Apple’s iPhone Battery Health explained (Video)

Apple’s iOS software has a built-in feature called Apple iPhone Battery health; this is designed to show you how healthy the battery is on your handset.

Every time you charge your iPhone and any other smartphone the battery on the handset will slowly degrade. This happens on all smartphones.

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The video below from Zollotech explains how the battery health on the iPhone works and what it means for your device.

Apple’s iPhone comes with some features built-in that are designed to prolong the life of your handset.

One of these features is optimized battery charging, what this does is works out how you charge your iPhone and then work out the best time to charge the device.

Basically, the iPhone will stop charging your handset at around 80% and charge the final 20% just before you need to use it. So for example, if you got up at 6 AM, the final 20% may be charged between 4-6 am.

If your iPhone is plugged in or on a wireless charger and it is continuously charging at 100%, this can reduce your battery life and battery health. This is why this optimized charging feature is useful.

Apple offers a feature where you can check the battery and performance i=on your iPhone using the Apple support app as we saw in the video.

Apple’s iPhone Battery review video On YouTube

Source & Image Credit: Zollotech    

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