r/soccerstreams: Watch Reddit Soccer Streams Online Free(Geeky)

Are you a Football Lover? Love to watch Football but not finding a good website?

I know it’s really saddening that Reddit has taken down r/soccerstreams as well. But rather than Feeling disappointed, you must look for some better alternatives. Scroll down to know more!

The Scenario!

People pay a TV subscription service to watch matches LIVE but not all can afford a high paying subscription pack every month or year. So, those people use the internet to search for the sites where they can watch LIVE matches and tournaments. Life was very easy till r/soccerstreams was into the picture. What’s now? Suppose you try hard and find a link and a website to watch a LIVE match, it is not sure that you will be able to find them again. Then what’s next week? Searching again! then searching! And this cycle will be really frustrating in the end. So, today here I am going to tell you some best alternatives to r/soccerstreams.

How to watch Soccer Stream Online?

Reddit took r/soccerstream, we all know very well! So here is the Best Option for you and that is soccerstreampass.com. This website is a Soccer stream community that works just like Reddit soccer streams. Here every Fight thread will be published a minimum of 1 hour before kick-off.

When you open the match thread you will find a lot of links in the comment section. These links allow you to watch LIVE and these are certainly high-quality links. The quality of the link and ad-prompt frequency is clearly mentioned with the links.

Alternatives to Reddit Soccer Streams Online Free

Reddit Football streams have been taken forever due to some copyright violations. But lets now discuss the alternatives. So friends, here are some best alternatives to r/soccerstream.


Redsoccer123 is not so old, but it comes into light when r/soccerstreams got banned due to some violations. As the site is pretty new, they have a very less number of subscribers. The few subscribers provide quality links ad the platform have some rules to make the links working. So, you can trust this site.


SoccerThunder is another website in the queue. If I talk about today then this is the finest platform to watch football matches LIVE. The same is happening here as well, so I would say to take but no guarantees for tomorrow. I would suggest you use the platform before it gets banned.


/r/SoccerstreamsRedd is created after the continuous banning of various subreddits. The main good thing with the website is if the link is o longer required, it gets deleted.


r/Footballtactics subreddit shares streaming links just before the game starts. The website has a small number of subscribers, 10k. However, you will find more than 1k people on this website at any given time. Most of the links posted on this website are of AceStream. Thus, you do not have to worry about buffering.

Final Words

Hey football lovers, we will never leave you disappointed and always have a solution for you. So, I hope these above-shared streams will be very helpful for you. Moving is always better. So rather than talking all over about r/soccerstream, it is better to move to these websites for next LIVE. Apart from these streams, we already have the best websites like FOX, ESPN, SONY LIV and many more.

I hope you would like the article. Mention in comments if you know more websites.

Share your feedback. Thank you!!

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