CTF Loader is Virus Or Malware? Let’s Find Out

Microsoft Windows system has many windows command .exe files, which are still unknown by the users and even don’t know the actual purpose or yet why Microsoft has added/updated into their system. CTF loader is one of the Microsoft windows .exe file located in C:\Windows\SysWOW64 and also found in my windows 8.1 Laptop. If you open the “Task Manager” from your windows, you will see the ctfmon.exe (CTF Loader) 32 bit, which you have never noticed, but it was always there.

If you check the properties of the CTF loader file, then you will get the created date on your Windows system. In 2018, I updated Windows 8.1, and the CTF loader.exe file shows one year old. The actual size of the CTF loader is around 12.0kb. If you are using Windows 10, the size may be 10.5KB or different. There has been questioning about CTF Loader that it is a virus or malware.

According to research, CTF is a windows command file that is found in the processes of Task Manager. It is very common these days people are using Windows Laptop/PC while connected with the internet for streaming movies, music, TV shows, and more. Or you are using third-party online tools. These types of activities bring unexpected ads of discounts and offers, along with some bundle package installation. At the back end, hijackers trespass into the system and left some unexpected applications and files like CTF loader exe.

You must identify the location of the CTF loader .exe file. If the file is located in C:\Windows\SysWOW64 or C:\Windows\System32, then it is the windows command safe data. If the CTF loader .exe file is located in any other name folder, then your system is at risk. In this way, the virus must be removed from your windows system.

Related Information:

  • Product name: Microsoft Windows Operating System
  • File Version: 6.3.9600.16384
  • Original title: CTFMOM.EXE


To give you the perfect example, we use windows 10 operating system because most of the users are using this latest version of windows. If you are using the old version and want to find CTF loader original windows file, then you can contact us. We will guide you to find the original windows command file named ctfmon.exe / CTF Loader.

Step #1. Once your window 10 is on, right-click on the taskbar and click on task manager.

Step #2. Search for the CTF loader in Processes, once you found right-click on the file and click the properties. If the file location is C:\Windows\SysWOW64 or C:\Windows\System32, then it is not a Virus/Malware/Trojan.

Step #3. If the file exists in some other folder of any (C/D/E/F…) drive, then it is the virus.


It is very easy to remove any virus that slows your computer system by installing Anti-Virus available online free download. Try to download a free trial version; it will also remove the virus from the system. Our suggestion for Anti-virus is that you go with the Free Norton Anti-Virus or AVG Anti-Virus It will work perfectly.

How To Remove CTF Loader Virus From Internet Browsers

Google Chrome:

Step #1. Open the Chrome web browser and click on the menu button > More tools > Extensions.

Step #2. If any suspected extension is installed, remove it and then clear the cookies, temp files, and history.

Step #3. Before closing the web browser, you also need to remove any default home page which you haven’t added.

Step #4. Click on the default setting, which will reset your web browser setting if any changes made by the virus intact to PC.

Step 5#. At last, restart your PC and then scan the whole computer with Anti-Virus software to check any virus file, folder, tools, extension, app left, will be deducted, and remove through Anti-Virus software.

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or another internet browser, then you can also follow the above process. In every web browser, there is the option and history of an extension, cookies, temp, and file clean option. You can even change the default home page in the setting. Any questions related to your web browser want to ask, and then use the comment box.

Final Words:

It is confirmed that CTF loader.EXE file or the above mention file name in Task Manager is not a virus. We also confirm the location of the file is genuine and command by the Windows program. If you delete the file that is not a virus, then your windows might crash and need to repair the software. If this type of mistake happened by your side, don’t worry, send us details in the comment box, and we will solve the issue. Share this information with family and friends to their safety.

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