Your favorite SelfieCity Is banned: Here Are Some Other Apps like SelfieCity

Were you addicted to the selfieCity app for taking flawless selfies? Are you feeling disappointed as your favorite selfieCity is banned? Do not worry buddy! Today I am here with the best alternatives to SelfieCity. Selfie City is a very sound app for taking selfies but this app has also crushed over the disputes between countries and is now banned in India.

In a busy hectic life, people do not have time to wear makeup all the time, instead, these beauty editing apps apply makeup on your face while clicking a picture. Amazing it sounds! That’s such apps are heavily used, especially by the age group of 15-35 years. There are many alternatives to selfie city and Indian alternatives are also available. Scroll down to Know more.

Selfie City App

Selfie city is a different way of exploring things and clicking beautiful pictures. It has some special effects that you can add while taking a selfie and send it to your loved ones. Apply various photo filters and get the pictures as you want. The pictures here will look like Pablo Picasso himself painted them for you, the effects are so real!

Mesmerizing themes to create a background is just wondrous.

Criteria for Best face Editing Apps

What do you think face editing apps make it different from others? What could be the features you should look before downloading the app?

Easy to use: It is very important for an app to have a user-friendly GUI. The messed up things are never appreciated!

Up-to-date filters and effects: The apps we were using 2-3 years ago have very restricted features but these days apps have some amazing features that will blow your mind. For example, Old to young and young to old, Hairstyle change, and much more.

Alternatives to Selfie City

Moving down to the list of alternatives now. These similar apps are only better in one or other ways as compared to selfie city.

1) Snapseed

Snapseed is a professional photo editing tool developed by Google. It has over 29 tools and filters that give a serene beauty to your pictures. Snapseed can Save your personal looks and apply them to new photos later, this is time-saving. All styles can be tweaked with fine, and precise control.

Its various features are it can tune images in a realistic way.

Adjust exposure and color automatically or manually with fine, accurate control.

Crop images, rotate them, fix skewed lines, and perfect the geometry of horizons or buildings, Adjust colors, add vignette, text, and curves to your pictures. The other tools are lens blur, Glamour glow, Tonsil contrast, HDR Scape, Drama, Grunge, Grainy Film, Vintage, and many more.

Give it a try if you want a professional photo editor.

2) FaceTune 2

Do you want to have your own studio where you can take a lot of pictures? Download Faceune 2!

Facetue2 works great to edit your pictures and selfies. You can Get that Insta-worthy picture every time with professional photo editing tools, features, and filters. Choose a filter from dozens ad retouch your selfie to make it mesmerizingly beautiful. Get a fashionable look with glamorous filters.

Its image correction features are very precise that Remove zits, pimples, and blemishes from your selfies within seconds. Smooth out, whiten and brighten your skin to give it a flawless look.

3) Microsoft Selfie

Microsoft selfie is a photo editing apps exclusively designed for iOS devices. Using computer vision technology, Microsoft Selfie effectively considers age, gender, skin tone, lighting, and many other variables all with one click. Users can transform average photos into enhanced, ideal portraits in seconds.

4) Snapchat

Snapchat opens a camera for you directly. It is a great app with some mind-blowing features. As the camera gets open you would see some astonishing filters that make your selfies cute and attractive. The filters are updated regularly and more filters are added time-to-time. So, open Snapchat, choose a filter ad click.

Right after clicking you can save the picture on Snapchat’s free cloud storage, send it or you can post it as your story.

Snapchat is not only an app, but it is also a social media platfrom kind of. You can add friends here and chat with them.

5) Indian Selfie Camera

The Indian Selfie camera is an Indian app to make your selfie & photo more artistic & beautiful with filters, effects & beauty. Give artistic effect to your pictures with the Indian Selie camera app.

It has some artistic live filters, amazing sketch vignette ad retro. Its beauty editor has various tools that give a flawless look toy your selfie. Capture selfies in Real-time with Live Selfie camera.

6) FaceApp

FaceApp is an incredible app that transforms your pics into a beautiful magazine cover in just seconds. It is an AI face editor, developed with Artificial intelligence technology using machine learning and deep learning. FaceApp gives you Hollywood-ready selfies with the Impression filters. It changes your hair color and style up to an extent that would change your look completely. Not in a mood to wear makeup? Dont worry FaceApp Apply perfect evening or day makeup.

Pick one from Different beard or mustache styles. Forget to smile while clicking the picture? Add a smile using unbelievable FaceApp. Replace background and ass color filters, less, blur, and other tools to make your pictures perfect.

Along with all these features, you can use some more tools such as aging tool(cover old to young and vice-versa)

Change gender, morph photos, and have fun!

7) ReTouch Me

Last but not least is Retouch me! Disappointed of your body fat? Want to look slim in pictures? I have an option for you right here, Retouch me.

This app is very very known for slimming body and face. Ut his is not the only feature. It has some other incredible features that will blow your mind.

Makeup Editor to change your eye color, red-eye corrector, smooth skin tone, apply eyelash, and lipstick.

Get a flawless face by removing all zits and blemishes very precisely that no one could even identify that you have dited the image. Nose shape correction, hair change, Enlarge eyes, remove braces, remove stains from your face, and much more to do here.

It is one of the great alternatives to Selfie city.

Final Words

So, friends, this is all about Selfie City app alternatives. How do you like it?

Pick one and start taking beautiful pictures to build a memory roll. I hope you would like the article. Share your feedback. Mention in comments which app you pick and why?

Thank you!

Enjoy snapping!

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