Is There Any Toptech360 Proxy Site in 2021?

Movies and television series are one of the top forms of entertainment today. With newer talents that are coming in and making their debuts in the market, the quality of the plots, actions, and acting has also bettered over the years. But to enjoy this better meant, it sometimes becomes very difficult for us to match the schedules of the movie theatres and television shows with our daily routines. But there is always a solution to every problem.

You can now access movies and television series sitting at home! There are multiple sites throughout the web where you can get access to movies of different genres and languages. Toptech360 is one such site. Using this site you can watch your favorite television shows and the latest movies, as well as the old and classic ones, sitting in your home, in the comfort of your couch or bed! Sounds alluring right?! Want to know more about it? Then scroll on!

What is toptech360?

It is a globally accepted and active torrent movie downloading site. You can get the latest movies on this site. If you like to watch television shows, you can also get them here. 

This site is known for its light and compact collection of movies and shows. No matter what kind of movies you like to watch, be it romance, action, or thriller, you can be sure to find your kind here.

Not only from the aspect of genres, but toptech360 also has a wide variety of movies regarding the languages that they are in. Occasionally you could also find subbed and dubbed movies. So if you do not know a certain language but want to watch the movie, you can just opt for the option.

Sometimes it so happens that you miss out on your favorite television shows. This could be heartbreaking at times. But not so anymore! You can watch all the episodes of various television shows, on this site whenever you want, completely at your convenience.

Is toptech360 a proxy site?

First, let us understand in simple terms what exactly is a proxy site or a proxy server. A proxy server helps to direct your web requests over the world Internet. It secures your privacy and even helps you to reach the site more easily. Some proxy servers also help you to get your search results more quickly by fetching common requests faster. It is to a great extent very similar to a VPN, the only difference being that VPN bold also makes your position anonymous rather than just securing your information.

In this regard yes, toptech360 is a proxy site. You can download movies of all kinds and watch all the episodes that you want and still keep your identity secured. However, the latest version of this site is estimated to be banned shortly. But then again, why not enjoy it till it lasts?!

What are the features of toptech360?

This site is now about three years old. Even with such a short life span in the market, it has already got itself quite a loyal fanbase. If that is so, then it must have something that it offers to its audience that makes them stay. Here is a list of the features that the site has that make the people come back for more. Check them out!

  • A lot of options 

You have a lot of options in terms of the movies and television shows that you can watch on the site. No matter whatever kind of movie you love, there is something for you here that you can watch on this site. The movies and television shows you will find here are varied in their genres as well as the languages that they are in. You can also find movies of all times here, be it the old classics or the new latest ones that have just been released. 

  • Easy download 

You can easily download the movies from the site. No matter how great the site is, and no matter how many movies the site has, that would have been meaningless if the people were not able to download them from the site. You can also take a look at the quality and size of the video before you download it. 

  • Keeps your identity secured

The site of toptech360 keeps your identity secure. It does not let the users’ information get leaked out. You can therefore browse through the collection of movies unthreatened and freely. 

  • Well maintained site

The site is pretty well maintained. You can find the movies and television shows all listed on the site. This categorization helps you to find what you are looking for way faster. It also gives you an option to search for movies. You could either search by the name of the show or movie that you are searching for or by the genre of the movie.  

  • Free access

You can have free access to all the movies on the site. You do not have to pay a penny to watch movies or other shows on the site of toptech360. Imagine getting access to such a plethora of entertaining audiovisuals at your fingertips that too free!

  • Easy user interface

The site is very easy to handle. Even if you are someone who is not habituated with the world of the Internet, or are not particularly confident about searching their way so the world of the web, then too you do not have anything to worry about. Once you reach the site, you would need a little help in navigating through it- so easy and simple is its user interface.

Are there any alternatives to toptech360?

This site however is estimated to be declared illegal in the recent future only. But we have a list of other alternatives listed here that could help you out then. You could try the following alternatives in place of toptech360.

  1. YouTube 
  2. PopCornFlix 
  3. Vudu
  4. Hoopla
  5. Open Culture 
  6. Kanopy
  7. IMDbFreedive 
  8. Internet Archive 

These sites too provide free service. Their premium packs available, but you can also access the materials on these sites for free! However, there is little need for you to shift to those platforms while toptech360 is still in function!

With so many torrent movie downloading sites spread all over the Internet, there is a pretty tough competition that exists amongst those sites. Even in such a market, toptech360 has made and has also been successful in keeping a position for itself. The best part about This site is that there is no worry about your personal information getting leaked out. The site would not ask for any of your personal information in the first place, but even the minimum of your information that the site would require such as the location of your IP address would also be secured while using the site. You can easily access the site. Just keep in mind too be sure before clicking on a link that claims to take you to the site, as these sites sometimes change their domain addresses.


Is there a lot of traffic on toptech360?

The world traffic rank of This site is 58901. This might not seem like a lot, provided it is a worldwide statistic call mom, but provided that the site is only three years and a few months old, this performance is quite impressive.

Is it safe to access toptech360?

Yes, it is completely safe to access this site. It rather keeps your data secured. Unlike a VPN, proxy sites might not make your IP address completely anonymous, but it does look after the fact that they do not become visible to just about everyone and anyone.

Is toptech360 free to browse?

Yes, This site is also free to browse. You can access the materials that are there on this site without having to pay anything.

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