Is it Safe to use Pubfilm? What Are The Alternatives?

With people staying at home most of the time, they are looking for ways to spend quality time with their families. Watching their favorite television shows and movies comes as the first option when you think of entertainment avenues. Everyone can’t pay a huge sum of money for the online streaming service providers. This is where the movie streaming websites like Pubfilm have come into play. 

What is Pubfilm? 

Pubfilm is a website that is one of the oldest online streaming sites. The website receives more than 8 million viewers every month. Most of the users are from the United States of America but one could say that the site is much popular in many other parts of the world as well.

Despite so many sites being available online, a lot of people wonder as to why the Pubfilm site is much famous. A combination of various factors makes it one of the most sought-after sites. The best functionality of the site is easy for anyone to get used to the operation of the site. Almost all of the content uploaded on the site is provided to the users in the best possible quality. 

The mainstream streaming services providers like Netflix would demand a properly operating system and an application designed exclusively for the system. 

However, this is not the case when it comes to Pubfilm. It is just a web browser and one could access it from any electronic device like a computer with an internet connection or smartphone.

What are the features of Pubfilm? 

The features of Pubfilm are what set it apart from the other movie streaming sites. Some of the best ones are described below.

Segregated according to category 

The high number of movies uploaded on the website is segregated according to different categories. There are categories like genre, TV series top IMDB, etc. As you click on each category, one could see the complete list of movies available for viewing under that particular category. The range of categories is displayed in the top ribbon of the website. 

  • Best user interface 

The website has one of the best user interfaces and the color combination of the site is not very much flashing. The usage of shades like black white gray and red with other colors used only to highlight the content has made the site much more user interactive.

  • Hosted by third parties 

The content of the website is not stored in one particular server or any cloud-based storage device. All the data is stored in multiple third-party website affiliate services providers. So, that one could access the content of the website from multiple networks in case, a particular URL of the website was made accessible for viewership. 

  • Ad-free viewing 

One could view all the content uploaded on the website, without the menace of ads popping up now and then in between the movie. This is one of the best features of the site as every other free movie streaming site out there is filled with ads. 

  • High-definition video

 One could find the quality of video of the content uploaded onto the site having the best possible quality. The various resolution features like 1080p, 720p are uploaded for the same movie on the website. If you feel your data is being exhausted for one particular movie as the resolution is very high, you could go for a lower resolution. 

If you are planning to watch the content from devices that have a small screen size, then a video with low-resolution quality itself will do the needful. Only, when you are planning to view the content from large-size screens, you need to have a high resolution of the video.

  • Available at free of cost

One need not pay even a single penny to view the content uploaded on the site. It is available free of cost. Another interesting fact about the site is that apart from content like action, movies, horror, content like cartoons are also uploaded onto the site. The site is very much user-friendly and there is no particular age limit to access and download the content from the site.

  • Ranked based on IMDB ratings 

If you are looking forward to watching genuine and top-quality content, it is not suggested to read the reviews posted by every other person out there. Instead, it is better to go by the IMDb rankings.

  • Free of virus attack 

A lot of people worry about the menace of viruses attacking their devices if they access any new site. One need not worry about this particular problem when they are trying to access and download content from Pubfilm as the site is free of any sort of malicious content that would havoc or wreck another system.

 What are the alternatives to Pubfilm? 

In case you have a problem with accessing the Pubfilm website, then you could look out for other alternatives. Some of the alternatives to the Pubfilm site are given below. 

  • 123 movies

123 movies are one of the top streaming websites and have an excellent collection of movies. The site has become much popular owing to continuous uploads of TV shows as soon as a new episode is aired. The listing of the content of the site in the A-to-Z fashion has made it much easier for a person to look out for content on the site. If he or she has forgotten the name, as you click on the title of the content, it provides you a complete set of information. You can access all of the content on the site with a proper e-mail ID alone. 

  • Putlocker 

The features of Putlocker and Pubfilm are the same. There are a lot of similarities between these two sites for movie watching and downloading. The video quality is top-notch. The website has a search bar where you could browse for various contents uploaded on the site. 

  • Wumoo 

If you are a fan of old movies and you are unable to find the right movie streaming site, then Wumoo would be the right one for you. The website is much easy to use and there are a lot of features available that enhance the quick download of movies and various TV shows. The website also has its exclusive video player where one could watch their favorite content without having to face any sort of interruption. 

 Is Pubfilm a legal site? 

If you have doubts like if Pubfilm is a legal site or not, we should get clarified on the idea that Pubfilm is not a legalized site. It hasn’t received a proper license from the content creators for uploading their content onto their site. 

Notice to Audience 

The audience of the site must keep in mind that they have to respect the hard work put in by all the crew members of the filmmaking set. It is not at all recommended for anyone to watch movies on illegal sites like Pubfilm. There are certain laws in few countries which state that viewing content from an illegal site is an offense. There are other legal and free movie streaming sites, which one would prefer watching content. But all the content will be available only at a later date. 

 How do I access the various contents uploaded on the site? 

One could follow a set of steps to access the content uploaded onto the website. One could either view the content or download the content. If you wish to view the content, then you need to click on the respective content uploaded onto the site. This would redirect you to another web page where the content is streamed. There are different third-party service providers for viewing the content uploaded onto the site. If you are not happy with the video quality of one particular website streaming, then you could go with another. 

In case you wish to download the content of the site, then you need to click on the downward arrow facing button, which is the save option. As you click on the save option, the website would notify you to install certain legal software like Adobe Flash Player and other search video-related software prerequisites. Once this is done, the location for saving the file could be selected and then the download process begins. 


Is it possible to download content from Pubfilm? 

Yes, it is possible to download content from Pubfilm with much ease. It is available and completely free of cost and you need not pay even a penny. The download process is simple as well. 

Are the contents uploaded on Pubfilm region-specific? 

No, the content is categorized according to its genre. One could not find region-specific content as most of the content is in English language and Hollywood production only.

 Should one subscribe to the site to view and download the content? 

 No, a subscription is not required to view and download the content from the site. One could enjoy watching high-quality content on the site without even having to subscribe to the site. 

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