Why Can’t I Get Discovery Plus on Roku?

Roku is a popular digital hardware media player brand that allows users to enjoy its streaming services. Roku enables people to stream several channels on your television, some for free while others when paid. If you are willing to know more about Roku or you have difficulties in accessing any channel on Roku, you have come to the right place. Go through this guide to solve your issue. 

What is Roku? How does it work? 

Roku is the latest content streaming facility that makes watching TV more affordable. There are different types of Roku devices that provide access to streaming channels differently. Some offer more channels while others offer fewer. With Roku, you can enjoy easy installation, replace buying cable equipment, get rid of paying bills monthly, and save money after all! 

Steaming your favorite channel is an easy way of entertainment. That’s what Roku does! No matter you aren’t able to buy the necessary cable equipment or replace a cable box, you can continue streaming your favorite channel on Roku. No matter which Roku device you have installed, you would get to stream hundreds of free channels comprising movies, entertainment, sports, news, and whatnot. 

Make sure you have an internet connection before installing Roku devices. Roku uses a wireless network to connect to your home’s network. Some of the latest Roku devices come with a wired Ethernet connector. You can also buy such models. 

Additionally, every Roku user has to create a Roku account. This would activate the device and provide you accessibility to hundreds of streaming channels. You don’t have to pay any monthly fees with Roku. 

Now, a lot of people can’t access their desired channels on Roku. In this guide, we have discussed what to do if you are unable to access the Discovery Plus channel on Roku. Continue to read below if you too are facing any such issue. 

How to add a discovery channel on Roku? 

The Discovery Plus channel is a highly demanded channel on Roku. Some people don’t have access to this channel and wonder is Discovery Plus is on Roku. Yes, the channel is accessible provided you subscribe to it. Unlike the free channels, the Discovery Plus channel isn’t accessible for free. 

Now, follow the steps mentioned below to add the Discovery Plus channel on your Roku device and stream it anytime on your television. 

  • Firstly, visit the Roku website and click on the Roku channel store. 
  • Click on the search bar. 
  • Type Discovery Plus and click on enter. 
  • Select the Discover plus channel from the list of the results that appear on the screen. 
  • Now click on add channel. That’s all the channel would be added to your Roku device directly. However, before proceeding to visit the website, you must create a Roku account. Without that, you cannot enjoy any of the Roku services. 
  • Now, switch on the Roku device. You will be able to see Discovery Plus added to the list of channels. 

That’s all. What are you waiting for! Launch the channel and enjoy your favorite program on Discovery Plus to the fullest! 

However, you must remember that unless you subscribe to that channel you wouldn’t be able to stream it. Only adding the channel to your Roku device isn’t all. Remember that the Discovery Plus channel is a subscription-based streaming channel and inaccessible for free. 

Now there are two subscription plans for this channel. Subscribe to any of the two and stream the channel without any further interruption. 

If you are interested in subscribing to the channel, visit the channel and create your account by entering all required details. Next, choose a suitable plan and enter your card details to complete the process. You can also choose a 7-day free trial option. 

What are the various channels on Roku? 

Needless to say, there are hundreds of channels of Roku that are available for free streaming. Starting from entertainment to news, sports, movies, kids, and music channels, there’s everything that you need. We have listed some of the free channels from different categories below. Continue to read below to know more about them. 

Free live news channels

Following are some of the free live news channels on Roku: 

  • ABC News – ABC news offers 24×7 live streaming. It captures the latest news from different corners of the globe and holds the live video clips right in front of us. 
  • Yahoo! News – this too offers the latest news coverage from Yahoo finance, Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports, and MAKERS. 
  • Newsy –this is the best place to stay updated on world news, tech news, political news, science news. Know everything that’s going on around the globe on Newsy.  

Free entertainment channels

Who doesn’t love to watch entertainment channels! Entertainment is what keeps us going throughout the day. If you are interested to watch movies, web series, or documentaries, visit these channels for top-notch entertainment: 

  • FilmRise Free Movies – watch your favorite film stars like Zac Efron, Matthew McConaughey, and others on their best roles on screen. 
  • FilmRise Family – this channel is the best if you are in the mood to enjoy family movies with your relatives. Here you can get adventure and comedies mostly. 
  • The Works by MGM – are you in love with free contemporary classic movies? This is your ideal channel. 
  • FilmRise Crime – if you love to watch crime cinemas with your favorite actors, look no further than FilmRise Crime. 

Free sports channels

Are you a sports enthusiast? If yes, the Roku channel has got some of the best sports channels for free. Watch the most awaited sports tournaments and championships from across the globe on these channels: 

  • Stadium – enjoy world-class sports content like live games, classic games, events, extensive highlights, original content, etc. 
  • EDGEsport –this channel provides wide coverage on live-action sports like Street League, FISE World Tour, etc. 
  • Adventure Sports Network – this channel is the worldwide leader in lifestyle, outdoor, sports, adventure, and travel.

That’s all about Roku TV and its various channels. We hope we have been able to explain why the Discovery Plus channel isn’t accessible on Roku. Also, if you face difficulties in adding another channel to your Roku device, follow the same steps as mentioned above and your work would be done.  


Is Roku a free streaming service? 

No, there are different Roku devices available. You need to buy one of your choices to continue enjoying its services. 

What are some of the free channels that Roku offers? 

There are innumerable free streaming channels on Roku. We have mentioned some of them in the article. 

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