Best alternative online apps and sites Like wish 2021

If you are a shopping freak and want to buy products at cheaper prices then You are lucky t land here. Today I am going to share wishes and sites like wish from where you can buy cheap products. Though everything has its pros and cons, so in the last it would be completely your pick.

Gone are the days when we used to go to the local’s markets or branded showrooms to purchase an item. Now everything is at your ease of comfort and can be ordered online just on a single click. Its almost from a decade back when the boom of online shopping trend has started and eventually now its become people’s habit to buy online. Lots of options available in the market to go shopping but getting a better price is never easier. Have a look at the article below and get to know about sites from where you can buy cheap.

An Introduction to wish: Shopping Made Fun

Wish is an online eCommerce website, founded in 2010 as a software company called ContextLogic, and then reformed as an e-commerce website in 2015 after getting a lot of in investments deals from many.

Wish is a full packed platform from where you can buy anything ranging from men’s & women’s apparel, footwear, & accessories, Household, electronics(TV, refrigerator, etc), Mobiles, and accessories, Laptops, luggage carriers, etc. Wish’s ‘wheel of fortune’ game, Blitz Buy, combines a layer of gamification to provides buyers additional discounts on the top-selling items.

The platform gives you the same feeling like any other shopping platform but here you find items at cheaper rates. Wish offers express shipping in 5 days and standard shipping may take longer to 11- 22 days too! The Wish app is available for download on iOS and Android.

Is wish Legit?

Wish offers you the cheapest prices so a shopping freak may go crazy to buy from wish. WISH frim is as legit as eBay and Amazon and has tie-up with big selling companies but the local sellers are located from all over China. So Shipping is longer and product quality is lower.

Is it safe to purchase from wish?

THough wish has unbelievable prices ti doesn’t mean there aren’t any knockoffs. Getting a pair of shows in just $10 will leave you skeptical.

One of the biggest concerns of the user is safety, getting an item for just $1 many confuse you about its safety but wish is as safe as any other online website. Wish lists are not private and items you put in the list show your real name.

In its privacy policy mentioned that they save information about the user in two ways:

  1. General information during signup: name, email address, payment method information, shipping address, phone number, and social media account credentials.
  2. Other data: IP address, location information, social network profile data, the browser you use, usage data including where you click, and how much time you spend on pages.

Is wish a Chinese firm?

YES! It’s a Chinese firm.

Wish has amassed a marketplace of hundreds of thousands of sellers, but since so much of its focus is on low prices, instead of convenience and quality, almost all of them come from China at 94%. US-based sellers make up 4%, followed by the UK at 0.3%, Canada at 0.2%, India at 0.1%, and Australia at 0.1%.

How does wish website work?

  • Wish puts shoppers directly in touch with 3rd party sellers in China to you anything you want to.
  • Download the wish app
  • Next signup to the app by entering all related information
  • Now you are ready to make a wish list of items you want to buy.
  • Keep in mind that shipping takes longer and stay glued to reviews as well.

Why is wish so cheap?

Wish products are cheap because they are cheap in terms of quality. The second catch here is the products come directly from factory to buyer so there is no middle man cost and hence reduce the cost. The products generally come from China, Indonesia, and Myanmar and That’s why it may take shipping longer.

How to buy safely from wish?

  1. Read Reviews in depth. Almost all!
  2. Check Shipping time.
  3. Read the description very carefully and find the flaws otherwise you may end up with bad quality products.
  4. Check real images from customers to know the quality of products.

Does Wish contain second-hand products?

YES! Wish contains product the customer bought from wish and now again selling on the wish.

For two years users have been able to use the service “Wish closet”. The service is a second-hand market where customers can put up products they bought previously on wish.

Our Review to Wish…

Hey friends, according to my research, wish is overall a good website. If you are a shopping freak who can manage with little quality issues as you have a habit of shopping too quickly, then wish would be a good platform for you.

But suppose if you are ordering something for some occasion or for a gifting purpose, then let me aware you do not trust on WIsh as it has delivery issues. Delivery may be delayed and all your plans may fail badly.

Best Alternative online apps and sites like wish 2021

Though Wish a great platform, yet these sites like wish give you a better experience. Note down the following list and Enjoy Shopping!

1) Hollar

Hollar is a very competitor to wish and one of the most equivalent sites like wish. Hollar comes with tag “Ready, Set and Save”. Get everything at reasonable prices from clothing to houseware, Toys to kitchen essentials, electronics to books.

Hollar was founded by David Yeom in 2015. Hollar app is available on the Play Store and App Store. Hollar has a huge fan base of 5 million shoppers. The platform is very easy to browse and use. The platform offers certain app-exclusive deals. Use your credit card or PayPal to buy things out from Hollar. Get free shipping on orders of above $35.

2) Banggood

Banggood is an amazing site to get everything ranging from pocket-friendly items to costlier ones. It is a one shop stop and has a huge warehouse of things. Banggood is a strong contender of Wish and is one of the best sites like Wish. Banggood aimed to supply china’s High-quality product to the rest of the world. It was founded 10 years back and till now its timely delivery is winning hearts.

Banggood is servicing over 200+countries and has 37 overseas warehouses. Bangood keeps in view both quality and savings and hence provides the best to the customers.

Bangoogd offers various payment methods and thus brings ease to customers while paying online. 24*7 customer support is available just on a single click!

3) LightInTheBox

Lighinthebox is a global online retail firm that allows you to buy everything just on one platform. From everyday things to exclusive items, Lighinthebox offers through,, and other websites, which are available in multiple major languages.

Its app is available on App Store and Google play store. The products here are rich in variety and offers a 7-day satisfaction guarantee. The website is safe and trustworthy. It has warehouses in Europe and USA as well and thus open for fast delivery at these places. Lightinthebox adds 1000+ items every day to its warehouse. Sales and exclusive offers are always available for shoppers here!

4) GearBest

As the name shows, Gearbest is one of the best platforms to buy gears. Excluding clothes, gearbest has everything from cellphones to consumer electronics and fitness to industrial and scientific tools.

If you want to purchase gear, go to gearbest and get best items at reasonable prices. Get quality items, at affordable prices, and have fun getting the best items of the box.

Gearbest has Chinese brands, so you may face a very little quality issue here. Gearbest delivers to various countries.

5) AliExpress

AliExpress is most affordable shopping platform and is one of the greatest sites like wish. Ali express offers everything From clothing to household items. Ali Express offers great value things worldwide. Shop with confidence because of its safe payment methods and if you face any hassle feel free to contact customer support anytime.

The main website feature is a user-friendly interface and multilingual websites. AliExpress app is available For Android and iOS phones, so shop anytime anywhere easily.


Hey readers, how do you like the article? Now go to wish & sites like wish, make a wish there, and it will be done! Surprisingly, it’s just like our wish only. Getting items at the cheapest prices ever is possible with all these sites. OverStock, Fab, Zulily, Joom and JollyChic are some other platforms to find the cheapest items.

So pick any and go crazy!

Share your feedback.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy shopping!

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