New Pixelmator Pro Odesa 2.4 photo editing app released

This week the development team behind the excellent Pixelmator Pro photo editing application for Mac has rolled out a huge update in the form of Pixelmator Pro Odesa 2.4. Bringing with it a wealth of new features including completely redesigned Layers sidebar, color adjustments and effects layers, over 200 new vector shapes, as well as support for Apple’s latest M1 Ultra processors.

The Pixelmator Pro app now includes over 200 new artist-designed shapes taking the form of several new shape collections which have been integrated into the existing offerings and are now grouped in Basic, Activities, Food, Objects, Arches, Science, Animals, Plants, Organic, and Symbols.

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Earlier this year Apple launched its new M1 Ultra chip and now Pixelmator Pro takes advantage of the performance when carrying out machine learning-based tasks on the latest Mac Studio devices. Tasks such as automatic background removal, super-resolution, and photo enhancement are up to 1.7 times faster on M1 Ultra compared to M1 Max.

Other improvements within the latest Pixelmator Pro 2.4 Odesa release include Redesigned Layers Sidebar, Color Adjustments and Effects Layers, Scrubby Zoom and more.

The Layers sidebar has been redesigned to make it much easier to work with layers.

Informative layer subtitles now show useful info about layers, depending on their type: sizes for image layers, text formatting for text layers, path info for shape layers, and more.

The design of the blending controls has been updated and they’ll now appear at the top of the Layers sidebar by default.

Layers sidebar viewing options can now be customized, so you can change the size of thumbnails, the visibility of layer subtitles, and the position of the blending controls.

You can now quickly add an empty layer using the new Add Empty Layer button.

Layer masks will now appear as separate layers in the Layers sidebar.

Layer masks can now be unlinked from their parent layer – double-click the line connecting a layer mask to its layer to link or unlink it.

You can now create masks by Command-dragging layers onto other layers.

You can also copy and paste masks between different Pixelmator Pro documents.

Use the new Shift-Command-T keyboard shortcut to insert text layers and Option-Shift-Command-T to insert circular text layers.

Preserve Transparency, Replace Image, and Choose Mask options are now available in the Layers sidebar shortcut menu.

For a full list of all the new features jump over to the official app page on the Apple App Store by following the link below.

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