Nexode 100W GaN charger launches from $52

Following on from their new affordable ANC earbuds the HiTune X6 Ugreen has also launched a new affordable 100w GaN charger priced at just $80 or £80 depending on your location. The new Ugreen Nexode 100W Charger is now available throughout most of Europe and the United States from online retailers such as Amazon and is currently discounted even further down to just $52 for a limited time to celebrate its launch.

The Nexode 100 W provides more power, more ports, and better safety due to its use of gallium nitride (GaN) integrated circuits (IC). Ugreen is launching a new series of chargers called Nexode. Nexode chargers will distinguish themselves by using GaN chips and proprietary Ugreen technology to offer dynamic flexible charging.

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Nexode chargers are compact and capable of supplying the exact amount of power a device needs. The GaN technology in Nexode chargers offers better heat dissipation and is more energy-efficient than silicon-based chargers. This means Ugreen is able to make Nexode chargers smaller, safer, and more energy-efficient.

100w GaN charger

Ugreen’s Nexode chargers are designed to maximize a single wall outlet, no matter where consumers find themselves. The Nexode 100 W charger has four ports, three USB-C and one USB-A. With four ports, this charger can charge all of someone’s devices, whether in a coffee shop, in the airport, or just in their home office.

Additionally, Ugreen’s firmware makes Nexode chargers even more convenient. Power-X is Ugreen’s proprietary power distribution system. It is designed to communicate with your device, which allows Nexode chargers to make sure they are supplying the right amount of power.

Source: Ugreen 

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