10 Best Alternatives to Prodigy Math Game

If you are looking for the best learning method especially math subject then prodigy math game is the best tools for it. It is not my suggestion but the ranking of this keyword increases the visitor day by day. Prodigy math game is available in Android, Web browser and iOS which connects different people into the same path. If you want to learn math with the large screen then Prodigy math game website is best to run on computer Pc, as well as on Android & iOS platform.

An adaptive math video game by Prodigy is a whole virtual world where kids can play and learn with friends at the correct speed. Prodigy requires a step further on game-based learning and offers teachers helpful characteristics such as Assessment instruments to align the game with the classroom and readily assign homework and Real-time reports to quickly monitor student progress and identify trouble spots.

In this article, we are discussing the Prodigy Math Game alternatives, for those who have already played Prodigy Math Game and want to improve their math into the next level. If you are familiar with prodigy math game and looking for something more interesting but alternative to prodigy math game then check out the following.

Top 10 Prodigy Math Game Alternative App And Website

1#. ABCMOUSE.COM: Websites like a prodigy math game

ABCmouse is the award-winning teaching program for children between 2 and 8 years of age that includes reading, math, art, music and more. It has 10,000 + interesting learning activities for kids at all academic levels, created by educators and educational specialists. With this application user get the Grow what kids know, learn outside the classroom, explore 10,000+ educational activities, rewards build a love for learning, reach new levels of knowledge and create your own avatar.

2#. MathPapa: prodigy math game like websites

MathPapa offers an algebra calculator to assist you master algebra issues step by step, as well as courses and exercise. Use the MathPapa website’s algebra calculator at home or on the go with the MathPapa mobile app. Your algebra abilities will be strengthened by regular exercise with our exercises. Reach your personal goals for mastering algebra.

3#. IXL – Maths and English: Websites like a prodigy math game

IXL – Math and English are comprehensive math and English arts skills that explore fun and interactive problems. In-depth explanations help you master every ability. Answer your own handwriting problems and celebrate your accomplishments. In math language art, there are 5,700 + extensive abilities that provide learners with fun and interactive questions. Explain in-depth how to master all skills, explore personalized suggestions based on your history of exercise. Promote and inspire learners with motivational prizes.

4#. HoodaMath: sites like a prodigy math game

HoodaMath.com is a free website for online math games. Hooda Math provides over 1000 Math Games, founded by a middle school math teacher. HoodaMath Games are challenging and have a range of puzzles, including issues with arithmetic. The concept of a games page authorized by teachers has been asked for a long time. All that requires to be done is to register an account for a teacher. Then when the teacher logs in at class.hoodamath.com they can pick on their website which games they want to show up.

5#. Brainly – The Homework App: alternatives to a prodigy math game

Brainly is the biggest community of social learning in the world! Every month, more than 150 million learners trust and study with Brainly. Yup, that’s 150 million study partners to assist with any classroom topic like Math, Science, History, Algebra, English, Foreign Languages, etc. Brainly includes levels of education such as primary, middle, high school, and college. Our teaching community is reliable in terms of the quality of homework responses, and a committed team of moderators ensures explanations that check all content on a daily basis.

6#. Quizizz: Play to Learn: prodigy math game alternatives

Over 10 million learners, teachers, and parents use Quiz to learn at home and in the classroom. Use our multiplayer quiz game to play the entire class together or assign individual training homework. Choose quizzes from our teacher collection, so you don’t have to create your own. Read aloud and other characteristics of accessibility to get everyone involved. Seamless integration with applications such as Google Classroom for teaching management.

7#. Motion Math: Pizza: sites like a prodigy math game

Create the Motion Math pizzeria of your dreams: pizza! Learn economics and mental math by buying ingredients, designing pizzas, setting rates, and serving clients in this delightful simulation game. Material Connection Disclosure: This is a “sponsored post.” We were compensated by the company that sponsored it through payment, gift, or something else worth writing. Nevertheless, we suggest only goods or services that we use personally and think are great for our readers.

8#. Montessori Numbers: prodigy math game like sites

Montessori Numbers is intended by using a concrete, visually important material inspired by the Montessori methodology to assist construct sound mathematical foundations in kids aged 3-7.

9#.  DreamBox: prodigy math game alternatives

DreamBox is an extensive, game-based math curriculum complete of style and well-designed, self-paced games adapting to the skills of learners. DreamBox enables children to exercise at their own level in schools that can have a broad variety of differentiation.

10#. DragonBox Algebra 5+: Prodigy math game like sites

DragonBox has an exceptionally clever design that’s so fun and so elegantly accomplished that children don’t understand they’re learning algebra’s key ideas. As one of the educators on Graphite explains, it’s particularly refreshing. It’s one of the only games that don’t just drill math issues.

Final Words:

In this article, we discussed the best alternatives of Prodigy Math Game for those who really want to learn with fun. These alternatives are best for younger kids who are the week in math or English subject; help them to learn with a free mind. If you think this article provided useful knowledge, then share your experience in a comment. So, we will provide you a more useful article in order to help with easy educational work.

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