Mediahuman Audio Converter And Its Alternatives [Guide]

If you are the music lover and your main source of music is Youtube then this article is very helpful to you in order to download and convert the Youtube file into audio and other audio/video related formats from MediaHuman! Details in the description. MediaHuman audio converter software has a similar audio & video search engine as you can get from the Flvto and their alternatives. The main point that users expected from this converter software is that the software should be ads-free and there is no illegal threat by using this application software.

MediaHuman originally developed in C++ with Qt framework programming language; it was libraries using FFmpeg, TagLib, LAME & OpenSSL. The Mediahuman audio converter user interface is originally based on Qt Widgets.

Mediahuman is legal or illegal?

It is illegal to make an individual download change of a copyrighted work under US copyright law. That incorporates an mp3, mp4, or some other download record format type from your video conversion process. Later on, it might wind up legitimate to download any video from YouTube, as long as it’s for individual use. In any case, if a judge chooses that, anticipate that the music business should do battle against YouTube and its converters.

Key features:

  • This converter software supports more than 30 audio format file which includes MP3, OGG, WMA, M4A, WMV, AAC and more.
  • It also supports lossless formats such as ALAC, WavPack, FLAC and APE.
  • It provides inexperienced usage to the users with the simplify drag & drop support.
  • If you are using the iOS operating system then it provides the automatically improved converted file into iTunes file format.
  • The structure of folder is retained.
  • The batch mode user then entire cores of PC while converting.
  • Mediahuman has the CUE sheet feature which splits large files into individual tracks by providing the information to it.
  • Another smart feature to search for Album covers automatically.
  • The ID3 tag also transfers.

How TO Convert Video Into Audio In Mediahuman Audio Converter Software.

It is the basic tutorial of Mediahuman software to convert the file into an opposite format in these guidelines steps, so follow very carefully in order to avail this method. Mediahuman converter software is very simple and easy to use with smart features and gives the premium converter file format.

Step#1. In this step, we will add the file to convert by running the Mediahuman audio converter software. You will see the Plus sign at the top left of the software screen click on it in order to add the video file such as MP4, AVI. There is another simple drag & drop method for that you need to select the video file from the mouse right click hold and drag into the Mediahuman audio converter opened software.

Step#2. In this step you will select the audio format into which you need to the video file into audio for that you will see the MP3 button at the top bar of application which is active when the video file is added to MediaHuman, click on it.

Step#3. Here you can adjust the audio format through setting and customize the Hz, kbps and Stereo/Mono.

Step#4. Now you need to start the converter process on Mediahuman by clicking on the convert button from the toolbar as mention in the screenshot red circle. You can even change the current converting file by again pressing on that button and do what changes you want then press again to continue.

Step#5. When the converter is completed you will see the complete below the selected file and then search for the audio file by pressing the Locate button (image of a magnifying glass) on video item as you can see in the screenshot.

More Information About Mediahuman Audio Converter:

MediaHuman Audio Converter running under macOS and windows operating system which allow the user to get the maximum features in order to runs on their specific system.

  • Developer: MediaHuman Ltd.
  • Initial release: 30 July 2011
  • Size: 32.38 MB
  • Available Languages: English, French, Italian, Polish, Greek, Japanese, German, Dutch, Russian and Swedish.
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows and Mac-OS
  • Written in: Qt framework & C/C++
  • Update version/release: / 7 May 2019
  • Platform: Cross-platform
  • License: Freeware
  • Website:

Best Alternatives to Mediahuman

In case if you have already experience the Mediahuman features and you want sometimes new but related to this platform then check out the other top converter software which provide the best quality of audio and video converter file.

1#. FLAC:

FLAC is an Audio converter Like MediaHuman which provide the sound coding group for lossless pressure of advanced sound and is additionally the name of the free programming undertaking delivering the FLAC devices, the reference programming bundle that incorporates a codec usage.

All About FLAC:

  • Initial release: 20 July 2001; 17 years ago
  • License: Command-line tools: GNU GPL; Libraries: BSD
  • Stable release: 1.3.2 / 1 January 2017; 2 years ago
  • Developer: Josh Coalson, Xiph.Org Foundation, and Erik de Castro Lopo
  • Programming language: C Language

2#. Any Video Converter:

Any Video Converter is a video converter created by Anvsoft Inc. for Microsoft Windows and macOS. It is accessible in both a free and paid rendition. Any Video Converter Windows variant has won the CNET Downloads 5 star honor. The features are similar to MediaHuman like converter that Any video converter comes in the second possession in this alternative list.

All About Any Video Converter:

  • Developer: Anvsoft Inc
  • Stable release: 6.2.3 / March 23, 2018; 13 months ago
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows and Mac-OS
  • License: Proprietary (freeware and commercial)
  • Available in: 25 languages

3#. Free Studio:

Free Studio is a freeware set of interactive media programs created by “DVDVideoSoft” and is a MediaHuman alternative. The projects are accessible in one incorporated bundle and furthermore as an independent download.

All About Free Studio:

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows
  • Developer: DVDVideoSoft Ltd.
  • Stable release: / 22 February 2018
  • Written in: C#
  • License: Crippleware
  • Initial release: 1 July 2008; 10 years ago

4#. FormatFactory:

FormatFactory is a promotion supported freeware interactive media converter that can change over video, sound, and picture records. It is additionally equipped for tearing DVDs and CDs to other record positions, just as making .iso pictures. It can likewise consolidate various video records into one and is a converter Like MediaHuman.

All About FormatFactory:

  • FormatFactory supports the following audio formats: MP3, Ogg, Wav, Amr, WMA, AAC, MIDI.
  • Developer: Chen Jun Hao
  • Update version release: (March 8, 2018)
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows
  • Available languages: 66
  • Type: Transcoder
  • License: ad-supported freeware
  • Website:

5#. Monkey’s Audio:

Monkey’s Audio is a calculation and record design for lossless sound information pressure. Lossless information pressure does not dispose of information amid the way toward encoding, not at all like lossy pressure techniques, for example, MP3, AAC, Musepack and Vorbis.

All About Monkey’s Audio:

  • Developer: Matthew T. Ashland
  • Initial release: 2000; 19 years ago
  • Stable release: 4.73 / 15 May 2019; 6 days ago
  • Type: Audio compression, Encoder
  • License: Monkey’s Audio Source Code License Agreement
  • Website:


We hope that you like the Mediahuman audio converter article guide and the alternatives to MediaHuman converter. This application is operated on both Window and Mac OS platform and also convert directly to iTunes for Mac pc users in order to get the direct audio Apple iTunes format file. There are some other feature alternative related to MediaHuman software if you have experienced any converter from this article or form your own then share the experience with us in the comment section, so we provide you every update article alert from this site to you in future.

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