What is Piskel And How Does It Work?

Are you looking for the digital graphics designing and art character build application? If your answer is yes, then check out the Piskel application that provides the 2d pixel art, even it also let you create an animation game character for the game development. Piskel has some premium features to make perfect art without spending money. It is considered as the best option for game developers to get the 2D pixel data into their game development projects.

Whenever any new game developer needs to add sprites and animation into the game, their easiest choice is the Piskel application. The main reason is that it is a very easy, simple, and money-saving application that creates animation and 2D pixel artwork. We will discuss some important points about how the Piskel app works if you are interested in 2D pixel art and animation works.

About Piskel:

Piskel is an open-source, free application that runs offline. The developer of Piskel has designed this application as a browser-based editor. Because of the differences worth highlighting, Piskel has become the most popular, especially for game development. User does not need any internet connection to run the tools and features of Piskel.

As we already discussed in the beginning that Piskel comes with free of cost, which makes this application with restriction towards endless possibilities. Piskel app account is unable to connect with your Piskel PC version. If you compare the performance of the Piskel editor offline version, then the online version is better in performance. There is another down point of this offline version that has limited quality & testing assurance.

How Piskel Works With Offline Version

Piskel is a smart digital graphic & art application that can also be used in a commercial project. Anything which you create from Piskel also belongs to you only; there is no one who can claim for any creation using Piskel application (piskelapp.com or offline Piskel editor).

How to apply the copy-paste function

Step #1. Open the Piskel app; there are selection tools to choose it.

Step #2. On your screen, select area.

Step #3. Using your system keyboard, press Ctrl+C key for copy and press Ctrl+X for cut command. If you are working Piskel on the macOS system, then press cmd+C for copy or press cmd+X for cut command using your Mac pc keyboard.

Step #4. Do not switch tools to move your selection, drag, or click the selected area, and you will see that the cursor starts changing.

Step #5. Now paste the selection using the ctrl+V for windows and cmd+V for MacOS PC.

It is the simple method from that you can copy-paste selection in the Piskel app.

How to recover if editor content is crashed

It is not a big deal while you are working on the Piskel application, the content may be crashed, and Piskel has the easy way to recover those contents, follow the instruction.

The main thing to attempt if Piskel crashed is to re-establish the last session. Piskel occasionally saves your work and enables you to re-establish past sessions.

Step #1. Open your Piskel editor application.

Step #2. There is an import panel in the Piskel editor application, open it.

Step #3. In the import panel, there is a backup option that will help the Piskel system to recover your recent sessions (work) section, so click on browse backups.

Step #4. Wait and see this Piskel editor function will work, and you get the crash data recovered.

If this doesn’t work, then you have to return to your recently spared adaptation. Piskel is made to make little sprites on the off chance that you see the exhibition cautioning while at the same time chipping away at your sprite and make sure to spare your work regularly.


Download & Install Piskel Offline App For Windows PC

There is a note read it before you download the zip file “Google Drive can’t scan this file for viruses.”

Step #1. Open the PISKEL WINDOWS into the new tab web browser.

Step #2. Click on the “Download anyway” button, and the Piskel zip file will download into your windows download folder where your other files stored every time you download from the internet.

Step #3. Double click on the zip file to extract it and install it into your system. Follow the process to complete the installation.

Related Information:

  • Size: 47MB
  • Piskel-0.14.0.zip

Download & Install Piskel Offline App For MacOS

Step #1. On your Mac, click on “PISKEL MACOS” button.

Step #2. Piskel setup file will start the download (if you are using google chrome, the download will start at the bottom of the browser window), wait until download completed.

Step #3. Once download completed, go to the default download folder and check .dmg file is downloaded or right click on the downloaded file from a web browser and select “show in folder” it will take you directly to the folder where Piskel file is downloaded.

Step #4. Double click on Piskel.DMG file to start the installation.

Step #5. Follow the instruction to complete the installation process.

Step #6. Once done, then open the program to check that Piskel is working correctly on your Mac system.

If everything is working perfectly, then enjoy and create your Piskel characters.

Related Information:

  • Name: Piskel-0.14.0
  • Size: 71.2MB
  • File Type: .DMG
  • Version: 0.14.0

Download & Install Piskel Offline App For Linux

Since the file is too large, Google is unable to scan for viruses, so it’s your choice to install Piskel for your Linux operating system.

Step #1. Open the Piskel Linux URL in the new tab web browser.

Step #2. Click on the “Download anyway” button.

Step #3. A zip file will start the download; it takes time to depend on the speed of your internet.

Step #4. Unzip the downloaded file; the folder will create.

Step #5. Click on the Piskel setup file to install and follow the process to complete the process.

Step #6. Once Piskel is installed into your Linux system, open it and enjoy the offline Piskel features.

Related Information:

  • Name: Piskel-0.14.0-64bits
  • Size: 59MB
  • Version: 0.14.0
  • Download type: .zip


If you are having any trouble while using the Piskel application or some questions raised, you can contact us for help using the comment box or follow the official email address.

Email: Julian@piskelapp.com

Twitter: @piskelapp

You can also use the Piskel issues for any bug report or pickle-website issue for piskel pages, user piskel, etc.

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