Best Free Websites to Watch Cartoon Online: KimCartoon And Many More

People love watching anime, and that’s why free anime websites like KimCartoon are popular. If you look for free anime streaming website, you will find a lot of options online. However, KimCartoon is a bit different. You will find a massive collection of cartoon movies and series along with anime series and movies. Now you must be thinking about what is different between cartoons and anime. Animated movies and series from Japan are known as anime, while animated entertainment in the USA and other countries is known as a cartoon.

At KimCartoon, you will find quality movies that you can watch online without any worry. The while catalog is well-organized according to the genres and years. So, users can find any stock very easily on this platform. However, this is not the only platform that you can use to watch anime or cartoons online. There are many similar platforms like KimCartoon to enjoy anime. Here, we have present some of the best alternatives to KimCartoon.


When we talk about cartoons or anime, Crunchyroll is probably the best option out there. When we talk about Crunchyroll, we can say that this is one of the top anime and manga distribution companies. It has a catalog of more than 25,000 episodes and more than 14,000 hours of content. Over 10 million users worldwide this platform, and that’s why this is our best pick for the KimCartoon alternatives. The best thing about the platform and its application are that Crunchyroll allows access to almost its entire catalog of anime for free. Crunchyroll has a premium subscription plan, but much of its content is available for free.

The free version of Crunchyroll includes advertising and does not even allow the download of episodes to watch them later offline. Similarly, if you choose not to pay, you will not have access to the latest releases of your favorite anime. On the other hand, the premium version of Crunchyroll completely eliminates advertising, frees access to the entire anime and manga catalog of the platform, increases the quality up to FullHD, gives access to special dubbing, and allows downloading of episodes.


Yes, this streaming giant also offers anime content, and that’s why this becomes one of the best alternatives to KimCartoon. Netflix seems to have picked up the baton for quality online anime. With dozens of original anime productions and an increasingly extensive catalog, Netflix has been working on anime within its platform for years. Popular shows like Death Note and Naruto are available here.

However, Netflix is not available for free, but you can try its free trial period of 30 days. You can use Netflix through its official mobile apps on iOS and Android. Plus, along with anime, you will have access to thousands of moves and series available on the Netflix catalog.


With more than a million downloads worldwide, Funimation is one of the most popular platforms to watch anime or cartoons worldwide. It has a totally free catalog with thousands of anime series online. It also has a premium subscription plan. In addition, it must be said that Anime Center is one of the few apps to watch anime that allows users to comment, so you can share your opinions on the latest chapters with the community, discussing your favorite titles with a passionate user base from the anime.

Thanks to additions like these, you can also vote for your favorite anime and discover titles related to your tastes. Just keep in mind that not all the anime you will find at Funimation is dubbed, as some are available with English subtitles. If you want to access its full catalog, then you may have to opt for its premium service. This KimCartoon can be download as an app on iOS and Android devices.

Amazon Prime Video

Its operation is practically identical to that of Netflix. Here, you can access it if you already pay for the annual Amazon Prime membership. Although like Netflix, it is paid, the good news is that Amazon Prime Video is one of the cheapest platforms on the market. You can access it for a whole year with a single payment. Remember that if you are already paying for Amazon Prime, Prime Video is included in the price; you do not have to pay anything else.

Regarding the Amazon Prime Video anime catalog, the truth is that it is not one of the most extensive on the market, but it does include some popular anime shows. Each country might have different series; thus, checking prior can be a good idea. So, without a doubt, this can be one of the best alternatives to KimCartoon.


Although its interface may seem a bit rough, it works on all mobile and PCs without interruptions. This KimCartoon alternative has a collection of thousands of anime series for free in HD quality. All of its content is available in English dubbed or with English subtitles. Application of this site is not available, so you need to rely on its website. The website can be accessed on all mobile devices and computers.

You may have to deal with some ads. It has very useful functions, such as the possibility of including your favorite series in a “favorites” section and a complete search engine.


This is the platform you should use to look for the best and free alternative to KimCartoon. It is also a completely free platform, which gives access to an overflowing catalog of anime. The collection of anime here is amazing, and you will be able to access all the popular content here.

Just like KimCartoon, this is an illegal platform, so you may have to deal with advertisements, but it will provide more vast content than the legal anime platforms mentioned above. The site is well-organized, and all of its content can be search through the various categories mentioned on the website.

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