Is Lookmovie Ag Safe To Stream Movies And Tv Shows in 2021?

If you are looking forward to downloading movies, TV shows, web series from a reliable site, then you need to check out The best part about is that every hour, new content is added to the site. 

From the analytics, one could see that the USA, India, and Australia are the top users of this site. The significant users are driven to the side from blog visits, news websites, visits, etc. There are a lot of stunning features about this site, which makes it one of the most preferred for movie streaming and TV shows watching. This is one of the biggest and most widely viewed International websites for streaming Hollywood movies and movie shows. 

Is legal? 

No, is not legal, but it provides legit content that means it is reliable in nature and Lookmovie ag safe. It is a pirated site where viewers can watch movies and other web content free of cost. This is said to be illegal because the content is uploaded on the side without getting consent from the producers and owners of the content. 

What are the legal alternatives to safe site? provides highly fresh content. There are high chances of getting malware installed in your device as you keep visiting this site often. Moreover, this site is not very safe to visit and it is more than one and a half years old. The ownership of the site is held in two different countries. So, there are high chances of hackers breaking into the server or the client computer as the data storage and network security system is highly distributed in nature. 

Keeping the security factor into account, it is vital to look for the legal alternatives to

  • Netflix

Netflix is one of the top OTT in the world. A lot of content found in is actually from Netflix only. One of the main reasons why it is better to watch the movie shows on the Netflix platform itself is because of the excellent software setup and high-quality video rendering facilities provided by Netflix. The subscription charges are quite expensive but it is worth the pay. 

  • PopcornFlix 

 If you aren’t ready to pay any amount to the OTT services provider, then you can prefer PopcornFlix. The only major hindrance you get while watching content from PopcornFlix is the continuous display of ads in between your movie watching. It is legally held in the United States of America and it is available on major platforms like Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, iPad, etc.

  • Tubi 

Tubi is a streaming service provider from Fox Corporation based out of the United States of America. It has about 130 hours of excellent content. There are more than 33 million users to the site every month. One must be aware of Tubi kids where exclusive content for children is displayed. 

  • Amazon Prime 

Amazon Prime has garnered a huge user base all over the world. It is one of the cheap and best video streaming platforms available. The major user base is from India followed by the United States of America. It is available across devices like Amazon Firestick, Roku, iPad, etc.

  • YouTube 

YouTube is the mother of all video streaming platforms. Anyone and everyone who holds an account on YouTube can stream their videos on the channel. YouTube is very legal and the reach of the videos posted on YouTube is very high. It is free of cost to handle provided one could watch the ads that appear at the beginning and intermittently in the videos. However, uploading movies and TV shows without consent from the owners is strictly prohibited on YouTube.

  • Hotstar 

Hotstar is held by Star group. They hold a huge market base all over the world. The movie-watching experience is made very exciting in Hotstar. The subscription price is also very less. If you are a huge fan of documentaries, then you need to subscribe to Hotstar. A lot of documentaries on politics, history, Lifestyle are posted regularly on Hotstar. Apart from hosting a lot of content on international languages, Hollywood, Bollywood, all the regional content is also put up on Hotstar.

  • Jio Cinema

Jio Cinema is held by the Reliance group. This is one of the sites becoming very popular these days owing to the less price and the wide range of excellent content. The users don’t have to pay any subscription fee for using the site in the initial days and later they would be asked to pay a certain sum. Jio Cinema is one of the most preferred sites off late. The user base has been amassed by the release of good internet connectivity by Jiofiber.

What are the features of safe? 

Before you get to know how to use a website, there are a lot of exciting features you need to know. Some of the top features of are listed below:

  • Wide range of Content 

Be it movies, TV shows, anime you could see a wide range of content being uploaded on the site. Many genres of movies are put up on the site. Fantasy, sci-fi, Musical, Family, Documentary, Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Adventure, Drama, and History are some of the top categories. 

There is an option called box office on the site. Once you click on it, all the latest uploads will be displayed. There is another section called top ten where the top 10 most viewed and downloaded content are put up. A search tab is also provided at the top of the website where one could search for the content they are looking for. 

  • Excellent server speed 

The servers facilitate fast download and watching of video content. This enhances the user’s watching experience. A lot of users tend to get irritated when the movie-watching experience gets hampered often. This is due to several factors, like low bandwidth of internet connection at the user’s end and server error. With the kind of technology put in place, high-speed internet connectivity is provided but when there is no proper server maintenance the content being displayed gets interrupted. This is promptly avoided in the case of Lookmovie. ag. 

  • Curated list 

One doesn’t have to sit and curate a list of their favorite movies on Based on your view history, the website in itself curates a list. The curated list facilitates the movie watching as the users can continue watching a movie or a TV show where they left as their watch history gets recorded.

  • Dubbed and subbed 

One could find a lot of dubbed movies on the site. For every foreign language movie uploaded on the site, subtitles are provided. In the other movie streaming sites, the subtitle file is provided separately. The user has to download them and then attach them to the movie video file they had downloaded from the site.

  • Excellent user interface 

One of the major troubles a person encounters while using a website is a lack of a proper interface between the user and display screen. When it comes to, the interface is very excellent. If you have great internet connectivity speed, then now watching movies on is one of the best experiences ever.

  • Description of movies 

Description of movies is available in A lot of foreign language movies are uploaded which are not aware of by the viewers. So, you need not google out for the description of the movie. Instead, you can look up for it on the description provided by the site itself. 

  • Excellent video quality 

The users find a lot of difficulty in finding proper quality video these days. But this issue is not found in The download process associated with this site is very easy and anyone who has very little experience in handling electronic devices can also access this site to download and watch movies and other TV shows. 1080p, 720p is some of the video qualities uploaded on the site apart from the dual audio file types. File size can be compressed. Varying file sizes are uploaded on the site for the same movie or TV show which leads to less space occupation on the user side. is one of the most popular sites for streaming movies. However, it is not legal. It might get you into trouble for viewing content uploaded illegally. One can make use of the legal alternatives provided in the list to seamlessly watch content and respect the work put in by the filmmakers.


Is Lookmovie site free of virus? 

Maybe. One could not completely vouch for the fact that the site is not virus-free. Keeping in mind the illegal nature of the site, there could be a lot of possibilities for ransomware or malware attack by using the site and the access of content put up on the side could also lead to some of the other kinds of download-related issues. 

Can one download Indian language movies from Lookmovie ag safe?

The site hosts mainly foreign language and English movies. However, there are a lot of requests put up from the user side to include Indian movies as well. 

Is free or chargeable? is completely free of cost. You don’t have to pay a single penny to access content on the site. 

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