Which is the best alternative to Club Factory for shopping 2021?

Club Factory app is very well known for its prices. It provides you the cheapest product but it’s banned in India! The users of club Facotry now much be looking for its alternatives and here I am going to share the best alternative to Club Factory for shopping 2021.

Club factory along with 58 other apps including Shein, ROMWE, TikTok, UC browser, WeChat has banned due to security breaches. Indian shopping platforms are none less than Club Factory and in this article, you would go to find out eCommerce websites based out of India.

Club factory developed in 2014 and win many hearts. Lowest prices with amazing hefty discounts over it could be available on Club Factory. But what if I tell you there are platforms alike to club factory. Though there are many nominees for alternatives to the club factory, Scroll down to find out The best alternative to the Club factory.

Club Factory Amazing Features

Least prices

Club Factory provides goods(clothing, accessories, footwear, etc) at the cheapest prices. This is because the club factory connects the buyer directly to the manufacturer thus allowing the buyer to get the goods at the factory price.

Chat Feature

Club Factory introduced ever seen before the chat feature recently to the app. This feature allows sellers to communicate with customers on Club Factory directly. This can reduce the communication gap and things can be solved out very easily. No mid support is needed. Using the chat feature, sellers can directly take order details via the messaging tool and cater to the customization requirements of their users.

Good quality product

The club factory’s aim is not only the least prices but quality products too. Yes, I agree with the fact that 100% of products on club factory are not genuine. They have issues. But may products are really good and impressive without any doubts.

Payment modes

Club factory accepts both online and offline payment modes. Cash on delivery is also available. Secure SSL payment gateway for safe transactions.

Analyzing the above features, I come to the conclusion that the best alternative to Club Factory is FLIPKART. So, next, I am going to discuss everything about Flipkart and I hope you are going to enjoy it.

All About Flipkart you Need to Know

Flipkart is one of the leading eCommerce platforms in India with 80 million products and 80+ categories. It was launched in October 2007 by two Bansal brothers. Flipkart started from a team of two and now is the biggest leading platform. What a huge success!

Facts about Flipkart

  1. Flipkart enables 8 million shipments per month.
  2. It has over 10 million daily page visits.
  3. 21 State-of-he-art warehouses.
  4. Flipkart is home for over 100 thousand sellers.
  5. Flipkart has over 100 million registered users.

Flipkart features

Payment Options

Flipkart accepts both online and cash-on-delivery payment modes. You may use Internet Banking, Gift Card, Cash on Delivery, and Wallet to make your purchase. Flipkart also accepts payments made using Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and American Express credit/debit cards in India and 21 other countries.


For orders below 500, Rs. 50 shipping charges are added to the cart. While if your order is above 500, Shipping is absolutely free.

The product is shipped within the given time frame. The sellers sometimes take holidays on Saturdays and Sundays, so to reduce that gap, Flipkart already takes minimum margin to deliver the product to the buyer

Cancellations and returns

Flipkart has easy cancellation or return policy. Just on a single click you can cancel a product or return it. Suppose you have bought a product ad ow you do not need it due to some reasons, so you can cancel it anytime. Sometimes if the product is very near to delivery then it might not get canceled and delivered to you. In that case, you need to make a return.

If you need to return a product, simply click the return button, set a pickup time, and done! Handover parcel to the delivery boy on prescribed time.

Please note that the products you buy should have a return policy. Its mentioned on the product “no return” or “no cancellation” in case of no return or cancellations.

What’s on Flipkart?

Tell me what do you want to buy? Find anything on Flipkart with an abundance of choices.

Flipkart is broadly categorized into the following:

  1. Electronics
  2. TV appliances
  3. Men
  4. Women
  5. Baby and Kids
  6. Home and Furniture
  7. Sports, Books and more
  8. Flights

These categories are further divided into subcategories or end products.

Why Flipkart is better than Club Factory?

  • Flipkart is safe and as it is based out of Idia, I guess there would be o payment issues as well.
  • There are no hidden charges on Flipkart.
  • The product quality of Flipkart is much better, no matter what the prices are. You can easily Trust!
  • Less shipping time.
  • Reasonable rates
  • Hefty discounts and regular sales

Final Words

Friends, Doesn’t matter how much you were addicted to Club Factory, you have to move on! Flipkart is not the only alternative but the best one! Other alternatives to Club factory are Myntra, Koovs, jabong, Craftsvilla, Ajio, and last but not least Amazon.

I hope you would like this article and preparing to head to Flipkart.

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Thank you!

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