Top 4 Sites Like HDMoviesPlus to Watch Movies Online

The growth and popularity of online streaming platforms have increased in the past couple of years. Since such platforms allow us to watch movies and series online whenever we want, people have become fond of online streaming. Netflix, HBOMax, Amazon Prime Video, and there are lots of streaming apps that lead in this field. However, all these are premium services; you need to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription. That’s why many users use free movie websites like HDMoviesPlus.

What Is HDMoviesPlus?

There are many free sites to watch movies online, but HDMoviesPlus is among the most popular and loved websites. It offered good content on series and movies. This one had the most extensive databases that for years served as entertainment for many people. The content that HDMoviesPlus offered was mostly in Hindi and English language, so it became quite famous in Latin America. Unfortunately, the HDMoviesPlus portal was presenting many technical errors that were not solved quickly, causing users who continuously visited the portal to be discouraged until they were looking for other alternatives.

The situation presented by the HDMoviesPlus platform was getting worse and worse, and its owners did not declare anything; they simply began to forget the portal until one day it disappeared. Currently, if you search for HDMoviesPlus on Google, you will not find anything. There are multiple clones and copies of the original sites, but not all of them are trustworthy. For this reason, we will show you the alternatives to HDMoviesPlus that you can visit if you are a lover of movies and series.

1.     123Movies

123Movies is an excellent alternative to HDMoviesPlus since it has a wide variety of movies and series, both old and new, that are even on the billboard. In 123Movies, we find a lot of movies and series. This incredible portal has a wide variety of genres, including action, comedy, horror, drama, mystery, animated, documentary, adventure, Sci-Fi, fantasy, and many more.

Everything is free here, just like HDMoviesPlus. However, it is worth mentioning that we find numerous advertisements almost always on this type of site, since this way they are managed to maintain and offer the best possible content.

123Movies Features

The design of the site is simple, and the interface may look old to some people. However, the navigation system is smooth, and you can find everything instantly. The movies and series are organized separately. Plus, users can find them in specialized categories and genres. You will not be dissatisfied with the content and functionality of 123Movies.

When we enter 123Movies, the first thing we are greeted with is the movie releases. There we find a large amount of content that, as its name indicates, are the latest films that have been released on premium streaming platforms and theaters.

2.     PubFilm

Continuing with the list of HDMoviesPlus alternatives, PubFilm cannot be missed here. This amazing free streaming website has a massive collection of movies and series in multiple languages. This site was launched a few years ago, and gradually it became more popular due to its excellent content and constant updates, making PubFilm one of the 20 most visited sites to watch free movies. Millions of users visit this page monthly. PubFilm has numerous genres for both movies and series; among these genres, you can find action, horror, suspense, drama, mystery, romance, Sci-Fi, anime, and many more.

PubFilm Features

Upon entering the PubFilm site, we noticed that its design is quite good and striking, similar to HDMoviesPlus. It offers us an attractive user interface. In its main section, we find a dynamic slider with the most recent or most outstanding films. Also, in its main section, we find the latest episodes, movies, added, ranking and the most viewed movies, making it easier for us to find what we are looking for.

You can see that PubFilm has a navigation bar where you can access different sections that this great site offers us; for instance, the first option allows us to access the home section.  The second we find the genres, and the third option allows us to access different sections since when we pass the mouse, it throws us a menu to access the premieres, ranking, more views, and movies. The search engine makes everything simple to access any movie or TV show title instantly.

3.     MovieNinja

All the above-mentioned sites are amazing, and your will satisfy your quest to watch movies and series online, but you should not miss MovieNinja. It is a great site to watch movies and series online for free with just one click. This site is an excellent alternative to HDMoviesPlus since it offers the same content at an excellent quality, in different languages and in addition to subtitles.

MovieNinja offers us an infinity of genres; among them are science fiction, drama, documentary, horror, adventure, romance, and many more. Regarding the content that it offers, we find both the latest titles, including movie premieres and somewhat old films, which makes this site great for any type of age and taste.

MovieNinja Features

The main attraction of this site is the design, which is as amazing as premium online streaming websites. It makes browsing within it pleasant. When accessing this site, it throws us a box where it asks us what type of content we want to see, be it movies or series. Its main section shows us at the top some movies that have recently been added to the site. In addition, we find a bar with the option to change from movies to series and a small search engine.

On the left side, there is a bar with all the sections that this HDMoviesPlus alternative site has, such as home, new releases, more views, and trends. In this same bar, we also find the genres and years of release to make it easier to search for movies or series.

4.     SolarMovies

We are ending the list with SolarMovies. There is no doubt that this site has an abundant collection of movies and series to offer. When you visit, it will become your favorite alternative to HDMoviesPlus because the quality of the site is quite high, and the best thing is that it is totally free. SolarMovies is one of the best platforms that offer movies and series on the internet. Its high-quality content, such as HD and 4k, has made the site rank among the best. This incredible web platform offers a great variety of content in English as well as other languages and with subtitles. The movies and TV shows are categorized in genres such as comedy, mystery, drama, thriller, science fiction, documentaries, and many more.

SolarMovies Features

The site is simple and straightforward to use. The design is not similar to other HDMoviesPlus alternatives mentioned here; you will face no problems while browsing it. You can see that when you access the site link, it does not take you to its main section, which we find the most recent, updated movies and even movies running the theaters. If you are a Netflix lover, SolarMovies offers a lot of content from Netflix and other popular online streaming apps. Thus, we can refer to it as one of the best free alternatives to SolarMovies.

At the top of the site, you can see the categories that SolarMovies has and find sections such as 4k movies or series. You can also search for our favorite movie titles in your navigation bar, which is very functional, although it is a little small and not very visible. On the right side, we find the featured movies, which are those that are most sought after by users who visit the site, and some others are recommendations or movies that may interest you.

Thus, these are the best similar sites like HDMoviesPlus. You can extend this list by mentioning some other free movie streaming websites in the comment box.

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