How To Complete Survey And Get Rewards: Guestobsessed is a survey program organised by Checkers and Rally’s. With the help of this survey program, they collect valuable customer feedback and reviews on their services.

Checkers and Rally’s is a popular restaurant chain in the US. They are not a new establishment, rather they are known to people for 34 years now. They have multiple outlets in different locations in the US.

They are not just into their restaurant business but they are also very particular about the quality of service they offer. To obtain feedback from the customers, they have come up with this survey program called the Guestobssessed.

If you want to take part in the survey and looking for details, then you are in the right place. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about Guestobssessed survey.

Rules and Requirements

Before you can get started with the survey, you need to meet certain requirements. If you are willing to follow the rules and meet all the requirements, then you can be eligible to take the survey. For your convenience, you have listed the rules and requirements below.


  1. You need to be 18 years or above to take part in the survey.
  2. You have to be a resident of the United States.
  3. One receipt for one person only.
  4. You will have to redeem your validation code within 30 days.


  1. You need to have a device e.g. desktop, laptop or smartphone.
  2. You need to have good internet speed.
  3. Your last receipt from the restaurant.

Steps To Take The Survey

If you can follow the rules and meet all the requirements, then you can take the survey. For those who don’t know the steps can check the pointers given below.

  1. The first you need to do to start the survey is to visit the official website of Guestobssessed, i.e
  2. Make sure that you have your last restaurant receipt with you. The receipt contains a 4 digit unique code.
  3. You need to enter the code and other details like the date of your visit to the store. Once done, click on the Start button.
  4. You will be redirected to a new page where you can start your survey.
  5. You will have to answer dozens of questions to complete the survey. While answering the survey, you need to be brutally honest. This is very important for the restaurant.
  6. Once you are done answering all the questions, click on the Submit button to complete the survey.
  7. After the submission of the survey, you will be sent a validation code. You need to keep this code safe as you will need at the time of redeeming it. You have to redeem the code within 30 days of issuance.

Rewards For Free

Checkers and Rally’s surely knows how to get the customers to complete the survey. They give you free rewards for completing the survey successfully.

They have two prizes on the list. The best thing is that there is no winner or loser. The rewards will be given to everyone who takes part in the survey and completes it successfully.

You will be given a validation code after the successful submission of your survey. By redeeming this code, you will get your reward. You can redeem this code in any of the Checkers and Rally’s branches in the US.

The two prizes include free sandwiches or discounts on your next purchase. You can select from any of the two options that seem right to you. These rewards are attractive and thus, it gets more people to take the survey.

Why Checkers and Rally’s have organised the Guestobssessed survey program?

As one of the leading restaurant’s chain in the US, Checkers and Rally’s have to make sure that their services and quality of food is up to the mark. To know whether the customers are satisfied or not, they have organised a survey program.

By taking this survey program you can give your honest feedback and review to the brand. They will ask you all types of questions that you need to answer. If you don’t like something about their service, you can be upfront about it.

The company welcomes all types of reviews, suggestions, feedback, and opinions. They collect valuable feedback from the customers to improve themselves. Your feedbacks are extremely important to them.

Checkers and Rally’s always aimed to keep their customers satisfied. You can let them know what you feel about their service with the help of this survey.

Customers take the Guestobssessed survey program to win free rewards. You can win it too if you give your honest feedback to Checkers and Rally’s. This is beneficial to both the company and the customers.

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