What is Rundll32 EXE and How to Fix Rundll32.exe Software on Windows 10

There are different types of software on Windows 10, such as Network and Internet Services, Hardware Level of Operating System, Logical Level of Operating System, Graphics Engine, User Interface, System Services, Command Shell, System Utilities and Programs. Rundll32 EXE comes in Command Shell [C:\ prompt] of MS-DOS, where files get corrupted due to some system process. The question remains the same “What is Rundll32 exe?” and the proper method to get rid of this windows error.

This Microsoft Windows 10 command-line utility program is a critical component that can be removed only when it found except “C:\\Windows32” directory. Rundll32 Exe (Run Dynamic Link Library 32-bit) triggers a function to export from 32 bit DLL component files. Rundll32 EXE primary function was to operate internal Microsoft Windows OS, but now it is used for generic. Entire file system memories are now distributed in several DLL libraries and even runs/loads through Rundll32 exe. So before you remove this important Microsoft Windows component, you should know that you will cause errors.

So you need a proper method that can remove or fix the RunDll32.exe system component file without any harm to your computer system. You can suggest your proper workable method in the comment box or go with our given methods to fix Rundll32 exe on Windows 10. If your windows get any error, it does not mean that you have to delete any .exe file without knowing the importance of it into your windows system. As far as the Rundll32 exe file is concerned, it can be fixed by the given method only when your file corrupted problem occurs for any reason.

How To Fix Rundll32 EXE On Windows 10 Using Startup Repair

Step #1. This method will replace the corrupted file by typing the “Recovery option” in windows 10 search bar, and you get the appropriate results to click on the result mention in the screenshot.

Rundll32 exe

Step #2. In the Recovery options system setting, click on “Advanced startup” and then “restart now” button.

Rundll32 exe

Step #3. Once it has done, you will get the blue windows to appear on the screen there click on “Troubleshooting” here; you get the advanced options select it. Now click on startup setting, then restart button.

Step #4. At last, you have to “enable debugging” by selecting from the new list of setting that appears on it.

Restart your PC, and you will get the fresh start on your Windows 10 system. If any issue occurs during the process, then contact us and recheck the steps.

How To Fix Rundll32 exe on Windows 10 With Scan Now Command

Step #1. Open “Command Prompt (Admin)” by “Window + X key” from the keyboard, you will get the menu list appears on the screen click on command prompt admin as shown in the screenshot.

Rundll32 exe

Step #2. In Command Prompt (Admin) Dos screen type “sfc/scannow” and start an SFC scan process by pressing “Enter” from the keyboard.

Rundll32 exe

Step #3. Wait until the scan process completed; it takes time 10 to 20 minutes.

Once it has done, then check for any problem still occurs; in any case, if the SFC scan does not work, then you need the DISM scan method.

How To Fix Rundll32 EXE On Windows 10 Using DISM Scan

Step #1. Open the Command Prompt (Admin) using the same method, as mention in the above first step. Once it opens, type “DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth” and then press “Enter” using the keyboard.

Rundll32 exe

Step #2. Once the DISM scan process starts, it will take more than 20 minutes to wait patiently. After the scan completed, check of any problem still occurs; this is very rare at this stage.

How To Fix Rundll32 EXE On Windows 10 Using Replacement

Step #1. In this method, we replace the Rundll32 file if corrupted, for that go to another same version running PC and open C: drive windowsSystem32 where you need to search for Rundll32.exe file. Connect external storage devices like USB flash drive and copy the .exe file.

Rundll32 exe

Step #2. Now come to your windows 10 PC and connect that USB and copy Rundll32 exe file and overwrite the file into the “C:\WindowsSystem32” folder. At last, restart, the computer, and your windows 10 systems are fixed, and there is no problem left of the Rundll32 exe software component.

Final Words:

Rundll32 exe is an important program component of the Microsoft Windows system. It is better that you fix the problem that occurs from Rundll32 exe and secures your windows operating system. The method we provide is tested in workable to fix the Rundll32 issue. If you get trouble during the process, then send us details in the comment box to verify your issue.

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