health & wellness professionals, and more!

Price: $40 per month

It’s features are:

  1. Canned Responses
  2. Response Management
  3. Signature Management
  4. Whitelisting/Blacklisting
  5. Calendar Sync
  6. Online Booking
  7. Room Booking Management
  8. Billing Portal
  9. Contact Database
  10. Customizable Invoices
  11. Hourly Billing
  12. Mobile Payments
  13. Online Invoicing
  14. Online Payments
  15. Payment Processing
  16. Project Billing
  17. Recurring/Subscription Billing
  18. Tax Calculator
  19. Business Management

The features of honey well do not end here and it is not possible to show such a long list here.

Final words

Readers, try these amazing alternatives to mail master ad get your work done, email management with more efficiency and precision.

The features differ in different alternatives. Pick up the one that suits best to you and come under your budget.

I hope you would like the article.

Share your feedback. Thank you!

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