List of Best Apps like DU Browser To Use In 2021

Downloaded by over a million people, the DU Brower was one of the very well known web browsers for smartphone users. As we all are aware, the DU browser has its name in 59 Chinese apps list, which was banned in India in the month of June 2021. The Indian government had taken this decision in order to protect all the citizens of this country as well as their data from getting hacked.

What is the DU Browser? 

DU Browser is an easy to use and reliable mobile browser application which can be used for free. It offers a super-fast experience of browsing and a lot of information which can be useful for our day to day life like trending music, meme, videos, etc. What made this app so popular are its remarkably unique features.

Why is the DU Browser banned? 

The DU browser was banned in India recently in the month of June 2021. The DU browser was doubted to accumulate and transmit the data of its users to its networks situated abroad in India. In order to safeguard the security and privacy of 130 Crore users of India, the government had to take such a strict decision. Hence, the DU browser cannot be used anymore because of which the users have already started for alternatives to this app. In the list given below, you can find the names of a lot of Indian apps similar to the DU browser. You must give these apps a try for an even better browsing experience.

However, if you are looking for alternatives to the DU browser app then you have just landed at the appropriate place. Here in this post, you are going to come across the names of some popular alternatives for Chinese apps in India which are very safe and easy to use.

Alternatives of DU Browser: 

Following are the alternative Indian apps for Chinese app that you can use as a replacement of the DU browser:

  1. Firefox Browser 

One of the widely used browsers, the Firefox browser can be the best alternative to the DU browser. It is one of the best smartphone browsers. It is related to the feature and technology of the desktop browser version offered by the Mozilla which upholds one amongst the biggest divisions of internet streaming.

Similar to the desktop edition, the mobile edition of the Mozilla comprises of similar features as well as offers the same functions such as incognito browsing, opening multiple tabs at a time, swapping in between the open tabs, reopening the previously used tabs, creating bookmarks, favourites and a lot more. This browser is used by millions of smartphone users who prefer using it due to the easy downloading mechanism and smart internet browsing. Using this browser doesn’t take up a lot of your mobile data.

  1. ASUS Browser 

The Asus browser is a quick internet browser that can be used by the users of the smartphone. It provides a fantastic internet browsing experience to the users. This mobile browser doesn’t take a lot of space in your smartphone and provides so many exclusive features such as high-speed browsing, high speed downloading, privacy, security and the best part is the simple user interface.

The main components of this app are the speed and the potential of downloading content from the internet. The user interface of this browser is very easy and can be used by all smartphone users. Other features of this browsing app include high-speed downloads, secure browsing, and specific reader mode, which lets you go through an interruption-free reading, page bookmarking system accompanied by all the other functions of importing the files.

  1. Bingo Browser 

Bingo Browser is one such mobile browser which is an agglomeration of the downloading capabilities of Mozilla and browsing capabilities of Chromium. Apart from providing a smartly designed browser to the users, it aims at providing the best downloading and browsing experience like other renowned web browsers. Keeping aside the rest of the factors, this app is of a very small size which doesn’t occupy a lot of space of your phone.

Using this browser will also assure you that you get access to high speed downloading and internet browsing. The major advantage of this browser is that it lets the users customize the home screen of the browser so that you can get quick access to the desired application. The rest of the significant features of this application are content translation, search suggestions, and including websites to the speed dial.

  1. One browser

One browser is a web browser service that is designed in a new and modern way. One browser is a durable search engine that can be used in all the devices running on the Android operating system. It claims its uniqueness in the fact that it offers a browsing and downloading speed which is faster than the other search engines. It offers a number of features that make it an even smarter application.

However, sometimes a lot of users can face problems in using it because it is supportive of HTML 5 which is one of the top-rated scores by HTML. It has an exclusive system that manages all the downloads. Other notable features of this application include web optimization and picture compression which also reduces internet traffic.

  1. Phoenix Browser 

This is another great browser which is powered by the features of Mozilla Firefox, a reputed browser used in windows and Android phone. This is a very reliable search engine which provides smart and super-fast internet browsing to the users. By using this instinctive browser, you can get quick access to all your favourite websites by just a single tap.

Out of the many best aspects of Phoenix Browser, one is that it can always keep you updated with the latest information. It is not just a namesake smart browser, but it actually makes your searching experience smarter by bringing the related topics to you for searching. It offers a subject-based searching experience that lets you search for specific things such as trending videos, games, games, etc. It also incorporates a GPS mechanism which is very convenient to use.

  1. Armorfly Browser 

Armorfly browser is another outstanding browser that facilitates multiple functions. The major focus of this app is the privacy and security of the users. It is over packed with features that revolve around smooth browsing and downloading. These two functions accelerate the working of this web browser. You can enjoy good speed while browsing and downloading any content.

One major advantage of this web browser is the way it ensures to safeguard the privacy and security of the data of its users. It offers complete protection to the users, which include browsing and downloading. Other important advantages of this browser are that it completely eradicates the risks related to browsing and downloading content. Important features of this application include secure browsing, ad blocking, protection against malcontent, etc.

7.     MX5 Browser 

This browser is a combination of 3 top-rated web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome. It is a multi-tasking web browser that can be availed to be used on nearly all the eminent smartphone operating systems and enables the users to gather and read the content of any chosen website.

By using this browser, you can get access to a lot of facilities which include uninterrupted browsing and downloads, surfing different websites, streaming videos, online shopping, and banking too. With this wen browser, the users can perform a lot of unique actions that are not allowed on every other app. You can even read, edit, or make changes and assemble all your contents and information even when you are not in an internet-connected area. The way it integrates with the password managing apps in your phone is really outstanding and that is what makes it stand apart from the conventional mobile browsers.

  1. Web Browser & Explorer 

This is another mobile browser that is designed in the way of Internet Explorer and it can be used on both smartphones and tablets. This a very simple to use browsing application which is going to offer you access to a premium standard of the web browsing experience. It is exclusively designed created for Android devices and provides a speed which is higher than the normal speed of browsing offered by other web browsers.

The tabular pattern of browsing offered by this web browser improves the browsing experience of users and allows searching multiple websites at a time. It also allows you the feature of bookmarking your favourite website and pages. You can download this web browser & explorer for an exciting experience of browsing and downloading.

  1. Via Browser 

This is another excellent mobile web browser that features a high speed downloading and adblocking mechanism for getting quick search results and downloading content. The downloader of this web browser also functions as a file manager for organizing the downloaded contents in your device. If you download this application, you won’t need to download any other file manager app on your phone. This is a highly customizable web browser that allows both the smartphone aa well as tablet users to create the layout of their home screen. Other workable specifications of this application include power saving mode, data saving mode, easy navigation, and a lot more.

  1. Insta Browser 

This search engine has been chosen for the review by Google Editor as one amongst the safest mobile browsers. It includes a lot of simple and lightweight features to work with. Initially, after installing this application, you won’t be able to view a lot of functions, but once you start using it you will get accustomed to the features of this application. It is also advantageous for your device because it doesn’t occupy too much space of your device.

Another remarkable feature of this mobile browser is the speed. Whenever you are in an area that has poor internet connectivity, the speed booster of this application lets you launch the web page you are looking for.

Henceforth, in this article, we discuss the 10 best DU Browser alternatives which can be used as a replacement of the former app. Each one of the apps mentioned in this post is very reliable to be used and offers a better user interface too. For more information regarding these apps, you can browse them on any search engine. Instead of using the DU browser app, you can use the Indian alternatives of the app because it is important for all of us to abide by the decision taken by the government.


Why is the DU Browser banned in India?

It was found out that the DU browser collects and leaks data of the users. The app collects the data and transmits it to people from other countries. Keeping in mind the privacy and security of the users of this app from India, the app has been banned in India.

Are all of the above-mentioned web browsers safe to use? 

All of the above-mentioned web browsers are completely safe to use and they pose no threat to the data of their users.

Are these web browsers free to use? 

Yes, all the web browsers mentioned above are free to use. However, they may charge a nominal amount for some premium features.

Are these web browsers available on the Google Play store?

Yes, JioBrowser is available on the Google Play store. You can download it for free from there and use it to get a better user experience.

All the web browsers discussed here in this post can be downloaded from the Google Play store on Android devices and from the App Store for IOS devices.

Can the DU browser be used even after the ban? 

The DU browser has been banned in India because it was suspected to pose severe threats to the privacy and security of the Indian people. Hence, it is recommended to discontinue the usage of this app.

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