10 Best Alternative sites Like Coolrom.com

If you are looking for the best alternatives of Coolrom websites, then you are right place to find. Here’ we will show you the top best sites like Coolrom.com. CoolROMS is one of the popular database sites for emulators and ROMs of classic video game systems such as N64, SNES, Gameboy and more. if you are a gamer then you know how it helps for playing new games on smart devices. so just Download the Roms and Emulators, you can easy to play every game on your Pc or Smartphones.

The Emulators are apps that make easy to play any games on the computer. It’s one of the best platform, such as a classic arcade system. By using roms, this is a digital illustration of the original hardware from data.

Sites Like Coolrom.com

So let’s check out the list of best Alternative sites Like Coolrom.com



Emuparadise is one of the best and largest retro gaming sites on the WEB. If you are a gamer and want to play high console games on your Pc OR smartphone, then it’s the best site to get all new top console GAMES. there are an over 5 million users a month, roms, isos, games, video game tv-shows/music and more! Also you can compare with the Site Like Coolrom.com. it’s one of the best alternatives of Coolrom.com

Project Amulet:


Now another most popular emulator site like Coolrom is  Amulet project. It is an open directory dedicated to the maintenance and archiving of classical digital works. it has a collect clean zipped files that contain only what it should contain. We do not have any of those nasty EXE files that have been diffusion around on ROM sites. This is a best platform that you log in, and you download with one click. So now do not go any other sites, No waiting times and no add-ons required.

The Old Computer:

The Old Computer

Now, look out the best alternative as a Coolrom.com. Yes, The Old Computer is a one of the best gaming software site where you can find the latest gaming emulators and ROMs like NES Roms, SNES ROMs, DS ROMs, N64 ROMs, Gameboy ROMs, GBA ROMs, MAME roms, Sega roms, Commodore and PC roms. It’s a  world’s largest retro gaming site. So if you are looking for the latest MAME, DS, or SNES roms, then you have found the right place.

The ROM Depot:

The ROM Depot is a best alternative site like Coolrom. the is a hassle-free place for gamers to get the titles they want, totally free of charge. Also, it has a no advertisement, captcha, survey, or pre-download wait time.

ROMS emulator:

If you are a gamer or want to play the high console game on your computer? Sites it’s the best site like Coolrom will help you to get all the latest games on their site.

Don’t worry. Romsemulator.com is the best choice that you easy access to all major emulator available online. Also, it has a well define a user interface with Rom’s it according to consoles, so it’s very easy to find the emulator for your Its console. Even there is a collection of Games Roms from this site and download in one click, which is also organised according to a console.



By the way, Emulators is a one of the popular emulator sites like Coolrom. Where you can download free ROMs, ISOs, Games, Emulator for Super Nintendo, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Color, Nintendo 64, Nintendo NES, PlayStation, Game Boy, Play on PC – Mac OS X – Android or directly on Emulators.

Roms mania:

Roms mania

Another best gaming software emulator or roms site is called RomsMania.com. it’s a big alternative as a Coolrom and it is a source with a big collection of popular ROM games and Emulators such Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, Super Nintendo, PlayStation, Sega Genesis and more. Users can download these for free for PCs and mobile devices. So if you are looking for any roms or emulator to download for your smartphone or PC then it’s the best place to visit.



Now, what’s next? So luckily you can first visit out the Lovers. It is a website where any gamers can find and play a huge selection of retro video games for free. The site has a huge collection of emulator for several game consoles and platforms as well, and users can simply search their favorite games and play them online.

Royal Roms:

Royal Roms

Are you gamer? Want to play new games? Then it’s a right place to find. The Royal Roms is a website like Coolrom which contains a wide range of downloadable database of classic games that the on old console models and which were ported for use and playability on PC and other smartphone devices.



If you are looking for the best alternative to Coolrom, then DopeROMS is the best option for you. It is a big source for roms and emulators on the Internet. You can find and download and play classic N64, GBA, SNES, GBC, Genesis, MAME, and PSX games on your PC, Mac or mobile device.


Above given all are the best alternative sites of Coolrom. Hope you like this post and very helpful for you. If you have any suggestion then free to ask on below give comment box.

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