How To Login From MyHRConnection And Get Giant Eagle Self Service

MyHRConnection is an online login portal service system for those who are the employee of Giant Eagle, Inc. As an Employee of Giant Eagle if you are interested in getting job benefits, then this information is for you. This online login portal service system provides lets you log in through MyHRConnection and maintain current job profile or schedule.

Giant Eagle is the largest private corporation. It comes under the list of the largest food retailers and distributors nationwide. The company is maintaining the business very well, and employees are happy with the job. If you are already connected with the Giant Eagle, then go with the Myhrconnection to get login and avail service. Furthermore, you check the brief introduction and the relation between Giant Eagle and MyHRConnection.


What is Giant Eagle?

Giant Eagle was a supermarket retailer introduce in 1931. This store has grown very fast because of the benefits given to employees who satisfied them and take more interest in their jobs. Approximately 420 stores are counted in western Pennsylvania, Northern West Virginia, Northcentral Ohio, Indiana, and Maryland. There was a time that Giant Eagle was given the title of “American Second Harvest Regional Retailer of the Year.” Giant Eagle does not only do the food work but also supports social nonprofit organizations.

What is the relation of Giant Eagle with MyHRConnection?

Giant Eagle supports their employee by giving the benefits through myhrconnection online login portal. This portal has all the login facilities which approve the information ID of Giant Eagle employees. It is one of the main secure connections between Giant eagle and Myhrconnection. If you are not the employee or already left the job in Giant Eagle, then your login or registration will not work. At that point, you will need to contact myhrconnection at the Technology Service Desk (1-888-826-3193).

Features & Benefits of MYHRCONNECTION:

  • Employee get daily task schedule
  • There is a monthly or weekly work made a list of every employee separately on their login profile.
  • There is a yearly bonus update to every employee on this external login portal.
  • The employee gets their overtime work benefits information through this login service.
  • A total holiday by Giant Eagle is also updated into this login.
  • If any employee has any issue regarding work, then he/she can directly contact through myhrconnection login.
  • This system also guides the employee to increase their current designation into the company.

There is a lot more you can get from myhrconnection, and for that, you need to login through this login portal website after you become a registered employee of Giant Eagle, Inc.

How To Registered @ MyHRConnection

Step #1. Open the Welcome to MyHRConnection URL into a new web browser.

Step #2. You will see the notification that the site has changed, and there you will see the “here” button in blue colour, click on it.

Step #3. While the web page will load, you will get the PEASE READ note. It will inform you about MyHRConnection, and at last, you will see the “Enroll Now” button next to already enrolled, click on it.

Step #4. Now enter your Email or Team Member ID to the provided field and click on “next” button

Note: If you enter any information which does not match your given information to Giant Eagle company for a job. The system will not allow you to get the login enrolled, so it’s better that you enter the already given information for a successful MyHRConnection login.

Step #5. There will be some security question can be asked answer it otherwise proceed next to complete login activate the system.

Once you are registered, a confirmation message will send to you from the Giant Eagle company at your provided email or mobile.

For Password:

Use the same password which you apply while enrolled in the Giant Eagle computer login or Giant Eagle Gateway. If you haven’t done any enrolled, then your default password will be Ge + last four digits of social security number and 8 digits of the date of birth.

How To Login @ MyHRConnection

Step #1. Open the Self Service MYHRCONNECT URL into a new tab web browser.

Step #2. Here you will be asking your USER ID and PASSWORD, enter the provided field and click on the “Login” button.

Step #3. You will enter into the login system where you can manage your employee profile.

Note: you can use your register team member ID or Email ID which you provide during the job confirmation.

How To Reset Password For MyHRConnection Login

It is common these days that people forget their login password if you are in the same situation in MyHRConnection then follow the steps.

Step #1. Open the same login link into a new tab browser.

Step #2. You will see that there is an option at the menu “Forget My Password” next to my account questions, click on it, and the page will load to reset password form.

Step #3. Enter your given “user name” to the provided field and then click on the “Answer My Questions” button, which will become visible when you enter the user name.

Step #4. You will send an email to your provided email address when you’re enrolled in the Giant Eagle computer. Proceed with the instruction and complete the process, which includes type new password for your current MyHRConnection login.

Step #5. Once your password is successfully reset, go to the login page and check this password is working. If its work, then manage your profile otherwise CONTACT FOR A MYHRCONNECTION details given at the start of this page.

Final Words:

MyHRConnection login portal claims that they provide useful benefits to their employees. If you are the employee of Giant Eagle and get any benefits, then share your experience in the comment box.

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