List of best apps like Virus Cleaner To Use In 2021

Virus Cleaner is one of the apps from 59 apps that have been by the Indian Government. Antivirus apps for Android are very necessary apps, to clean the phone from viruses and clean the memory space. Advanced operating systems do a great job of protecting the systems against malware and viruses. But the world of malicious software is a rapidly evolving one, and now random acts of destruction that were once the goal of viruses have been replaced with identity theft, phishing, ransomware, and intercepting internet traffic. Thus there arise the need for antivirus for phones!

Virus cleaner

Virus cleaner was a good Chinese app but this app imposes some security threats. Allegations have yielded on the app, that it steals user data without their knowledge. Such as asks for some different kinds of permissions and thus steal the data.

Apart from this, Virus cleaner is a great app with amazing cleaning features.

 It’s free of cost and a robust antivirus engine. It is an all-in-one box with an effective security master, phone junk cleaner, WIFI security, super speed booster, battery saver, CPU cooler, and notification cleaner.

Virus Cleaner Features

1) Antivirus Free

  • This is a powerful antivirus engine inside with a deep scan of apps.

2) Virus Cleaner

  • finds security risks such as viruses, trojan, and then remove them.

3) Phone Security

  • A superphone security master protects data privacy through anti-virus & virus cleaner.

4) Phone Cleaner

  • Removes unnecessary items from the phone.

5) Speed Booster

  • It speeds up mobile phones to make it faster.

6) The phone Booster

  • Makes the phone faster.

7) RAM Cleaner

  • Cleans the memory consumption apps.

8) Battery Saver

  • It saves power and power clean, extends the battery life effectively.

9) The phone Cooler

  • Kills overheating apps to keep CPU temperature down.

10) WIFI Security

  • It protects WIFI from privacy leak.

11) Notification Cleaner

  • Mute Noisy notification upon settings.

12) Game Booster

  • Boost phone for playing games.

13) Clean Big Files

  • Use phone cleaner features to clean big files.

Best apps like Virus Cleaner

RIP Virus cleaner! Below is the complete list of best apps like Virus cleaner. I hope you would find an app for you as well.

1) Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Total Security is one of the best antiviruses for various devices. It comes for free as well as a paid version with some premium features. The paid version comes with five-device licensed, this means you can use a single buy on 5 different devices without paying any extra money. The five devices include Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad, and Android devices.

Its Mind-blowing features include:

  • It Blocks viruses, crypto lockers, and other threats from infecting your system/device.
  • It Protects online payments.
  • It Secures passwords and images of personal documents.
  • It has a built-in VPN and thus It encrypts data you share online with a limit of 200MB/day/device.
  • It Stops webcam spies watching you in your home.
  • It shows Advanced parental controls.

2) Bitdefender Total Security 2021

Bitdefender is the same as Kaspersky. It protects five different devices ranging from PCs and Macs to iOS and Android devices. Thus it also shows great value for money.

Its features are:

  • Bitdefender provides Unbeatable threat detection to stop sophisticated malware.
  • It has Multi-layer ransomware security to keep your files safe.
  • Inbuilt secure VPN for total online privacy. The limit is the same as Kaspersky 200MB/day/device.
  • It has Advanced parental controls to keep your kids safe online.
  • It shows Minimal impact on your system performance.

3) Norton 360 Deluxe

One more competitor in Queue! Norton 360 Deluxe!

It is one of the most used antiviruses. One Norton subscription works for 5 different devices including Android, MAC, and PC. Its features are:

  • It’s Multi-layered, advanced security helps to protect against existing and emerging malware threats to your devices.
  • It also has an in-built VPN and hence You can browse anonymously and securely with a no-log VPN.
  • It helps in Dark Web monitoring. It means that will notify users of personal information is discovered.
  • It has a good Password manager
  • Advance Parental controls are just amazing.
  • It provides SafeCam webcam security.
  • 50GB of cloud storage for users

4) Microsoft Windows Defender

This is one of the best options for those who do not want to install any other software on their device. Microsoft Windows Defender is a built-in option come along with windows and thus you get it for free. Mandatory is your windows should be original.

Microsoft Windows defender features lack a bit but you get all basic protection you need for your system. At a glance, its features include:

  • It gives Realtime protection, as well as the ability to scan files and folders.
  • Its Updates delivered via the cloud.
  • It provides Ransomware protection and advanced parental controls.

5) Avira Mobile Security for iOS

Avira Antivirus provides security for android as well as iOS devices. Its amazing features include:

  • Gives you a Secure connection while browsing the internet.
  • It Blocks phishing, malware, spam, and fraud so you can browse freely and safely.
  • Check email accounts at regular intervals like per day/week/month for security breaches.
  • It helps in finding and tracking your iPhone or iPad if it’s lost or stolen, and lock apps to prevent unauthorized access, and remotely wipe your device.
  • Create a block list with Avira and get rid of unwanted calls /spam calls.
  • It provides easy backup and restore contacts straight from your phone and send them to your email, Dropbox, or Google Drive.
  • Discover all devices connected to your Wi-Fi.
  • It provides an app lock as well for Android.

These features are for Android and iOS devices separately and commonly.

Final Words

Well, friends, I hope you would like these 5 best alternatives to Virus cleaner.

Virus Cleaner was stealing data by itself so I do not think it was providing much security to the devices.

Share your valuable feedback and mention in comments your views.

Thank you!

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