List of Best Apps like Bigo Live To Use In 2021

Now that the world has turned into a global village, communication has become easier. With a lot of advanced apps being developed every day, interacting with your friends and following your favourite celebrities is not a big deal. To allow people to have a good time virtually, Bigo Live is here with a simple yet effective UI and a lot of features. It is presently one of the most preferred video streaming apps that android and iOS users can use for free. But sadly, this app has been banned recently, owing to Indo China tensions. This article lists the 10 best alternatives to this app, that people can refer to. But before going over to the alternatives, let’s know about this app in detail:

What is Bigo Live?

In simple terms, Bigo Live can be termed as a social mobile application. It provides people with a variety of services from real-time interactions to live broadcasting videos and live video streaming. Through this app, you can expose your talents, connect with your friends, and follow your favourite broadcasters. You can even earn money at the same time.

Why is the Bigo Live banned?

Bigo Live has been banned by the Indian government due to privacy concerns. As per an official statement issued, the Bigo app has been banned, keeping in mind the information available which states that this app engaged in certain activities which jeopardised the integrity and sovereignty of the Indians. Hence, a ban has been issued to protect the privacy and security of the Indian users. Not only is the Bigo Live app banned, but also 58 other Chinese apps have been banned due to this breach of guidelines and ethics.

Alternatives of Bigo Live

Being a Bigo Live user, you must be disappointed with the announcement. However, you don’t have to worry any longer. We have brought a list of the 10 best Bigo Live alternatives which are as efficient as the Bigo Live app. They all are live streaming apps allowing people to exhibit their skills on a global platform. Without wasting more time, let’s dive into the alternatives.

  1. Friday night live social video

This is the best Bigo Live alternative in India. It is the number one application where users can enjoy broadcasts from every international broadcaster and stream live videos from any source across the world. This app is the best for people who want to showcase their talent and interact with strangers and have a fun time online. Friday Night Live Social video allows users to showcase their skills and talents in front of the world, live in easy steps. This, in turn, helps them increase their follower base and reach out to more people. In this way, you can become a star as well. Not only can people show their talents, but also can see others displaying their talents and skills live. This app opens a lot of opportunities in front of you, allowing you to explore the various cultures, meet different room, and interact with strangers on this platform.


Similar to Bigo Live, lets its users to live-stream their talents and earn money 24*7 by selling virtual gifts. allows its users to watch and interact with random strangers or your friends here. You can go live together or invite anyone to join your live video. You can enjoy live eating to live dancing to chatting, blogging, and whatnot. Even users can explore various parts of this world through several amazing world live videos. The app makes it easy for its users to search gameplay streaming, broadcast, quest live, real-time interaction on Android and iOS phones equally. In short, due to all these advanced features, is an addictive live streaming application that everyone can enjoy! The app, with its simple and user-friendly UI and regular updates, makes sure that people spend the best time, interacting with others and live streaming videos and broadcasts online.

  1. U live 

U live video chat and stream presents to its users a friendly, communicative and interactive community of some of the best people across the world. It can be considered to be a virtual community. This app would provide its users with their much-needed comfort, resulting in a better display of their talents and skills. You can connect with strangers and your friends easy because this app provides high-quality video calling and chat service. An excellent alternative to the Bigo app, it offers a few advanced features like instant messaging, live streaming, chat sharing, live broadcast sharing, and so on. All these features have enhanced people’s live streaming and communication experience. Another great feature of this app is the presence of multiple chat rooms. A user can be present at multiple chat rooms at the same time, anonymously, and get to know real-time feedbacks and opinions of its followers. People can even have a private conversation with any participant of a group, remaining within the group.

  1. Nonolive

Nonolive allows people to live broadcast their videos and skills and talents by using the live broadcast option. You can join the live streaming video of other users as well. Not only that, but you can also send multiple stickers, emoji’ and unlimited texts to your friends. The chat rooms can be effectively managed. People can mute and unmute themselves, according to their choice. They can also turn off the camera. People can share, comment, share multimedia content, and do what not. There are other advances featured which this app offers, that the other alternatives aren’t equipped with. Thus this app comparatively provides better and convenient services that the rest. This app’s amazing features and options will simply make its users amazed. Also, if you are someone who loves playing video games, then Nonolive is for you. It lets you stream your games online, allowing anyone to watch it. You can even earn money from playing live games. If you can fulfill a set target or gain a set of followers, you would be rewarded.

  1. Periscope

Periscope allows its users to broadcast a live video or a recorded one publicly or to a selected group of friends. Also, links of various broadcasts can be shared by users to their respective social media accounts. Periscope is popularly known as the app of the editor’s choice. It’s a live streaming platform that allows people to explore the world through streaming live videos that belong to various parts of the globe. Not only can they stream others live videos, but also can create their own contents. Periscope brings to you the latest happenings all around the world. It helps you visit an unknown land, watch videos of that land, make new friends, visit new locations, and interact with like-minded people. It’s a simple, quick, and straightforward broadcasting app that facilitates interaction among its users through chats, live videos, and whatnot.

  1. 17Live

Providing services to about 40 million users worldwide, this is another popular alternative to the Bigo Live app. 17Live app is especially popular among the Japanese and Taiwanese people. Similar to Bigo Live app, this app is a well-preferred live streaming app, which more or less offers similar services. The app’s UI is extremely simple, allowing people to browse through it easily. No matter you just want to have quality time or want your talent to be validated or stream live videos, this app would provide you with a satisfying experience. For international users, 17Live has collaborated with Google to provide people with the translation function to make communication easier. With the help of this feature, the host’s language is converted into the user’s native language, allowing the user to understand and enjoy the video to the fullest. This app is completely user oriented and takes care of the needs of its users.

  1. Tango

Tango is an amazing app that helps you stay connected to your friends and followers easily. Anyone can use this app. This app has well-categorized options and features and users can click on the one they want to use. It’s a free live-streaming, a social messaging app that lets its users live broadcast and watch live streaming of other users across the world. People can video chat and video calls in a group or a private chat. Also, Tango can be used on smartphones by Android and iOS users as well as on tablets. Presently, this app has more than 350 million users which amply demonstrate how effective this app is in providing services. It has made interaction with others easier. As it is used by so many people, it would provide you with the maximum exposure which no other app can do. Through Tango, people can share videos, pictures, emojis, live locations, send voice texts, etc. With all these features, Tango lets you enjoy a good time with your friends online and stream interesting live broadcasts from around the world.

  1. Mico

Mico is an exceptionally effective live streaming and social interacting tool that has been developed by Mico World Limited. It’s available for free and accessible by both iOS and Android users. The app is officially known as Mico- live streaming, random voice, and video chat app. It is one of the top preferred global apps which is used to meet and discover new people. The large user base which the app provides you with access to even the farthest corner of the world, making friends with anyone around the world. You can participate in love broadcast, send voice messages, create chat rooms, and do many other things. To let people showcase their talents, this app provides users with the live streaming feature. By displaying their talents, they can earn more exposure and fan following. To use this app, users only need to download it, create an account, and register themselves.

  1. YouNow

Similar to Bigo Live, this app too lets its users broadcast videos and stream live videos from across the world. They can follow their favourite broadcasters and celebrities and can even like their videos, posts, and comment on them. They can create chat rooms where multiple people can chat at the same time. They can exchange and share pictures, videos, gifs, emojis, live location, and whatnot. For using this app, users have to create an account. Once they have registered successfully, they can scroll through the list of users and popular celebrities found here. In short, YouNow allows its users to have quality time chatting and streaking live videos.

  • Streamkar

The best part about this app is that it offers a lot of features that make the experience of its users even more exciting, like awesome gift cards, random chat rooms, play games, and many more. The app provides quick services, allowing people to interact with others and come live within seconds. Users get several options like the poke option, virtual gifts, stickers, and emoji reactions that they can use while interacting. Also, you can send unlimited messages and stream any video from across the world live anytime. Other features provided by Streamkar include real-time interaction with your favourite friend and celebrity, follow and stream the Live contents of your favourite people, and many more. So what are you waiting for? Get exciting and amazing contents on Streamkar and spend quality time for free!

These are some of the best alternatives that you can use instead of the Bigo Live app. Some of them have been developed by Indian developers while the rest have been designed by developers of other countries. However, we are still searching for the best alternative Indian apps for the Chinese app Bigo Live. Until then, use any of the above-mentioned ones and enjoy their quality services!


Do the above-mentioned apps charge subscription fees for accessing their services?

No, most of these apps provide services for free. Users only have to register themselves on this app. Once it’s done, they can enjoy a hassle-free experience.

What are the best alternatives to Bigo Live app? 

Uplive is the best Bigo Live alternative Indian app. Apart from that, all major alternatives have similar features. Hence, they are equally effective in delivering quality services to let users have a good time.

Do you think these alternatives will get banned as well? 

There’s nothing to worry about it because none of the above-mentioned apps is a Chinese one. Hence, people can use these without any worries.

Do these apps function similarly? 

Overall, they do have similar functionality. They are mostly live broadcasting apps which help people showcase their talent live on these platforms. However, every app has been made different from the rest. Some have comparatively more features while others have less.

Are these apps equally accessible by both iOS and Android users? 

Yes, both android snd iOS people can use these apps for free.

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