9 Best Remote Desktop Sharing Alternatives To TightVNC

If you are using cross-platform software “TightVNC” and getting an error or you can’t manage it quickly, then we have some TightVNC alternatives.  All these TightVNC like tools are free to download and safest to use. Since they all have a user-friendly interface, you can install them on your pc and use it to take control of another system.

Another reason to go with the alternatives to TightVNC software that it has lack of secure remote access. TightVNC consists of two stages where using server-side is good safely running, but when it comes to client VNC, there is always a risk with the connection. Hence, we suggest you using these TightVNC alternatives to manage your work and perform your task safely. No further ado; let’s take a look at these tools like TightVNC.

9 Best Tools to Access Remote For Windows & Linux Desktop

1#. RealVNC Viewer:

RealVNC is Software like TightVNC, which provides remote access programming that is cross-stage, simple, and safe. It generates a VNC screen that offers advances to products like VNC Connect and VNC Viewer, for instance. VNC interface allows you to access remote PCs, provide remote assistance, share access to focused resources, and handle unattended frameworks, including much more.

For no use at home, you can get VNC to the interface, which is limited to five distant PCs and three customers. Be that as it may, a membership cost is required for any use by experts and endeavors.

2#. TeamViewer:

Teamviewer is an accessible, fantastic, safe, and cross-stage programming for remote access and control Tools like Tightvnc that can interface with various gadgets all the time. It is free for individual use, and for customers of organizations, there is a top-notch type.

It is remote assistance software that uses to across the board for remote work area sharing, internet meetings, and moving documents between Internet-related gadgets. It supports more than 30 languages around the world.

3#. NoMachine:

NoMachine is a Tightvnc like Software programming of the remote work region free, cross-stage and brilliant. It provides you an external server that is protected. No machine allows you to watch recordings, play noise, change reports, mess around and move them around.

It has an interface that allows you to concentrate on your job and is designed to operate quickly as if you are located right in front of your remote PC. What’s more, it has the simplicity of the network scheme.


XRDP is a Free and Open Source, basic FreeRDP and Work Area Remote Work Area Convention Server. It is Tightvnc alternatives and uses the convention on the remote workspace to show a GUI to the client. It can be very well used to get job zones linked to x11vnc to Linux.

It includes extraordinarily with LikwiseOPEN subsequently enabling you to log in to a Ubuntu server via RDP using the dynamic username / secret key of the registry. Despite the reality that XRDP is a useful undertaking. It requires different fixes, such as assuming control over a present job zone session. It runs on Linux circulations based on Red Hat, and the sky is the limit from there. Besides, developers need to enhance their paperwork.

 5#. X2Go:

X2Go is a cross-stage open-source remote work zone programming such as TightVNC like Tools or RDP. It provides remote access to the graphical client situation of a Linux framework over a convention-broken scheme for better data encryption under the Secure Shell convention.

6#. Remmina:

Remmina is an alternative to Tightvnc with free and open-sources fully included with Linux and other Unix-like frameworks an incredible remote work area client. It is published in GTK+3 and anticipated to be used by framework executives and explorers who need to access and operate with countless PCs remotely.

For example, RDP, VNC, NX, XDMCP, and SSH support different system conventions. It also provides a coordinated and predictable appearance and feels.

Remmina allows customers to maintain an overview of association profiles, sorted by meetings. The underpins snappy connections by customers, placing them directly in the server address and provides a chosen interface, alternately supervised by meetings concerning many more highlights.

7#. Apache Guacamole:

Apache Guacamole is a client with less distant job region passage free and open-source. It supports standard conventions such as VNC, RDP, and SSH. It is a Tightvnc like Tools that requires no modules or customer programming; use, for example, an internet browser, basically an HTML5 web application.

It means that you are not connected to any gadget or region using your PCs. Besides, you can get dedicated company assistance through outsider organizations on the off chance that you need to use it for company use.

8#. Xpra:

Xpra or X is a cross-stage open-source remote presentation server which comes in a Tightvnc like Software list. Xpra is a client programming that allows you to access remote apps and job area screens with or without SSL attachments.

It empowers you to execute applications on a remote host by showing their screen on your nearby machine without losing any state after detaches. It likewise supports sending of sound, clipboard, and printing highlights.

9#. FreeNX:

If you want the Software like Tightvnc then FreeNX is the last from the list but not the least. It is a remote access framework that is open-source, fast, and versatile. It is a protected customer/server framework (SSH-based), and NoMachine provides its core libraries.

Final Words:

In this article, we discussed those tools which are good at remote desktop sharing access function on windows and Linux. We hope these similar to TightVNC software work perfectly and one from the list will satisfy you and fulfill your need. Let me know which one is you chose? Don’t forget to share your experience in the comment box.

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