Why Users Are Looking for Tumblr Alternatives?

Nowadays, there are different blogs platform where millions of users depend on it and visits daily. These users are very much fond of those blogging networks where they share information about different content. Tumblr is one of them where a person gets almost everything from its website. This type of theory of Tumblr developer makes their visitors search for Tumblr alternatives.

If you check the record in the past you will see that Tumblr was one of the giant platforms in social networking and micro-blogging, but then the time changes and its users are looking for tumblr alternatives. This type of variation from boom to recession disturbs the market, and millions of its users also go out of the tracks. So the question still rises why millions of its users are looking for Tumblr alternative?

REASON: Why Tumblr Band for Not Suitable For Work (NSFW)

Tumblr’s NSFW boycott comes at an extraordinary expense to the network and little increase to the organization’s long haul possibilities. The webpage immediately moved past its originator, David Karp’s, unique goal of making another blogging site and turned into a media stage, the wellspring of an assortment of designer substance, for example, photography, gifs, Fan Art, Short Fiction and Political Advocacy.

The micro-blogging was eminent for its dynamic network, giving a spot where issues identified with the character, self-perception, and maturity content could be examined strongly. The site’s opportunity empowered the production of undependable for work content that included express mature/adult contents. Clients valued this kind of substance for its portrayal of sound sex rehearses, open doors for sexual investigation, and receptiveness to forbidden exchanges, for example, adult work.

It is the main reason that makes Tumblr NSFW and users switch for Tumblr alternatives. If you are also looking for alternatives, then we can only suggest some of the sites that can be similar to Tumblr.

IMPORTANT: Supporting those sites that contain adult contents are prohibited to our website, so we never support any of these types of website or another platform.

List of Uncensored Tumblr Alternatives Websites

1#. Pillowfort:

Pillowfort is a website like Tumblr where youthful, blog-driven social stage inspired by early LiveJournal people group. Users can post their representations, photographs, GIFs, and composed content. Likewise, share those manifestations with others. There are possibilities for both open and private settings. However, the site is intended to enable individuals to spread their work, associate with disapproved of people and make networks.

Since propelling on Kickstarter and Indiegogo prior this year, Pillowfort has just turned out beta welcomes to a little gathering of individuals for testing. Furthermore, despite the fact that it’s dynamic, the site is frequently scarcely useful, as per individuals who have utilized the administration over the recent years.

2#. Newgrounds:

Newgrounds is an American online web-based & entertainment life sites like Tumblr. It has a client created substance, for example, gaming, shooting, and sound. It’s a work of art synthesis in four separate site classes. Newgrounds gives guest-driven democratic and positioning of client created entries. Newgrounds’ trademark since 2006 is “Everything, By Everyone.”  Time Magzine awarded this website as the best website in 2010 and was ranked under no#50.

3#. Dreamwidth:

Looking for the old days Tumblr like websites, then Dreamwidth is an online diary administration dependent on the LiveJournal codebase. It is a code fork of the first help, set up by ex-LiveJournal staff “Denise Paolucci and Mark Smith.” They result from a craving for another network dependent on open access, straightforwardness, opportunity, and regard.


  • Users have journals, where they may post entries.
  • In Dreamwidth, every user has their webpage.
  • On which other users may comment.

4#. Mastodon:

Mastodon is a decentralized social stage, implying that its thousands of individual networks exist on independent servers. However, they all exist under one system, which makes this website Tumblr alternatives. Mastodon has micro-blogging highlights like Twitter, or Weibo, in spite of the fact that it is particular from them, and not at all like commonplace programming as a help stage; isn’t it midway facilitated. Every client is an individual from a particular, autonomously worked server. The particular protection choices may differ between destinations, yet ordinarily, incorporate direct informing, devotees, open however not recorded in the general population feed, and open and presented on people in general feed.

5#. Blogger:

Blogger is a blog-distributing administration that permits multi-client sites with time-stepped passages. Google facilitates this Tumblr, like sites and, for the most part, got to from a subdomain of blogspot.com. Online journals can likewise be served from a custom space possessed by the client, utilizing DNS offices to guide an area to Google’s servers.

6#. Medium:

Medium is an internet distributing stage and a case of social reporting, having a half & half assortment of a beginner. It is the alternatives to Tumblr that expert individuals and productions, or restrictive sites or distributers on Medium, is routinely viewed as a blog host. The Medium doesn’t distribute official client details on its website. As indicated by the US writes, the stage had around 60 million monthly guests entered in 2016.

7#. Posthaven:

Posthaven is a most secure website like Tumblr, a long haul venture that expects to make the world’s least complex, generally usable, most dependable blogging stage. We’re as wiped out as you are tied in with moving your posts and photographs each time a help leaves. Different administrations will have more highlights and have more up to date shinier bits-and-weaves. Yet, this one will continue stopping endlessly a seemingly endless amount of time after year.

Final Words:

Tumblr was viewed as a sheltered space utilized for investigation and self-articulation. But due to “Not Suitable For Work” content added in this platform, users are looking for Tumblr alternatives. If you think that this article is beneficial for you, then share your experience in the comment box.

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