How Download anime from Horriblesubs

D you lone watching animes? Are you searching for an anime downloader? If yes, you are lucky to land here! Today I am going to discuss a very popular anime downloader website, HorribleSubs.

People love animated media! Animes looks like fairytale and Irrespective of the age, Anime is loved by all. Undoubtedly, kids love animes more as big people as other stuff to watch as well. So if you are reading this article to download animes for yourself or for your kids, then you are absolutely at the right place.

What is HorribleSubs?

Horriblesubs is a website to download your favorite animes. To download animes you have to download horrible subs downloader. Horriblesubs has amazing features:

  • It Quickly downloads anime torrents from HorribleSubs in your terminal.
  • It easily downloads the whole season in a single command.
  • It uses an alias for anime that has a long name.
  • Horriblesubs do not seed old Torrents.
  • Only release in .mkv format. Any other format available is unofficial and shit.

Is HorribleSubs legal?

It has said that HorribleSubs is not legal, it has been ripping off other platforms’ data and providing it to their users.

How to download animes from HorribleSubs?

Below is the guide to install Anies from Horrible Subs.



  1. You will need Python 3.x.x, So download it.
  2. Google Chrome as a browser.

Downloading Procedure:

  1. Download chrome driver.
  2. Then extract ZIP File
  3. Type in your terminal: hsd –config driver_path <PATH TO CHROMEDRIVER>
  4. Set your download path: hsd –config download_path <PATH>
  5. Now Download Anime and enjoy watching!


    hsd <name> <episode> [–res <res>] [–to <path>]

    hsd <name> <start> <end> [–res <res>] [–to <path>]

    hsd <name> –batch [–res <res>] [–to <path>]

    hsd –alias [<alias>] [<real>]

    hsd –config [<key>] [<value>]


-h help Show this screen
-b batch Download multiple torrents
-r res<res> Set Resolution
-t to<path> Download file to the path
-a alias Display or set alias
-c config Display or set config


# Download episode 5 of Listeners

hsd “One Punch Man” 5


  1. The very first step is to open up your qBittorrent.
  2. Then, Go to Horriblesubs website.
  3. On the upper right of the corner, go-to the RSS feed button.
  4. When you hover on RSS, You will be able to see resolutions, 720p feed, 1080p feed, etc.
  5. Now, copy the URL at the top.
  6. Click the RSS tab on qBittorrent.
  7. Click the New subscription button.
  8. Paste RSS feed URL and press OK.
  9. Click the RSS downloader button.
  10. Click + button.
  11. Enter the name of the file to save and press OK.
  12. Give the path to save the anime.
  13. If all these steps are done correctly, then RSS will pick up the anime and start downloading it.
  14. Once your anime is downloaded, watch it on Crunchyroll.

Alternatives to horribleSubs

Hey friends, after sharing all about Horrible subs now its time to look after its alternatives for better.

1) Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is one of the most popular Torrent websites and is one of the best alternatives to Horriblesubs. It is a huge warehouse of all types of data movies, shows, animes, books, etc. The website shows thousands of popular animes and games. The website has many mirrors available and will not let you down anytime when you have been searching for animes.

2) ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent is a good replacement for Horriblesubs but is not a complete anime site. Like Pirate Bay, it is a complete package of all types of entertainment. ExtraTorrent is loved by users for its hassle-free searches and downloads. The platform is designed in such a way that it binds users with it. Extra Torrent has a good collection of animes and is expanding every day.

3) Anime sharing

If you are searching for a total anime platform then your search ends here! Anime sharing is the most famous anime platform from where you can easily download anime. Explore torrents and get animes easily. Its interface is manageable and intuitive.

4) Anime Tosho

Anime Tosho is the most prominent anime Torrent website. It has thousands of animes o download and is really great alternative to Horriblesubs. Its the user interface is not very appealing and thus may not attract you.

5) Shana Project

Shana project is not a very old anime Torrenting website and it gives you a similar experience as Horrible subs. Shana Project gives a lot of popular anime shows available in multiple languages along with subtitles. There is a comprehensive search option available which makes finding torrents very easy. The site can automate your torrent downloads so that your client can automatically download torrents of your choice.s

Final Words

So friends, if you love to watch anime then watch without any worries to download on Horrible subs and its great alternatives. So how do you like the article?

Share your feedback. Thank you!

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