Motorola Edge+ smartphone unveiled

Motorola has launched a new smartphone, the Motorola Edge+, this new device is basically the US version of the Motorola Edge 30 pro.

The new Motorola Edge+ smartphone comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and a range of high-end cameras and more.

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Over the last year we’ve seen our consumers use their smartphone cameras in incredible ways to capture all of life’s moments. That creative spark has inspired us to bring our most advanced camera system ever to the new edge. From improvements to the focusing and stabilization hardware in the main camera, significantly reducing noise and enhancing night vision for the front camera, the new edge has camera hardware and software fully equipped to help you consistently capture stunning photos and videos.

Capture every incredible detail with two 50 MP cameras, from ultra-wide angle shots to extreme close-ups. The 50 MP high-res camera is just the start. Shoot with 32x more focusing pixels using instant all-pixel focus, and get faster, more accurate performance in any light. And eliminate unwanted shakes with OIS, so your photos are always crystal clear. Whether in bright daylight, or changing light conditions, the edge lets in tons more light by combining every four pixels into one massive pixel for the best possible photo.

You can find out full information on the new Motorola Edge+ smartphone over at Motorola’s website at the link below.

Source: Motorola

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