How to Download Pname Com Google Android Apps Maps for Android, iOS & PC

Want to buy Fish tank but where is pet shop nearby me? I know who’s has the better result, Google Map (Pname Com Google Android Apps Maps) the champion of time in its field. Google works as same as Caliban (Marvel Comics Character) who has the ability to sense any mutants current location. Same Google can provide the accurate & fast result location of anything that exists on Earth. This location/navigation map app by Google is extremely famous as you can confirm by considering the official recorded result on the internet that 154.4 million users in 2019 may be accessed Google Maps app and that was just the start.

Now you can understand how much popular service that just takes 5MB per hour on Mobile data. In this segment, there are many popular transportation apps like Uber, ViaVan, Ola, Gett, Grab, MyTaxi, Didi Chuxing, Xooox, Wheely and many more used Google Map service. The main reason for transportation public service companies using Google Map to get accurate navigation location to their customer as satisfactory service.

Why Google Map Is Perfect Navigation Service?

Google is often referred to as the gold standard of navigating applications that many competing businesses try to beat when it comes to free best navigation applications. This GPS navigation comes pre-stacked on many Android devices, and a few iPhone proprietors discovered it better to their phones ‘ Apple Maps, the default GPS system.


  • This is the industry standard developed for free wireless GPS mapping devices. It features one of the most advanced instruments available for mapping.
  • The advantages include a smooth interface, turn-by-turn directions, the capacity to re-route in case of heavy traffic, voice guided navigation option, visual display of all highway routes and signs as you approach your exit.
  • The lane help function is very essential as it will guide you to the correct lane before missing your exit. You can see obviously with lane guidance which direction each lane will take you.
  • If you drive in a region where there is no Wi-Fi, you can save your place to your cell phone from Google maps and access the offline path.
  • A Google map also has a night mode function that activates at night (not just dark) automatically. This is very helpful to avoid the tiredness and strain of your eyes from constantly moving between a bright screen and the dark road ahead.
  • It also provides correction of spelling and auto-completion functionality to make the method quicker.
  • It enables you to see red (for traffic) & green (clear) line in the range and the estimated time of arrival, as well as to inform you about accidents or building works that could delay the traffic. You can then use these traffic alerts to seamlessly select alternative paths.

How To Download & Use A Google Map (pname com Google Android apps maps) For Android Device [Beneficial Guide]

On your phone or SD card, you can save maps. You will have to download the map again if you change the manner you save maps.

Step #1.  Tab on Google Maps icon to open the app.

Step #2. Connect to the web and sign in to Google Maps.

Step #3. Looking for a location like San Francisco.

Step #4. Tap the location name or email at the bottom, and then download.

Step #5. If you’ve been looking for a location like a restaurant, tap more and download the map offline and then download it.

Save Offline Maps On Android Device:

By default, offline maps are downloaded to the internal storage of your device, but instead, you can download them to an SD card. If your phone is 6.0 or greater on Android, you can only save an area to a portable storage SD card.

Step #1. Insert an SD card on your Android phone or tablet.

Step #2. Open the Google Maps Google Maps application.

Step #3. Tap the Menu at the top left, and then tap Offline maps.

Step #4. Tap Settings at the top right.

Step #5. Tap Device and then SD card under “Preferences for storage.”

BONUS: How to use Google Map for Android devices to save battery and mobile information

You will use offline maps, but with portable data, you can still use other applications.

Step #1. Open Google Maps app on your Android phone or tablet.

Step #2. Tap Menu and turn on Wi-Fi only afterward.


  • Offline, but not transit, bicycle, or walking instructions, you can get driving instructions.
  • You won’t have any traffic information, alternative routes, or guidance on the lane.

Related Information:

  • Updated: August 14, 2019
  • Size: Varies with device
  • Current Version: Varies with device
  • Requires Android: Varies with device

How To Download & Use A Google Map (pname com Google android apps maps) on iOS Device

Step #1. First of all, download Google Map from the App Store.

Step #2.Open Google Maps app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step #3. Connect to the Internet and sign in to Google Maps.

Step #4. Looking for a location like San Francisco.

Step #5. Tap the place name or address at the bottom, then tap More.

Step #6. Select Download and Download offline map.

Use Offline Google Maps For iOS Device

Use the Google Maps app just as you usually would after you download a map. Google Maps will use your offline maps to give you directions if your Internet connection is slow or absent.

  • It helps you with the routes and direction.
  • There is a navigation feature to use.
  • There is an easy to search the locations.

Note: Offline, but not transit, bicycle, or walking instructions, you can get driving instructions. You won’t have any traffic information, alternative routes, or lane guidance in your driving directions.

Related Information:

  • Updated: August 14, 2019
  • Size: 224.2 MB
  • Current Version: Version 5.24
  • Requires Device: iOS 10.0 or latest
  • Compatible: iPhone, iPad & iPod touch.
  • Price: Free


Use a Google Map (pname com Google android apps maps) For PC/Web Browser [Beneficial Guide]

Using Google Map on Laptop/PC is officially available that allow the user to get the exact location of where he/she is at the present time. You can operate Google Map location service by using different web browser application such Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Tor Browser, Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge, Torch, Safari and many more. You just need to search Google Map on Google and get the result at first.

Final Words:

There are other GPS navigation application systems available. But when it comes to Google Map (pname com Google android apps maps) then people need only the best and trustworthy service. This is one of the reasons that Google Map has become world number one GPS navigation service system which not only adopted by public transportation service companies also people are using it for food order online apps system, so the customer should know the accurate location of the delivery person. If you have any question, experience or suggestion related to the topic then you are free to share in a comment. Also, spread this information to your family and friend which might help you to get any new question to ask.

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