Fishing Nets Getting Recycled Into New Samsung Galaxy Devices

Fishing nets represent some of the worst marine pollutions due to their quantity (~0.5 to 1M tons/year depending on what studies you read) and the potential harm to animals. Well, it looks like Samsung has found a way to recycle that ocean-bound plastic waste into brand new Galaxy products, some of which will be unveiled in a few days at the Samsung Feb 9 Unpacked event.

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Samsung started using recycled material a while back but added new ways of reducing its environmental footprint regularly. The most recent vision is its Galaxy for the planet initiative. By 2025, it aims to: Use recycled material in all products, Remove all plastics in “mobile packaging,” Bring standby power below 0.005W, and Reach “zero waste to landfill.”

Samsung says that “This new technological advancement” makes it possible to bring new life into these fishing nets but didn’t add any more details. Any plastic removed from the ocean is good, so we all hope this works well and ramps up even more. Maybe more companies will start doing this as well. It could dent the pollution in the oceans if enough companies got on board with projects like this.

Source: Wit image Credit Ubergizmo

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