Best Alternatives To IxQuick That Do Not Tracks Your Search Records

Ixquick is one of the best Search Engines that is good as Google but provides the best feature that Google does not provide to its users. Ixquick respects the privacy of every customer by creating no profile and record for those users who search through ixquick search engine service. You can compare this search engine with the Google search engine that you will find that Google has generated your profiles along with the record of your search history.

These profiles build by Google can give easy access to the third party to find our Information on your privacy while your system is connected with the internet. While the users of the ixquick search engine, the third party gets no information from their system because this search engine respects the privacy of its users. Even any hackers try to get through a web browser with strong hacking tools, and then he/she will get an empty room of profile.

Never rely on a third party website that describes the search engine like ixquick because you will get many no proper search engines. But sometimes it generates a profile, and the third party gets all your information. So if you are looking for an ixquick alternative for any reason then try DuckDuckGo, Startpage, Blekko, and others listed in this article may satisfy you with the privacy.

Alternative Search Engine Like ixquick That Respect Privacy

1#. Search Encrypt:

Search Encrypt provides a secure search that does not build any history or search records. The function works as it encodes entire history and searches record in such a way that authorizes party has access to any profile. It is called the secure sockets layer encryption, which is combined with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) encryption. In this way, there is no chance that any third party can enter into your system and hacked any personal data. Search Encrypt is a website like an ixquick search engine where the priority of privacy comes in the first place. There are many other useful features that you get from search encrypt search engines such as maps search, news, and privacy-friendly videos.

2#. DuckDuckGO:

In a privacy page search engine list, DuckDuckGo is a most popular tool that is responding to privacy surrounding. There is no need for any cookies to identify you by DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo does not try to create an anonymous identifier to bind together searches. This search engine gets rid of user IP addresses and agents as on longer desirable. DuckDuckGO is a site like an ixquick search engine that takes care of every possibility of privacy. There’s no way to know if two searches came from the same computer.

3#. Gibiru:

Gibiru is another search engine and ixquick like a website. There are no such differences with Gibiru and Google search engine services. You get reliable and secure search results which are not tracked by the system. You’re tracking cookies, and personal information will not be installed on your PC. You can compare the Gibiru search engine with Google.

4#. Oscobo:

The primary purpose of the Oscobo search engine is that it provides user privacy protection. You can say that oscobo is ixquick alternative but cannot compare with Google because it saves any record of history and search results. Oscobo encrypts personal data and every search you made which does not allow any third party to scripts on your search engine. Oscobo is the ixquick alternatives where you get a safe and private search without any threat of losing personal data.

5#. Swisscows:

Swisscows is an ixquick like a site that does not create tracking profiles or use unique user identifiers. However, a primary distinction from the others is that this is a search engine for semantics. It implies that artificial intelligence and machine learning are used to assess a user’s search context.

6#. Qwant:

Qwant never records your searches for advertising or other purposes and never utilizes your private Information, which makes this search engine alternative to ixquick. Qwant is a European-based personal search engine that never attempts to guess who you are or what you do.

Final Words:

The above search engine cannot be compared to Google because it is a secure and smart search engine. Sometimes people are looking for those search engines that respect privacy as ixquick provided. So we collected ixquick similar search engines that keep you searching with the option. Ixquick is the best search engine where thousands of users connect every day to get a private search. Which ixquick alternative you like the most? Share in the comment box. You can even go with the ixquick if it provides all the terms that you need in the privacy protection search engine.

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