Clash of Kings is Not Working in India: Here Are Some Similar Games

Recently, due to some disputes between the Chinese government and the Indian government, 59 Chinese apps have been banned from India. This has not only affected the Indian users of the apps, but also laid its negative hand on the app’ companies’ income as well. India with its large population is after all, responsible for a great section of the consumers of any product. Losing a whole lot of its users drastically proved to be quite a big deal for the Chinese companies too.

After and as Globalisation took place worldwide, the distinction amongst the origin of products got blurred out. Products from all over the world id available to us so easily that their origins had somewhat stopped mattering. Hence, these Chinese apps that were recently banned had become quite integral parts of the lives of many. The people belonging to this section of the population was in a doubt as to what to do next and how to get their work done. The Indian government soon brought out several alternatives for all the 59 apps that were banned. Few of the alternatives included apps made in India as well.

As far as the gamers are concerned, they would be feeling the void of clash of Kings severely. This was another one of those 5o banned Chinese apps. However, there is no need to fret. Your daily dose of gaming must not be compromised over the absence of a mere app. Here are some of the alternatives that you try out in place of the Clash of Kings. Scroll along and take a look at some of the top picked gaming apps for android as well as iOS platforms.

What is Clash of Kings?

The Chinese market was filled with the money of many, many Indians. The banning of certain apps, especially of gaming apps such as Clash of Kings. This was one popular multiplayer game, with an ever so fast increasing market. The concept and storyline that the game uses are clichéd but the details of the stories, the way it was weaved, made it so very popular amongst the crowd.

Clash of Kings is a massively online multiplayer game. The game is of Chinese origin and had been a game quite in demand. Its backstory begins from just after a Game of Thrones. The Night’s Watch assigns a reconnaissance force about North of the Wall and all of the seven kingdoms are occupied by civil war. The strategies you use in the game must be well thought and practice. The graphics of the game too were not questionable in any way. It is just how things turn up after all.

Why was the Clash of Kings banned?

In some recent disputes between the Indian and the Chinese governments, 59 apps with Chinese origins were banned by the Indian government. This list of 59 apps included tremendously popular apps such as Xender, TikTok, UC browser, and so on. This initially came as a shock and a surprise for many individuals, especially the ones with a direct relationship with any of the apps. These apps were accused of using the personal information of their users and using them after transmitting the information to a base outside India. To maintain the safety of its people the apps were banned.

The government however has provided multiple alternatives for each app that was banned. We are going to take a look at the amazing list prepared below!

10 alternatives that you could use in place of Clash of Kings:

If you were a fan of Clash of Kings, then there is no way to console you so. But there might be something that we could offer. Take a look at these amazing games like clash of kings 2021 that would serve perfectly as alternatives for Clash of Kings.

  • Empire and allies

A great alternative for Clash of Kings this game. This is a single-player as well as a multiplayer game. It is considered to be a simulation game too. The game was introduced by Zynga to gamers worldwide. The agenda of the player playing the game is to collect enough number of medals by completing tasks and defeating as many enemies as possible. At the beginning of the game, the player has little or no resources even. Throughout the game, the user must save up enough resources and build his or her kingdom and raise an army with it. This is one of the best kingdom building games.

  • Clash Royale 

This is quite a famous name in the gaming world. It is a multiplayer, battle arena game that deals with protecting one’s towers that you make as the game progresses. The game has a lot to offer, including real-time combat gameplay and practical thinking strategies. Published and developed by Supercell this game has a total of 13 levels and nine arenas. You can win the game only if you destroy and loot more towers than your enemies. The gameplay is amazing and addictive. A man who has starter playing clash Royale and then just let go of all his levels and earned point just like that is unheard of.

  • Battle glory

Developed and published by MG studios LLG, this is a best-suited game if you an action addict. This provides you with great opportunities to complete tasks and gain and save up on cards and newer resources. It is based on practical combat and strategy making skills. The more towers you capture and the more resources you take better off you are in this game. It has amazing gameplay to offer and a range of characters to choose from. As the game progresses, you must learn to strategize your gameplay, build and secure your bases from your enemies, and so on.

  • Star Wars: Commander

If you are a Star Wars fanatic then this is just the game for you. The endeavours of science combined with such adventurous spirits are something uncommon even today. Spock was the role model of many and if he was of yours too then do read along! The scenes mainly take place between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. You must go on missions, build your troops, your vases and then protect them. The game has a range of characters from the Star Wars for you to choose which character you want to play in the game as.

  • Clash of Clans

Now, this is a name we have all heard. This could be one of the best alternatives for Cash Of kings. The game started great and had an ever-increasing audience across the globe. However, due to the recklessness of the publishing company, the interface of the game started to weaken and it could no longer keep standing tall to its other competitors who approached the market. This too is a tower game. It is a single-player as well multiplayer and of course an online game. You must control as many towers as possible and make your base too, and protect it from the advances of the enemy. Games like Clash of Clans for PC are also available and would be a good choice as alternatives for clash of kings.

  • Age of Empires

Published by Xbox games studios and developed by Ensemble Studios, Age of Empires is a gaming series made up of various installations. If you are a history buff then this could be your choice of a game. The game claims to be made and based on real-life historical incidents. This helps to keep a mysterious aura to the game as well as make it more adventurous. It has a total of 8 games in the franchise. The game has an easily understandable interface that makes it a great choice for even rookies to play with. This could easily be classified amongst some of the best empire building games android. 

  • War and Order

The medieval times are indeed a time of adventure and a mystic aura. This era has been a center of attraction for many over the ages. This game focuses and enhances the medieval times, hence striking a cord for extreme adventurous vibes and an adrenaline rush. The graphics of the game is an absolute beauty. It is a fantasy game, with real-time strategy making and combat skills. The game aims to raise a sufficiently big army and fight wars with your opposing army.

  • Friendly Fire

Published and developed by short round games, this game has a different perspective to offer than just plain tower raiding and building and protecting. It goes the extra mile with its imaginative skills and lets the player build his or her nation. As the game begins, the player is supposed to decorate the nation as the user pleases and protects it from impending doom and damages as well. It is fast-paced and adventurous and as in the game you are controlling a commander, your primary task becomes to set up a base, recruit troops and use them to protect your country from enemies as and when required. The gameplay is a perfect blend of simplicity and adventurous.

  • Jungle heat

Published and developed by B.V. this is a sweet little game that does not contain gruesome graphics, but this simplicity of it all is what appeals to the gamers who play it. However, its gameplay is not as sweet as the graphics. The gameplay involves capturing towers of the enemies and deals with some practical strategy making and combat skills. The main attraction of the game is its gameplay that it has to offer, but yet in a wrapper of such simple graphics.

  • Enemy lines

A massively multiplayer game, enemy lines is a great game with real-time strategy making, online, 3D game. This may be the last on the list but is not the least. It is a competition of who can invade more towers and at the same time protect themselves too. The best part about this game is its gameplay and the graphics. The gaming experience is highly enhanced by the graphics quality of the game and of course the gameplay. It is one of the real-time multiplayer games Android.

Games like the rise of kingdoms and games like clash of clans offline are some very good alternatives for the purpose we are seeking here. Nothing can replace another thing completely. However, the apps suggested here as alternatives to the Clash of Kings are great. Some of them may be even better than Clash of Kings. All of them have something unique to offer. So instead of sulking over the ban of the game, is it not only natural to try out these games already?!


Are the alternatives proposed safe?

Yes, the alternatives are quite safe. None of the gaming apps listed above are of Chinese origin. They are hence quite safe to use and do not have any chances of getting banned shortly either.

Why was Clash of kings banned?

Recently the Indian government declared a ban on 59 Chinese apps, including Clash of Kings. These apps were suspected of using and transmitting their users’ information to places that had their origins out of India’s boundaries.

Is Zynga a Chinese company?

No Zynga is not a Chinese company. It is based in California, San Francisco, America. This company had an idea of connecting to the world by the games they built. Today the company is known for hits such as FarmVille, CityVille, and so on.

Which is the best alternative for Clash of Kings?

All of the alternatives mentioned in the above list are great. As the best alternative, however, a class of clans could be a good choice to go with. This is but a very personal preference.

Can clash Royale be played on an iOS platform?

Yes, Clash Royale can be played on android phones as well as on iPhones. The iOS platform has a very strict set of rules regarding which apps can be downloaded and which cannot be. Luckily Clash Royale does not fall under a category of not downloading it on an iPhone.

Is Clash Royale free to download?

Clash Royale is free to download and install on your phones. All you need to do is to visit the Google playstore and download it.

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