Magewell USB Fusion USB video capture hub

Video creators may be interested in a new multi-input USB video capture device unveiled by Magewell this week in the form of the USB Fusion.

Designed to provide an easy way to control multiple inputs and equipped with an integrated source which and layout control the video capture device features two HDMI inputs and one USB webcam input.

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Video capture hub:

USB Fusion lets users switch between 1080p60 HD sources or combine two inputs (picture-in-picture or side-by-side) into one output and bring the result into popular software via its USB 3.0 interface. Supporting the critical role of software in today’s educational, corporate, and live event environments, the device is also ideal for houses of worship that wish to combine a camera signal with supporting visuals – such as lyrics displayed from a separate laptop – into a single live stream.

Our USB Capture devices continue to be the gold standard for bringing an AV signal into software, but online lectures, events, and presentations often incorporate multiple video sources,” said Nick Ma, CEO and CTO of Magewell. “USB Fusion lets users combine inputs into engaging presentations without the need for additional switching or mixing tools, while offering the same outstanding ease of use that people expect from Magewell solutions.”

The full presentation power of USB Fusion is unlocked through the third control option, the free USB Fusion companion app for iOS and Android tablets. The intuitive app provides expanded layout controls for combining any two of the three input sources, and lets users add pictures, video clips, background music, and handwritten notes into their presentations.

Presenters can set up playlists incorporating live video and other media in advance, and record or take screenshots of the combined output onto the hardware’s built-in storage. Annotations also be exported to files for archiving or subsequent sharing.

Source: Magewell

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