Best Alternatives to Vault-Hide 2021

Vault-Hide was an Amazing app to hide your pictures and videos on your Smartphone. But! Now the app is banned in India because of some security concerns. We need to protect our personal Data, Private Data, or Organizational chats from other people. If someone intentionally or unintentionally touches your phone, he would find nothing out of it. So, if you too looking for the Best alternatives to Vault-Hide, go through the article below.

What’s the need of Lock/hide apps?

Your Smartphones contain a lot of data and all data is not for everyone. Your Phone may contain personal photographs, videos, Important documents, official chats, and back Transaction Information that you need to hide from others.  But if Accidently you lost your phone or if someone opens your phone to see what’s in there. Thus you need Hide/lock apps.

These apps:

  1. Safeguard your media from others.
  2. Advance Security features.
  3. Encrypt a specific folder.
  4. Hide apps
  5. Hide photographs

Brief about vault Hide

Vault-Hide is one of the best apps to protect and hide your private photos & videos. Millions of people trust this app which backup your data safely on Cloud.

Vault-Hide allows you to:

  • Password protect apps
  • Encrypt photos and videos
  • Use a secured camera (Vault Camera)
  • Hide call/SMS/contact logs
  • Hide Facebook messages

Vault-Hide was available in both free and premium versions. The premium version costs $19.99/year and gives you access to some additional features like:

  • It Photographs anyone who enters the wrong password to access your vault.
  • It Backs up your files to a secured online vault.
  • It Hides the presence of Vault-Hide from users.

Best Alternatives to the Vault-Hide

There are many alternatives to the vault-hide app and here I am going to list down few.

1) Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is a customized, Secure, and Efficient platform that allows you to hide your phone data easily. It provides free icon packs and themes to personalize your phone interface. Chic 3D transition effects to redefine your stylish launcher. It hides and lock apps to protect your privacy. It provides Quick search, gestures, backup & returns to boost your work.


  • It provides privacy with patterns and Password.
  • It gives Customizable home screen and app drawer grid size.
  • Efficient with up to 10 apps per page and a total of 5 pages.
  • The app is easy to use.
  • It has fancy transition effects.
  • Hide apps from the drawer
  • Lock screen to prevent accidental changes.
  • Advance themes and backup restore option.

2) AppLocker By BGNmobi

Many AppLocker locking apps come with same but different makers/developers. This one is developed by BGNmobi. AppLock is an AppLocker that will secure and protect apps using a password or pattern and fingerprint. It can lock Social Media apps, Messaging apps, Gallery, Contacts, Settings, and any app you want. It restricts unauthorized access and protects your privacy.


  • Lock apps with password, pattern, or fingerprint lock.
  • Great Themes with many color options.
  • Lock system settings to limit an unwanted change by kids.
  • Prevent the uninstalling of apps.
  • Fingerprint Scanner support lock.
  • The app is very light and consumes very little space out of RAM and even consumes very little battery.

3) SmartLauncher5

Smart Launcher 5 is a great app to use your phone effectively. With Smart launcher 5, all the apps are properly locked. It has great ambient themes, to match your wallpaper. You can conceal the navigation bar in the launcher to maximize the screen space.


  • Adaptive icons
  • Ambient themes
  • Designed to be used with one hand
  • Ultra Immersive modes
  • Smart Search
  • Built-in lock widgets and weather.

4) Norton App Lock

Norton is very well known in the domain of online privacy and protection. So, you do not have to think before downloading and using the app. Norton App Lock allows you to protect your data and lock your apps. With Norton, you can use a secure password to keep your Android device safe.


  • Add password security to apps that don’t have it.
  • Lock one or more apps with the same 4-digit PIN passcode.
  • Safeguard your private data and photos from the prying eyes of hackers.

Protect your social media apps.

  • Great parental controls.
  • Add a security layer in case your device is misplaced or stolen.
  • Choose the apps you want to lock—all, some, or follow our recommendations.

5) Perfect AppLock

Perfect Applock is another great app to protect your phone.


  • Lock any apps by using different locks, pin, pattern, or gesture.
  • Efficiently manage screen brightness of individual apps
  • Limit unwanted screen rotation on each app
  • After 3rd failed password attempt, the built-in camera takes a photo of attacker. Wohahh! Watchdog!
  • Lock WiFi, 3G data, Bluetooth, Sync, USB, Home Screen, Lock Outgoing Calls, Lock Incoming Calls, Lock App Install/Uninstall.
  • Present fake error messages when a locked app is launched.
  • Minimum resource used.
  • Remotely start AppLock service using SMS command.
  • Gesture, Pin, Pattern, Text password supported.

Final verdict

Hey friends, how do you like the article? Try these best alternatives to Vault-Hide and find out the best suitable for you. Every app has its unique features, go through, and find the best for you.

I hope you would like this information. Share your feedback. Thank you!

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