How to make payments to the First Premier card “firstpremiercard” ?

Not all of us have the perfect credit score. Some of us do struggle to maintain a healthy credit score. For all such people, First Premier bank is the way to have a good credit score.

Myfirstpremiercard is provided by the First Premier bank to rebuild your credit history. It’s designed especially for people who have a poor credit history. The good thing about First Premier bank is that they give you multiple options to make payments including paying online, by mail, by phone, with cash, by using BillPay and through a wire transfer through your bank account.

If you want to know how to make payments to First Premier Card (firstpremiercard), then you are in the right place. We have explained all the ways in detail below.

  • Payments Online

The very first method to use is paying online. In this case, you can make payments through your checking account. You need to visit the site and log into your account using your username and password. You also need to provide your bank’s ABA number along with your checking account number. The good thing about First Premier Bank is that they don’t charge any fee to make payment online.

Payments that are made before 5 p.m. CT on Monday through Friday will be posted after midnight on the day you make the payment. The payments that are made after 5 p.m. CT on Sunday through Thursday will be posted after midnight on the following day. If you make any payments between 5 p.m. CT on Friday through 5 p.m. CT on Sunday, it will be posted after midnight on Sunday.

  • Payments by Mail

The next method you can use is payment by mail. To use this method, you need to send your money order through USPS mail to First Premier Bank, PO Box 5529, Sioux Falls, SD,57117-5529. This may take up to 6 to 7 days to get delivered. So you need to be patient enough to use this method.

  • Payments by Phone

First Premier Bank also allows you to make your payment by phone. In this case, all you have to do is give a call to the bank at 1-800-987-5521 to make a payment through your debit card or your checking account.

If you are using your debit card, then you should have your debit card number and credit card number ready before calling. You need to follow the prompts and provide in the correct details to make your payment.

  • Payments with Cash

The First Premier Bank allows you to make cash payments at over 100,000 different locations. This includes Walmart and other popular places for same-day posting times. All you have to do is give a call at 1-888-818-7127 or visit the site and provide your zip code to find the payment location nearby you.

  • Payments by Wire Transfer

You can get your credit card payment wired to your First Premier Bank’s routing number (091408598). However, you will be charged $5 for processing by the First Premier Bank. You may also have to pay a small fee to your bank for this service. Wire payments will be posted to your account on the same date as soon as you receive them.

  • Payments with BillPay

The last method is the payment with BillPay. If your bank provides the BillPay service, then you can send your payment to First Premier Bank at PO Box 5529, Sioux Falls, SD, 57117-5529. All you have to do is just enter your 16-digit credit card number in the given account number field. BillPay payments are known to post payments within three working days.

There are multiple ways to make payment to your firstpremiercard. You can opt for any of the methods that you feel is right for you.

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