Kupino App: Save Money While Shopping with Hot Deals

Well, we all find ads and banner on the apps and various websites very annoying while using the phone and desktop. But sometimes such ads really have some good deals and in hurry of skipping them, we miss those deals and offers. But what if there is an app or a platform where we can find various ads that are meant to be for us. And yes, there is such a place called Kupino which not only provides the latest ads of various stores but also provides but the info about all the stores near you and their leaflets or catalogs with weekly ads and special deals. Users can access and find everything at Kupino.com.

But for the more comfort of the users, Kupino is available as an app for Android users so, they have easy access to all the ads and deals of the stores near them at the one place. Earlier, this service of Kupino was only available on the webpage and more than a million users from America, Africa, and Europe have enjoyed its service but now it can be downloaded on your smartphones. We took a look at the app and we are going to tell you why the Kupino app is a better option to find every latest ad and deals from the stores nearby you in one place.

Kupino App Review: Why Kupino App Is Useful?

NOTE: Kupino app is available only for Android smartphones right now and users can get the app on Google Play Store.

The Kupino app is really an optimized version of their website and users can find some great deals on the popular products from their favorite store. Here are some features of the app:

Everything at One Place: Kupino app provides you all the weekly ads from more than 10 popular stores such as Stop & Stop, Kroger, Fred Meyer, Ikea, Walgreens, and others that reside near you.

Easy to Use: As we said, the app has extracted most of its UI from the site so, the app has become really easy to use. Users can find deals or products according to the categories or the stores.

Available in 17 Countries: Kupino renders its service in 17 nations so, if you traveling any of these regions, you can avail the benefits there as well.

Stores by Location: No matter where you among these 17 countries, you are can find the location of the stores near you with Google Maps integration.

Well-categorized: All the products and deals are mentioned in the various relevant categories so, it is easier to find the offers on the products you want to buy.

Compare Hot Deals: At the weekend or the holidays, most of the stores have some great deals. At the Kupino app, you get to check the comparison of the various hot deals from multiple stores and check which one will be good for you.

Make Search Within the App: At printed leaflets or flyers you can’t do this but Kupino lets you find any products among more than 4,000 total products.


If you want to save money on the grocery products or any product that you want to buy from the nearest store then the Kupino app is the best option for you. The leaflets and flyers that come on your door with newspapers cab be easily misplaced but the Kupino app is always on your smartphone. So, now shop with confidence and get the best deals from the Kupino app.

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