OrbiLogin: New Orbi Wi-Fi Connection, Change/Recover Orbi Wi-Fi Default Password

Orbilogin is a single handy Wi-Fi system device which covers your complete house with its single device. Orbi Wi-Fi system is specially made for those people who are using more than one device with separated password and username. These people get trouble with the reset their password because no one remembers ever all the details. So be smart and switch your entire house Wi-Fi system into Orbilogin.

If you want to buy an Orbi router and want to set up the new connection, then we provided the proper guide that will explain everything you need to know about Orbi connection. We also offer some guidance for Orbilogin old user and want to reset your default Orbi password. There is nothing difficult with Orbilogin connection; only you need some proper steps which help you to understand easily.


How To Connect Orbilogin Wi-Fi Router

This setup will give you the perfect tutorial of how you can connect your Orbi Wi-Fi Router, if not, and then you can also check the image related to the same topic.

Step #1: You need to check that you have any modem or existing router as power cycles your network before setup.

Step #2: To enable the internet onto your Orbi Router port, you need to connect Ethernet cable crossing through your modem

Step #3: Now Orbi router needs the power to plug in and then from the router press “On/Off” which indicate the light on means ORBI Router is powered on.

Step #4: Internet LED also need to be check for solid.

Step #5: Under the Orbi router label, there is a temporary “Default password” which you will be needed once you connect with Orbi network.

Step #6: Now go to Orbilogin web page using a PC web browser or smart device app.

Step #7: You will get the instruction for Orbi registration and Orbilogin, follow it, and complete process.

Step #8: This Orbi web page also provides you the method to add satellites.

Now you can easily connect your Orbi router with the Ethernet and get access to Orbilogin from your home Wi-Fi internet connection. Sometimes we sign up for different platform on the internet that we forget some of the passwords to make a unique password. So if you forget your password then what to do? The solution is below, but first, you need to learn how to change the default password provided by Orbi.

 How To Change Default Password On My Orbi Account

If you want to change the default password, then you need to login to Orbi router and access to advance settings.

Step #1: You need to verify Orbilogin connected device.

Step #2: Open a new web browser and type “orbilogin.com/orbilogin.net” into link bar and press enter.

Step #3: Now your login window will open, once it did go the another step

Step #4: You will ask username (ADMIN) and password (DEFAULT PASSWORD) to the provided field and click on “Login” button.

Step #5: Once you login into the Orbilogin, you will be in the basic home page where you need to select advanced.

Step #6: Now click on Administration.

Step #7: In Administration setting you will see Set password option click on it to get password change option — select changing password.

Step #8: Now you will be asking your new username and new password. If the form required further detail for security purpose then enter to the provided field.

Step #9: After filling the change password form, click on the “APPLY” button and your changes will be permanently saved.

To check, enter old username and password to Orbilogin page, it will not allow that information. You need to enter new changes username and password into Orbilogin to access account.

How To Recover My Orbilogin Password (Already Changed Default Password)

In this step, you will learn how to recover your Orbi password not to change password. In this case, you had already changed the default password, and you forget a new password.

Step #1: Open the Orbilogin link into a new web browser.

Step #2: Click “Forget Password,” which you will get below the login button.

Step #3: You will go to another page where you need to enter your Orbi registered an email address to the provided field and press the “Submit” button.

Step #4: You will get the reset password email by Orbi (NETGEAR Support) with a link added on your mail inbox, click on it.

Step #5: You will go to reset password web page where need to enter everything required to provide a field for security purpose and click on “Reset My Password” button.

Step #6: At last, you will be asking a new password, type it, and click on the submit button. Your password will change, and the confirmation will come through email or SMS phone number.

Final Words:

Orbi allow you to get one device for the internet that covers the entire house and runs perfectly. If you are tired of a bunch of wired of routers, then switch to Orbilogin and get the same internet speed with a single device. If you go with the Orbi router, then you will get the default password on the router label which can be changed. The method to change the default password is mention above. If you forget Orbi router reset the password, then you can be recovered by following the above steps. You can share this information with family and friend. In case if you get any difficulties to operate Orbilogin then contact us through the comment box.

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